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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Reply if you can. I'm sure we can work something out
  3. That's perfect! Go ahead and insert yourself when ever you feel ready
  4. @Kafooku Yep we're still open, only slot left is the drummer slot. @Techno Universal @Denim&Venom @Silver Note Hey everypony just a reminder, the holiday break is up and the one week time limit has started. Otherwise you'll be booted from the band. If you're still on your trip, delayed, or any other IRL issue, feel free to DM me and let me know. Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Week!
  5. @Denim&Venom @Silver Note @Techno Universal Hey everypony, just wanted to wish you three a happy (late) thanksgiving. Don't worry if you haven't replied yet, I know some of you are on vacation and I hope you enjoy yourself! Stay safe, drive safe, and eat lots!
  6. Looking great! Keep up the work
  7. @Denim&Venom@Techno Universal@Silver Note "To answer your question Ruby, I have enough bits saved up from my years of working to purchase a vehicle to get us to and from small time gigs. About the studio, we'll it's in the basement, the one we're currently standing in." He said as he pointed around the various equipment. "We can do a demo, sure after we work on some songs. But for now like you said drummer is needed badly. And if we're in a pinch for bits, bar hopping for shows, or playing open mics is good to get the word around and maybe get some bits on the side." He said as he looked around the group.
  8. @Silver Note @Techno Universal @Denim&Venom Hex walked over to the amps and grabbed his Ibanez SRFF805. Plugging it in and tuning it to Drop D at first for this session. "Yeah Tech, I think the cape idea isn't sitting well with the group. I mean, if you want you can wear yours but I think most of us are going to pass." He said as he turned to face the rest of group. "Alright everypony, listen up. There are 2 things I want to say right now. Erm, 3. First thing is, is that we need a drummer. Pretty badly. Second, this group is a democracy, there is no 'I say this, this is how it is' type of deal. If something comes up, we'll take a vote on it. Thirdly, and lastly. This is going to be an extremely tough road ahead of us. We're most likely going to be sleeping in tents, or in the vehicles we choose to take. And food's gonna be cheap and low grade.There are some weeks where we'll only get a few days of sleep just to catch the next show. It won't be easy but we dedicate our selves to this maybe we can survive. Do we all understand?" He asked the group.
  9. I can't believe I've been on this site for 3 years now. I just wanna say thank you to everone who's made me feel like a welcomed part of the community! Can't wait to see what the years ahead of me bring.

  10. @Denim&Venom Well dragons are MLP cannon if you wanna sit them on the drums.