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About Me

Well, guess I might as well start off that my name is Mike, I'm 26 and from Denmark.


I spend most of my free time playing games and doing a bit of Roleplay on others forums for a few other fandoms. I listen to music (80's and 90's stuff mostly) but mostly I listen in to british comedy shows and getting a laugh here and there. :)


I'm a pretty easy person to be around. I like to meet new people and seeing their bios/roleplay etc. I like to think that reading a persons work says a lot about them, so I'm always eager to see what people get out of their head and onto the screen.


What else is there to say... Well, I guess I should include that I don't know all angels of this fandom. I will read and learn if I meet something I havn't heard about or seen before though, so hopefully I won't be messing things up there. :) But in case something happens I miss, I am not too proud to take a hint from someone smarter than me.


For now, I'm just pleased to meet everypony here, and I hope that me and Blitz Boom will find a place to fit in here. :) Take care, and let's go off with a Boom