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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. i once went 3 days with out sleep. the first i had finished 3 seasons of a youtube series called 'creepy gaming' all about scary games and creepy pastas games...i couldnt sleep cause every time closed my eyes i kept seeing ...cant believe im saying this. Slenderman, ben drowned, and the freaking tails doll. happened when i look into the dark for to long too. not any more though.
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. This seems like a very interesting theory. But Granny Smith did welcome Pear Butter with open arms. They're relationship also lasted long enough to obviously to have 3 children. But the question is how old were the Apple Sibling when their parents passed? Since Apple Bloom doesn't remember them. Was it illness or perhaps during a delivery somewhere? Their disappearance leaves many questions to be answered.
  5. Yay like one of my fav ships ever! Roman Torchwick x Ruby Rose also know as Rosewick
  6. A video dedicated to everyones favorite Ice queen Weiss
  7. Tales from the borderlands...I would definatley need help from the crew to survive
  8. unfortunatley no i thought it wouldnt need to be downloaded here ans youtube wouldn't take it even though theres tons of rwby amvs
  9. first rwby amv please leave a message all critic is welcome rwby will fight.mp4
  10. I'd love to do Pinkie as Angelica. Both are two of my fav characters in the show and play.I can send a voice of Pinkie if needed and satisfied or congratulations of needed.
  11. Hello I'd like to try i don't have much experiance voice acting. Just an impression of a character from a show also my voice can be a bit high.