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    Far, far away from the happy lands of Equestria there was forsaken, desolate land; a place where even demons feared to tread. Here the air was a malevolent force that sought to strangle the life out of any who dared trespass; and the ground was an endless sea of hateful malice. Only one jagged peak rose from this sea of destructive chaos, piercing the sky with pillars of inky black rock. Atop this mountain was a place of unfathomable evil, a dread castle whose architecture laughed in the face of basic physics. Each and every brick of this Celestia forsaken stronghold had been used to crush a small, adorable kitten to death before being neatly slotted into place. Only one man dared to claim dominion over this land, the dread necromancer Darkblade Stormgiggle.
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    Anyone can achieve greatness! All you have to do is try.
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    Necromancy! And lots of it.
    The art of literature.
    Dark humor, the darker the better.
    Computer Science
    Ponies, of course.
    Irony. Dear god do I love Irony.
    Evil laughter

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