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  1. Oh, that makes sense. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure how any of the various regions got their names... Oldest building? That's new to me too. Are you sure? Brentons always stuck me as more sophisticated.
  2. I know! I tend to read all the books too, but it's very mysterious. All I know is that it had something to do with the Underking
  3. You're far too kind! But yeah, that's pretty much what happened. If you have any lore questions, I can answer them, I've played the game and studied up on lore.
  4. I tend not to be subtle in combat (except when I want to, I have high Sneak and Illusion, and sometimes sneak around and unleash silent magical destruction.) and my tactics usually consist of overwhelming the enemy with brute magical force while my minions distract them. Heh, yeah. You don't really do magic, do you?
  5. @@The Crimson Cross, Here's that morrowind lore you were asking about:
  6. I completely disagree. I almost never use bows. For me, nothing is as satisfying as toasting a few fools with fire and lightning spells. You got it in one. Destruction is a close second. Rasing my enemies into undead slaves is my favorite thing to do, along with unleashing atronachs on an unsuspecting populace.
  7. Okay, yeah. But it's still hilarious, considering what actually happens. Magic combat, of course. There's nothing so entertaining as trading fireballs with a fellow wizard. But straight up killing everyone who can die in a town is a close second.
  8. The combat is morrowind is so bad that this video isn't even a joke. It's a legitimate effort to make combat better. Absolutely. Bethesda really polished it up over the years.
  9. So boring. You have no idea. But using your godly magics to breeze through combat makes it interesting.
  10. This will help you understand: EDIT: Okay, this is the right video.
  11. It's actually much more fun this way. If you played it, you'd understand. Dagoth Ur is awesome. So much better then alduin.
  12. I cheated and used console commands to give my self the coolest gear. Of course, that's not what helped me win. What really made me a god was two things: Custom spell making, and the Royal Signet Ring. Also, this:
  13. You're allergic to Cinnamon? What a sad existence you must have. Cinnamon is pretty much the best thing ever. IT NEEDS TO BE SAID MORE THEN ONCE!!! :=: Seriously though, I honestly forgot. Did I ever tell you about how I beat the game?
  14. Also, Punicpunch, I finished Morrowind. What!? Why would you take Cinnamon!?
  15. Seriously? Nope. Totally possible. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
  16. Well, I'll concede it's very unlikely to happen, but I must insist that it could happen. It's possible.