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  1. I wouldn't care if they said shit or bitch or fuck. Retard, would be crossing the line. As that is highly offensive, and inappropriate.. I have mentally handicapped kids that I babysit, who watch mlp. So, no, that probably would not be okay. Whether it be an episode for an older crowd only, or whatever...
  2. Yeah I mean I agree with swearing being a good way to express intense anger. So I suppose if there was a really angry character introduced, that swore, I could dig it.
  3. I totally feel that. I guess I would just be laughing the whole time if there was a lot of swearing and pony pot smoking going on. hahhaa. So for me, the values would def. be decreased. I couldn't take it seriously!! I do see what you mean though. <3
  4. Hmmmm... I personally would not be a fan. I mean it would probably be amusing, but it would defeat most of the values I take from the show.
  5. Watching mlp, playing league and drinking wine. BEST. DAY. EVER! :)

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    2. James Moriarty

      James Moriarty

      lets see.... for me it would be MLP, Lemonade, (maybe Cider, but I rarely drink that, and when I do I dont have much), and playing Pokemon.

    3. pegasister94


      I can dig that too. :) haha

    4. James Moriarty
  6. lol. :) my name is cupcakeinmyeye on league, we should play together sometime.
  7. For a while now I have started believing that the afterlife is whatever you want it to be. You will see what you want to. Not at first, but once you learned from the mistakes you've made here on earth. I do believe in reincarnation. So if you still have a lotttt to learn, you'll just come back here to Earth until you are ready to move on to the next life. Really, idk what happens lol obviously. I do know that I have had many experiences with the supernatural, which make me almostttt, but never, positive that there has to be an afterlife. I also know that when I go, I would love to see something like Equestria in the afterlife... hahhaha
  8. Just wanted to say that you are all such wonderful people. :) I'm so happy that I joined, you all make my days brighter. :)

  9. Well even though it may not ever happen.. IF it did happen, I would die of so much excitement!!!!!!!! Then I would come back to life and play it all the time. <3
  10. Even the smallest thought of Pinkie Pie makes me smile. I love her so so much!!
  11. I'm a music major.. but my main instrument is the trombone. <3
  12. Thank you for all the kind replies. <3 I was hesitant to join, but now I am super happy I did.
  13. So I became obsessed with mlp fim probably 4 months ago. And I had like no idea that there was a lot of people my age who love it too!! I'm super excited to meet some of you on here. Okay.. I'm done for now haha