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    wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure. (its from Harry potter x3)
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    I'm just an otaku/brony
    my interests are ponies
    fanfics about ponies
    fan made games about ponies.
    pony music and pony comics.
    did I mention ponies?
    I guess I did, so if you want to know anymore
    you'll have to message me. :3

    outside of MLP FIM
    I really like Manga (japanese graphic novels)
    and as for music, I really enjoy J-pop (japanese pop.... to be honest I don't really listen to much american music unless ponies or show tunes are involved.

    I love games like minecraft, skyrim, oblivion, wow and fallout 3.
    and I play animal crossing and pokemon X.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I didn't know there was a difference, so there are two versions of it? I'm gonna guess that the one I was watching was the old one.
  4. It's already late and I have to get up early tomorrow. So I just won't sleep tonight I guess. 

    Closed eye cry.gif

  5. I love the manga for Doctor Slump, used to read it online all the time but I'm only just now starting to buy the volumes. Couldn't get into the anime myself. the pacing felt so much slower so even though they were doing the exact same things as the manga in the episodes I was watching it ended up making the comedy less effective.
  6. I absolutely love The Flying Nun and Gidget. They both star Salley field and they're wonderful, I even went so far as to buy both series on DVD which I've never done before. There's actually footage from Gidget in the flying nun where sister Bertrille is showing old home movies, so until proved otherwise I've decided that they're the same person and both shows take place in different parts of her life.
  7. Hmm, I guess pokemon, but I don't want that to count. I didn't even know Pokemon wasn't American when I was a kid. It was a friend who got me into manga, and I was really into that for a good while before I found out about anime streaming services, even then I stuck with dubs. So the first anime I watched after getting into that stuff was either Chobits, Kill Me Baby or Lucky Star. I don't know which. I have a strong feeling it was Chobits though. Loved that anime, I've been through both the manga and the show multiple times and I binge each time I go through. I know for a fact that the first anime I watched subbed was Angel Beats. I was always making excuses to not watched subs and I preferred to go with dubs or manga if I couldn't stand the voice acting. This was the first one that I wanted to watch enough that I stopped making excuses. Didn't look back after that, though I do remember it taking a few episodes to get used to reading subs, I was fine and crying like a little kid by the end. Damn that ending is sad.
  8. I don't watch many lets plays these days but when I do it's normally the Yogscast, Sjin being my favorite. But even then it's usually to see what kind of mods they're playing with. Like, most of my favorite mods were introduced to me through their lets plays.
  9. I got Salt. The sailing is pretty fun but other than that I'm not that big on it so far. I might pick it back up one day and see how it goes. Pretty sure it's one of those games that updates.
  10. How is it possible to live and hate work this much? 

  11. The other day I found a volume of the first three books in the series at the dollar general and impulse bought it because of the cover art! I've only read a little bit so far but it seems pretty good. Has anyone of you read it? What do you think? I think these character designs would look great animated in 2D if the right company got their hands on it. I've only seen one of the shorts and while I'll admit that the CG looked better than I expected they don't look nearly as nice as they do on the cover art of the book.
  12. I'd have to go with Anohana. while I was watching it I liked it alright but during the last few episodes it started to feel like it was trying too hard to get feels to the point it felt manipulative.
  13. :mlp_lie: I did not expect this story to make me as emotional as it did. I thought it was gonna be a generic angst story. 
    I dunno, maybe I'm just in the right mood for it. But I'm pulling all kinds of waterworks.