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  1. Cute enough to be an UwU Lord. Which is not very cute, so 3/10.
  2. How far into the series are you? If you're caught up with the anime, what's your favorite part?
  3. Listening to this makes me wonder if there were super edgy jesters or bards who made songs about systemic issues, like serial killers or something.
  4. (づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ


    1. Dark Rider

      Dark Rider


  6. This song flew under my radar, but Ken Ashcorp is a musical genius. Also I miss the EDM of the early 2010's.
  7. Played through Katana Zero. Gotta say all of the music in the game is really good, but Sneaky Driver from chapter 2 was killer.
  8. I am totally Envy-ous of your avatar!

  9. Dishonored has some great sound effects. More than just the ability sound effects, the electric fences in the game had a terrifying sound like a loud siren. Really the entire game has some of the best sound design I've ever heard like the rats eating people alive while high pitch violin plays:
  10. Kinda depends. Some games have really fun hard modes like Terraria or Bayonetta, and some have really bad ones like Skyrim or Nier: Automata. I usually start on normal and try harder modes after my first playthrough, but having fun is my only priority.
  11. If you're enjoying yourself, that sounds like a win to me. Maybe those people feel pressured to behave and act a certain way, and thus don't play video games despite wanting to. If that's the case, they're the real losers.
  12. JoJo Rabbit (2019) This is such a great movie. It's about how a young highly impressionable propagandized mind can lead someone down paths they never would have otherwise, and watching that person's mind change as they grow and understand themselves, and the world around them. It's also very funny and heart-wrenching, and balances these moments appropriately.
  13. Banned for posting a low quality image!