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  1. Muda! The piano riff in this song is dope.
  2. Monty Python is the highest form of art in existence.
  3. hey there, how are ya?

  4. I found a thing. It's... interesting.
  5. I've got a few: Subnautica: Terrorizing with a somber ending Doki Doki Lit. Club: Great game to make yourself feel terrible Undertale: Played this early before the hype train hit, very enjoyable, ending was bittersweet Nier Automata: So much. This game was amazing, so many feelings were going through me playing this. Dishonored: Old but gold game, made me feel spiteful, yet wanting to be a better person than the NPCs in the game Danganronpa 2: So much despair... it's great, because the greater you feel despair, the stronger your hope becomes Those would be my top 6 not in any specific order.
  6. Kinda a rough year for me. I switched high-schools and had to meet lots of new people, but they were cool. 2012 was the bomb though.
  7. Merry Birthiversary!

  8. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day to you!

  9. Nier: Automata's OST is god-tier. I've had the amusement park theme on all day.
  10. Your profile pic is really, really cool! :) 

  11. Very unfortunate situation. I'd like to clarify he is not a pedo though, he's a Hebephile. I never was really drawn to the guy, and after he started getting on FNGR's bad side, I felt like I had made the correct choice in not giving him my viewership. The way he addressed the issue was really bad too, and even if you can somehow look past the girl's age, he was still cheating on her. I dunno man, this guy has some serious issues that needs to be worked out, but I'm just glad he's gone.
  12. As a long time Guild Wars player 2, I can confidently say my community is the most patient and kind. I see posts of new players asking trivial questions all the time and people giving answers. I see this happening in game all the time as well. I read a story a few days ago of a guy who was gifted 3 bags after asking how to expand his inventory slots. Here's a post from a month ago of someone asking how to obtain the first mount in the game and having over 100 comments explaining what to do: About 3 weeks ago, I went out of my to escort another player through a long tedious cave, so he could get map completion for that zone. And if I ever wanna chat about something random, I can just go to a city and type in map chat about whatever. I think this kind of behavior is common in MMO's that promote player interaction. Lineage and GW2 are just those kinds of games where helping is just fun, and this reflects the overall image of the community.