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  1. deleted101

    Younger Bronies

    I'm 15 at the moment, but I'll 16 on May 27.
  2. deleted101

    Who are your least favorite Ponies\Characters

    Why do you not like Fluttershy? Just asking.
  3. I love almost every pony in the series. But here are my least favorite: -Prince BlueBlood (Obviously) -Diamond Tiara -Silver Spoon -Sometimes with Gilda Who are your least favorite characters throughout the whole series?
  4. deleted101

    Which pony do you wish you could hug?

    I'd like to hug all of them! Except for Prince BlueBlood, Diamond, and SilverSpoon. They are my least favorites.
  5. deleted101

    Any Other Railway Bronies Out There?

    I've had an interest in trains since I was little.
  6. deleted101

    What would you do if MLP:FiM was cancelled?

    It would be sad, but MLP:FiM will never die. Why? Because Bronies and Pegasisters will keep it going for a long time, by making more fanfictions, animations, music, comics, etc.
  7. deleted101

    Famous bronies...

    What if Deadpool said he was a brony???
  8. deleted101

    Autistic brony insult?

    Using a disorder(autism) and/or a disease(cancer) as an insult is pretty pathetic. Autism is not, and never will be an insult. People need to quit thinking that you're autistic, just because you like something that's targeted for children. If someone calls you "autistic" or "cancer" as an insult, it just shows they have no good insults. Same with the word "fag."
  9. I'd like to stay human. But if I had to change, I'd be a unicorn. Why? So I can use magic, which can be a better replacement for hands.
  10. deleted101

    What will the MLP fandom do after the show ends?

    I believe Bronies and Pegasisters will keep MLP alive with their animations, artwork, music, etc.
  11. I watched this on Youtube, and holy crap, the hate comments made me sick. These haters are such cowards. They go around on the internet, causing trouble for Bronies\Pegasisters, then go over board and say "Go kill yourself." (I'm gonna get off topic real quick. It annoys the living crap out of me when someone incourages suicide. There is nothing okay about suicide, and anyone who tells another human-being to kill themself should be ashamed of themselves.) Then the haters "celebrate" when they hear that a brony killed himself or was assaulted, which goes to show how disturbed they are. Then when it comes out to the public, the haters back down, hide, and act they have nothing to do with it. Some of them even think they have the nerve to turn the tables and try to make to sound like it's OUR fault."If he wasn't a ponyfag, none of this would've happened." Yes, I have seen these haters do this, and it's ridiculous. I don't hate the Anti-Bronies\Haters, but they can seriously get on my nerves.
  12. deleted101

    What do anti-bronies seek to achieve?

    I don't see what the big deal is. Even if they do become a successful group, it isn't gonna stop us from liking it.
  13. How would the ponies react to our fandom? I got the idea after I read this fanfiction called "Bronies are Disgusting." (The author of the fanfiction is not a hater) The fanfiction was about Twilight Sparkle writing a letter to Princess Celestia after she found out about our fandom. Would they like us? Would they be offended or creeped out? If a brony/pegasister went to Equestria, how would the ponies treat them? What do you think? How do you think ponies would react to us?
  14. deleted101

    Famous bronies...

    The only people I knew were bronies were Gabe Newell and Notch. Notch says he likes the show, but he doesn't consider himself as a brony.
  15. deleted101

    flash sentry What are your thoughts on Flash Sentry?

    I've seen a lot of people hate on Flash Sentry. They even don't like it when he's with Twilight. I was just wondering, why does everyone hate Flash Sentry?