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  1. Feel free to join the shared discord server. https://discord.gg/0i6DuEImt0l5owfQ Info, updates and more can be found there. As well as a bunch of other archivers working together to keep things saved. EDIT: Twitter Status Update The tl;dr of that twitter thread is basically "Motherboard failure, we'll be back in about 2-3 weeks after the RMA process for it completes." There's quite a bit of info within the thread though. It's a real pain to type it out twice so I'm just dropping the twitter link here.
  2. The server died, motherboard failure. The drives should be fine. I haven't found the time to make an update on my patreon about it. I suppose I should do that tomorrow / next morning when I wake up. Not too much to worry about there besides the inconvenience. I would like to build a 2nd server soon, but will have to set up a gofundme for it as I don't have the funds on hand to pay for another server right now.
  3. With babscon over, new friends made and lots of money spent it's time to focus back onto archiving more data.

  4. Posting an incremental update. As of 2/18/2017 we've performed a full archive run backing up another 100GB of content, few more channels. We're working on making it easy for the average user to add in videos without having to jump though hoops to do so. A search function is coming up soon for the archive. Making it possible to search though the 130k videos without knowing the direct URL or having to contact me to perform a linux file search manually.
  5. It's an archive with 12TB of downloaded content. Mostly brony content producers, pony videos, pony music, and pony related things. There is a tiny sub section of non-pony stuff. I've sent you a PM with the url.
  6. The Pony Archive Official thread Hello, I am ZizzyDizzyMC and I bring with me one of the largest known archives of My Little Pony. I am here to bring together users to share archived content with each other. This will allow The Pony Archive to build a more complete archive over time. Post here if you're looking for content or have content to share. Please read entire post before doing so however. What is it? The Pony Archive is a site that stores terabytes of fan-made content from the fandom. We currently archive from two main sources. These sources are Derpibooru and YouTube. We also have archives of EQBeats and MLPMusicArchive. I plan on adding more sites permitted time, hard drive space and server bandwidth. How can I help? You can help in many ways. Below are a few ways you could contribute. Seek new and un-archived content. Search for lost content. Upload / Make available content not currently available in the archive. How-to guides are at the bottom of this post. Why was this created? The site was created out of frustration of losing videos that were on YouTube and relying on others to re-upload them, if at all. I realized the importance of saving history of the fandom, Sites go down, content disappears and we’re left hanging by a thread of hope that someone has this content somewhere. Together with friends I am now providing more than hope, a service that anyone can use and contribute to. I’ve read this, where is the site??? To actually have a link to the site to review, browse, and download content, please send me a short private message. I don’t want a link posted on the forums publicly for some time. This may change in the future however. How to: Find & add new content