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  1. @ @@Scribblegroove @@Flying Ace @@RaptorJaysus Lots of things went trough Withrbaen's mind. First he judged that the being 'answering' his questions could not be human. Although he knew little of humans it looked like it was different. Second he thought back of his home, with what goal he had left it. That must be the reason he was now supposedly a 'fallen' as well. Third he did not like the magical being that was probably causing the brightly colored lights from a moment ago. Why did he bully the girls that seemed somewhat caring, like a mother bear for her cub. It did not feel right and that is why he disliked the creature. 'So, do we sleep here? Where do we go tomorrow? What do I call you? Withrbaen spoke, raising his voice with the last sentence so everyone could hear him but still a little nervous and not feeling too comfortable. Not sure if he'd dare to sleep with those powerful beings that didn't act too kind. But on the other hand they did not yet try to attack him, they even somewhat acknowledged him as one of them. Except the armored one, because he was supposedly different. Withrbaen thought it would be a sign of politeness to ask names of some sort, as an easing method. At this point it was more of an experiment to see how they would react, and if it was normal to ask such a thing. When he was done speaking for at least this while Withrbaen sat down, he kept his distance from everybody, but tried to warm himself at the fire nonetheless as a cool evening breeze chilled him a bit.
  2. 'No don't do it, you should think about this first.. Please calm down, easy now, don't jump you have much to live for... NOOOOO!!!!' DED!!!
  3. @ Withrbaen did not quite know how to react to the being that spoke to him. He now went questioning if anybody was as short of speech as him and then he concluded - having heard the female who called herself Esner speak more politely - that some might be but most are probably not. Having judged the gravelly-voiced man he simply turned to all of the people in general and asked: "who are the fallen? Will this quest really help me? How can I trust you?" He slightly squinted but nothing else in his posture changed as he was still frightened by this magical beings as they seemed very powerfull and not so glad about the appearance of this amount of humans. furthermore there is the guy that just confidently stated he has dangerous power. What kind of power? Withrbaen was curious but dared not ask. Instead he took in all the detail of everybody's attitude and bodylanguage trying to match it to animal moods he knew. It was very hard and he could not make up more than a few subtle tendancies. He kept recalculating his chances of survival might a fight break out, again and again he failed in making up a way to survive. It drove him mad, but he hid his emotions as he wanted not to provoke any unwanted reactions. He decided yet again that he should be silent as much as possible and mostly observe these people's ways, imitate them and try not to startle them. 'I should only speak when spoken to, and consider deeply what I can utter, besides, my pronunciation is a little bit off' he thought. He once again glanced around slowly...
  4. act lively now, I wouldn't want my first online RP to die so soon... although I won't be able to post anything this weekend doesn't mean anyone else has to stop I mean this story is going to be great, I can (almost) guarantee it. just hoping for everything to end well
  5. LARP event this weekend, no posts from tomorrow(friday) untill at least sunday-evening...

  6. LARP event this weekend, no posts from tomorrow(friday) untill at least sunday-evening...

  7. @ Approaching the edge of the woods Withrbaen was thinking about how long it had been since he had left the safety of the green illuminated canopy. It was a long time ago, for sure.. Just how long..? After a while he concluded it must be a little over 5000 days and nights. And now again he will face the open sky, without trees all around him. The layer of leaves on the ground grew thinner. The distance between the trees became bigger the further Withrbaen went. He didn't appreciate it, he knew now that he hated to leave his home, his world. To the last tree that was close to him he spoke; 'Goodbye my home, my sanctuary, I will be back someday I hope.. Facing this journey is necessary, With new problems I shall cope' Those were his words, and after just a little while he started walking, away from the forest... Away from his home... Away from that which he loved most, but could no longer stay with, he had to solve the problems he caused, 'and I will' he thought. Towards the vast, open plains he went... Towards the starry sky. Towards civilization and people.. He had almost dug a small pit to rest in for the night when he smelt a fire, shortly after he also saw its slight shimmer. He stopped moving, and thought for a while. If these people at the campfire were aggressive, he'd get into a lot of trouble approaching them, however should they be friendly... He decided it would be better to approach them with utmost prudence. Acting as humane as possible, walking on only two legs, slowly moving towards the source of light and the smell of burning wood. As he slowly, very carefully walked into the ring of light, he saw 4 beings, of which one appeared to be a highly magical being the other three appeared to be more human, one of them looked like he was very cold.. 'A good evening to you' He softly exclaimed, as easing as possible, like the people sitting there were wild animals. He now observed them awaiting their reactions, ready to fight if needed...
  8. I agree on what @Scribblegroove states in the above post... I'm also really excited for this great adventure to start. I mean, I have nothing else to do all day.. (Except maybe school, homework, drawing, or trying to fix my pc, or finding a job.. As you see, nothing of high priority)
  9. Hahahahaha, you make me laugh... Breaking my bones You should find me first, and then the real challange only starts...
  10. Going to join my pillow, mattress and blanket now, if younread this, have a nice sleepytime ;p

  11. Test drive ;p declaration of bullpoop: 'I @Brushwuzz hereby declare myself the king of Arcamunda, ruler of all!!' 'Thus sounded the nonsense he spoke!'
  12. I agree on, and am happy with how things are. Just one thing, but it's not that important. This IS in fact my first RP online.. So I don't have a really clear contemplation of how the plot will develop, but I'll try to be as much of a good poster as I believe you guys undoubtedly are
  13. @cinderscribe It might as well be pronounced that way but if you find it easier to pronounce it another way it's okay, although what you wrote is practically exactly what I had in mind. Let's do this thing Little note btw: My pc is broken, so I write ecerything on my phone.. So that will be the main reason there's some typos and the layout isn't really neat. Also I heard there are some binds I can use foor bold and italics and color, I would like to know them.
  14. Hi @Cinderscribe, You may not know me, but I've heard a lot about you from Scribblegroove, actually I'm his friend irl.. So let me just give this thing a shot.. Name: Withrbaen Stëkr Race: human Gender: male Age: 24 Appereance: Withrbaen has an almost grey toned skin, it is purely bad luck that he has a disease like this. Very little people have it and he is one of them, but he is even in a smaller category; the survivors. He has been treated like a bastard child in his small village as long a he remembers, and when he started to achieve performing minimal magic, he was totally cast out. Now all he has temporarily are his dirty, smelly, worn-out clothes that appear too small in more then one way. And a little bit if magical power, to help him survive by telling him which plants are edible and Which aren't. His body features a sleek figure, though pretty muscular but certainly not meant for fighting hordes of enemies. He moves almost as some sort of animal. He has long, greasy and tangled hair, and watery dark eyes, misses 3 teeth and his nose is broken at least once. He doesn't wear anything on his feet. Personality: Withrbaen has not been under other humans for a long time, at least not with them noticing, he does not speak a lot, however if he speaks, he has thought about it, and talks with a soothing voice in his sometimes cryptic way of speech. Withrbaen is a hunter, but not much of a civilized one. He hunts for food, and he does it his way, as he always does anything. He never really understood affection, because he doesn't remember the last time something, or someone showed it to him. Everything smaller than him and not aware of his presence is equal to a prey, everything larger than him is a predator, but, luckily, most humans are smaller. Skills: Withrbaen is skilled in the arts of hiding, especially in bushes, jungles and forests, actually anything that is green and lives.. He is also very talented in setting traps, snares and gathering food like berry's nuts and edible plants and vegetables. He is not good at fighting, but he is muscular and he doesn't mind killing a few 'preys' if they enter his domain. He prefers sneak attacks and backstabbing, or throwing something sharp or pointy at someone from outside of its(mind, human is it... intentional) vision range. He can make great smokeless fireplaces and he is 'proficient' in 'cooking' his own meal. Which most of the time is raw meat, or raw plants, or raw meat with raw plants, or burnt meat with raw plants... Actually anything that is quickly done and nutritious. Basically; -hide and seek(read hide, hunt and kill) -make fire -burn meat -SURVIVE! Magical aptitude: Withrbaen can slightly transform plants and living beings, making them edible or guarding him from pesky, rain. Also magic sometimes helps if a trap doesn't get as good as Withrbaen wanted.. -specialized nature(and snaring), but primitive as sh.. Poop. Relic: Carry's a little slightly curving dagger, bound to the hip with a vine, imbedded with shiny gems in its hilt. Looted of some dead guy near the edge of the woods, looked like he was pretty fried, tasted that way too, probably something magical, that or lightning, but the dagger came in handy, for cutting vegetables mainly. But also sometimes for skinning a rabbit or a fox. Or for getting those nasty fish bones out of his teeth, on the few places where they COULD get stuck.. I hope this is sufficient, because I would love joining this RP, it is my first time though and English is not my native language, so don't expect too much from me
  15. It looks pretty good, but you should try to spend a little more time on the coloring, giving it a little more volume, so to speak, as it looks very... 'drawn' (unless of course it is intended). Maybe try to create your own new character as practice. But keep up the good work, the more time you spend drawing, the better you will get