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  1. @ @@Scribblegroove @@Flying Ace @@RaptorJaysus Lots of things went trough Withrbaen's mind. First he judged that the being 'answering' his questions could not be human. Although he knew little of humans it looked like it was different. Second he thought back of his home, with what goal he had left it. That must be the reason he was now supposedly a 'fallen' as well. Third he did not like the magical being that was probably causing the brightly colored lights from a moment ago. Why did he bully the girls that seemed somewhat caring, like a mother bear for her cub. It did not feel right a
  2. 'No don't do it, you should think about this first.. Please calm down, easy now, don't jump you have much to live for... NOOOOO!!!!' DED!!!
  3. @ Withrbaen did not quite know how to react to the being that spoke to him. He now went questioning if anybody was as short of speech as him and then he concluded - having heard the female who called herself Esner speak more politely - that some might be but most are probably not. Having judged the gravelly-voiced man he simply turned to all of the people in general and asked: "who are the fallen? Will this quest really help me? How can I trust you?" He slightly squinted but nothing else in his posture changed as he was still frightened by this magical beings as they seemed very
  4. act lively now, I wouldn't want my first online RP to die so soon... although I won't be able to post anything this weekend doesn't mean anyone else has to stop I mean this story is going to be great, I can (almost) guarantee it. just hoping for everything to end well
  5. LARP event this weekend, no posts from tomorrow(friday) untill at least sunday-evening...

  6. LARP event this weekend, no posts from tomorrow(friday) untill at least sunday-evening...

  7. @ Approaching the edge of the woods Withrbaen was thinking about how long it had been since he had left the safety of the green illuminated canopy. It was a long time ago, for sure.. Just how long..? After a while he concluded it must be a little over 5000 days and nights. And now again he will face the open sky, without trees all around him. The layer of leaves on the ground grew thinner. The distance between the trees became bigger the further Withrbaen went. He didn't appreciate it, he knew now that he hated to leave his home, his world. To the last tree that was close to hi
  8. I agree on what @Scribblegroove states in the above post... I'm also really excited for this great adventure to start. I mean, I have nothing else to do all day.. (Except maybe school, homework, drawing, or trying to fix my pc, or finding a job.. As you see, nothing of high priority)
  9. Hahahahaha, you make me laugh... Breaking my bones You should find me first, and then the real challange only starts...
  10. Going to join my pillow, mattress and blanket now, if younread this, have a nice sleepytime ;p

  11. Test drive ;p declaration of bullpoop: 'I @Brushwuzz hereby declare myself the king of Arcamunda, ruler of all!!' 'Thus sounded the nonsense he spoke!'
  12. I agree on, and am happy with how things are. Just one thing, but it's not that important. This IS in fact my first RP online.. So I don't have a really clear contemplation of how the plot will develop, but I'll try to be as much of a good poster as I believe you guys undoubtedly are
  13. @cinderscribe It might as well be pronounced that way but if you find it easier to pronounce it another way it's okay, although what you wrote is practically exactly what I had in mind. Let's do this thing Little note btw: My pc is broken, so I write ecerything on my phone.. So that will be the main reason there's some typos and the layout isn't really neat. Also I heard there are some binds I can use foor bold and italics and color, I would like to know them.
  14. Hi @Cinderscribe, You may not know me, but I've heard a lot about you from Scribblegroove, actually I'm his friend irl.. So let me just give this thing a shot.. Name: Withrbaen Stëkr Race: human Gender: male Age: 24 Appereance: Withrbaen has an almost grey toned skin, it is purely bad luck that he has a disease like this. Very little people have it and he is one of them, but he is even in a smaller category; the survivors. He has been treated like a bastard child in his small village as long a he remembers, and when he started to achieve performing minimal magic, he was totally
  15. Brushwuzz

    Visual Art Redeye's Sketchbook

    It looks pretty good, but you should try to spend a little more time on the coloring, giving it a little more volume, so to speak, as it looks very... 'drawn' (unless of course it is intended). Maybe try to create your own new character as practice. But keep up the good work, the more time you spend drawing, the better you will get
  16. It looks pretty epic, next time you do something like this, you voukd try to put in a background (I'm sure you can) and maybe for a heavily armored knight a little more down to earth pose. But it's really great.. Probably better then what I make..
  17. My computer is having kind of a mid/end life crisis, unsolveable crashing, bluescreening and graphics card problems, before this all occured, I played dota 2, in my opinion a very good game with strong mechanics. I had lots of fun playing.. If only I had the money to buy a new pc...
  18. I was brought here by a friend, well... We had some bet, I wanna be an artist, but I don't draw enough, so I have to draw like 3 sheets a day and if I don't I will have to watch another episode of the series. As I am pretty new (and not really brony (yet)) it was a bit strange but because it's better for me if I draw a lot, I took the wager and now I ended up here, in a forum filled (to my belief) with nice people mailnly fot the roleplay section, but also to see for myself how nice you all are :3
  19. Brushwuzz

    Hi there,

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I was "brought" here by a friend :3 How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I'm not really a brony, but it sounds like everyone here is pretty nice Hi all, I'm Simon, I live in the Netherlands and I want to be an artist. As I don't draw enough a friend of mine made this deal with me that everyday I DON'T draw 3 sheets (sketch or draw) I had to watch an episode of mlp: friendship is magic.. Agreeing on that I have watched a few episodes, and I got to hear of this forums, especially the roleplay sec
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