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  1. Not a fan, so yuck Yum Cheesecake?
  2. Tea is always good for a stressful day.

    1. Nightfall Samuel

      Nightfall Samuel

      I agree, though I have been getting more into coffee.

    2. Meemfestivefox



  3. I keep all my old consoles; despite them collecting dust, they'd come in handy if I see an old game I'd want to play.
  4. How my desktop currently looks like; maybe I'll change it if I find another awesome wallpaper.
  5. So, a friend of mine requested I make a fan club thread regarding the "plots" of MLP. Of course, I'm keeping this SFW (as the forum guidelines would call it), and if there's any problem with this I'm apologizing in advance (don't kill me, but if you do make it quick Here's a cute picture to get this thing rolling!
  6. I came back to the forums at a good time.

    1. Kyoshi


      Welcome back to the land of ze forums.

  7. "Honestly, it's getting boring around here...I wonder every single day if something different would happen," Stormlight contemplated upon her deep thoughts while flying back to her cottage. Her wings had gotten better from a flight accident a few weeks ago, but they were fine to fly. She plopped her bag down on her recliner chair as she entered the house, taking a moment to exhale before closing the front door.
  8. Link to OOC thread: Minding her own business, Stormlight was occupied on getting her name on the scoreboard of every arcade game in Ponyville. Taking another arcade bit from her satchel, her hoof could not feel another coin in the bag. She sighed loudly and just went along for one last game. Storm's competitiveness almost got the best of her when a little colt bumped into her and got her a "Game Over" tag. "Gah..buck this!" She stormed out the arcade furiously.