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  1. Defiantly The WORST! (I had to make that big) can i say this...a caterpillar...that turns into the most powerful alicorn in existence when angry.....yeah...i think its creator was going for a hulk thing here... Oh and by the way he has an increeeedibly long and detailed back-story...
  2. Hmm....Nothing since Australia doesnt celebrate it...i wish it did
  3. XD so many times this has been asked... imma guy But i understand your confusion :/
  4. Thanks, annoyingly when i listen to myself sing i just sound horriible, i wanna know what i sound like to other people XD
  5. Wassup! i recently made a cruddy cover of Beat It and i wanted to share it with you guys cos i couldz Negative comments approved
  6. Well i do understand you but what i mean is if you make a character dissapear, a reason would have to follow. And that reason might have some interesting plot tied into it which could tie in to the season finale or premier of the next
  7. Firstly i do agree that Celestia dying would be interesting and add some development to the show, But as some people have already said dying is a huge matter and would be a bit much for a show mostly targeted towards children. Now there are multiple ways though that they could have Her "dissapear" and not be there for a while. But saying all that I dont actually Want Celest to be off the show.
  8. Well Damn Switching my browser worked, There just seemed to be a problem with Firefox
  9. Oh Hey guys! Bass here just wondering why my notification number wont go down or up from 1, every time i check it i either have more or less but it stays on one. I have tried the "mark all as read" but it doesnt work. HELP! (Or not since its really not important it just annoys me...) WUBZOUT
  10. My Steam Life Just Got aa WHOOOOoLE lot better ::D:D:D:D:D:D:D::Dd;D:D:D::D WUBZOUT
  11. Thanks for the welcome! WUBZ ALL ROUND!
  12. Awesome! i love to work in voice acting projects Email: Skype: BassRivet And PMs if necessary Also Back to RandomSelect's Post, What is the plot, type of game it will become?
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Google...and wanting to connect with fellow Bronies How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Curiosity and The internet... Done Im Bass Rivet, Based off my OC Bass Rivet (duh) I first got into the show and fandom by just browsing youtube and finding channels like ACRaceBest and MasterMax888 and they sparked my curiosity into the show, i was skeptical at first but then i watched a few Eps and i knew i was in love with it Shortly after i looked around and found soooo much brony fandom and found this site... YAY And my favourite pony would have to be Vinyl Scratch. WUB WUB WUB!