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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Larry the cable guy, and there's a lot of people that agree with that
  3. Finally making progress on my about me page!

  4. Barpy

    that profile pic! you play/played trackmania?

    1. Pone


      Thanks :) No I haven't, I've heard if it though, is it good?

    2. Barpy


      yeah its a racing game xD

      in 2011 almost everyone used to have the profile pic you have as their own profile pic there, thats why im asking

  5. Pone

    My Mixtape! /) :)

    Sounds pretty good, haven't listened to the whole album yet but from what I've heard there's some pretty solid ideas
  6. Four hundred and fourteen thousand three hundred and one
  7. Love this idea, are you planning on doing EDM as one whole topic or splitting it into different categories i.e. Trap, House ect.?
  8. 413379 \(o.o)/ (>o.o)>413379 /(^.^)/ 413379 Hey guys!
  9. Making a big discord server, not purely mlp based but I'll make themed chat/voice channels :D

  10. @@Nymira, Yes please Sorry I took so long, been away for a while
  11. AUSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Pone


      Oh nice, Sydney I assume?

    3. TheRockADragon


      Rutherford near Maitland.

    4. Pone


      Oh wow, that's ages away xD

  12. [412361] | | (>o.o)> Hey guys
  13. This is very true, its about keeping the thread fun ^.^ But as for me I must sleep, it's almost 1:30am and I have my english final exam tomorrow :s Goodnight ^.^