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  1. @Blitz Boom Butterscotch Puddin' listened as Circle commented on each candy, and shyly smiled at a few of the comments. She nodded at the taffy remark, and gasped at the idea she had for the "Starlock"s. "That does sound nice, and well.. very enticing, one may say." She said, her ears folding over at the word, having a tough time pronouncing it. She didn't particularly read the ingredient list yet for the package she gave her, but started to once mentioned. A few she didn't recognize, but that would explain itself as she mentioned earlier how often she liked to travel. "I've only traveled a little since my adventure began. I thought I'd start local first then expand from there." She adjusts her guitar case on her back. "You see, I come from an inn of sorts, located inbetween Canterlot and Ponyville. My mother owns the place, and she, well, welcomes just about every creature. I learned a few things from travelers that visited, and well it built up my own desire to travel. But to make a long story short.." She pauses, taking out the bunny-shaped caramel toffee. "...I hope to one day open up my own shop." She analyzes the caramel toffee, and takes a nibble. She smirks, enjoying the taste and takes another bite. "To be honest.. I still have a long time to go before coming close to that." She sweatdrops, her hoof behind her head as she nervously laughs.
  2. Almost done redrawing xmas stockings for the holidays, want me to post them in the forums once they're done?

  3. @Seamore Sandwich I'm also sorry to hear about your dog. Blessed be the little one. @Blitz Boom Sorry for the wait, again, ugh. My job has been giving me more hours thanks to the holidays. Ooof, hope my post was okay. Blah, my anxiety matches Butterscotch a bit. I hope I'm not inserting it too much. Though her character is still in development ^^'
  4. @Blitz Boom "Oh, it's kinda my pleasure, really" She replied instantly after Circle's statement. Butterscotch was a bit flustered too, after all she didn't own her own candy shop yet. She was simply a candy maker by sheer.. well, you might as well say destiny. But, at the same time, she wanted to pursue of her own making not just because her cutiemark told her to. To meet other candy makers and learn from them was just one of the many steps she wished to take in her journey to become one of her own. She wished to own her shop for the future, yet in her own eyes she wasn't yet ready for that. Her mother insists otherwise, but she knows she still needs to break the habit of spending all her money so quickly. Yet, that was a lesson she would learn with time. Hopefully, anywho. Her eyes watched as Circle Pop inspected the gift, it was something she prepared before coming over and put a bit of thought into. She cleared her throat as she attempted to present the gift in more verbal terms. "The licorice is of my own creation, as you may see from my flank it was the one candy that helped me to discover who I am today. A black licorice wrapped around a pink one which is flavored slightly sweeter than the black. The combination making it some ponies' favorite, heh. " She said then instantly regretted saying that. Wait, is it okay to say that? That my signature candy is some ponies' favorite? I hope that doesn't sound too cocky.. As Circle Pop looked on, and commented on the presentation- it brought back Butterscotch's attention. She slightly smiled shyly,"Why thank you, Circle Pop." "The taffy was a bit of challenge, I must admit to you. But, I hope its taste is just as well. It's one of my new ones so I haven't had enough gauge on whether or not I should keep it in my list of treats. Heh." She honestly said, though she hoped wasn't the wrong thing to say either. Remember, it's okay to include new candies into your chest of recipes and even better to have others try it. She could hear her mother say now, as she really consulted her when she prepared this gift. Hopefully it doesn't seem too much? "The chocolate star is one of my own making and I like to call it "Starlock" though the name is still a work in progress." She comments real quick, trying to say this as Circle was still inspecting the package. Her ears flickered as Circle Pop left for a moment, and returned with one of her packages from within the shop. She nodded as Circle explained that she hadn't been able to prepare something for her as she did, though that was understanding as it was a little short notice too. Her hooves clapped,"Oh no! This is simply adorable, I love the packaging already." As Circle Pop tried her candy, Butterscotch tried one of her candies, as suggested the chocolates. The two of them chewing almost in unison as a smile crept up on both their faces. Butterscotch swallowed and started to giggle at the duality.
  5. @Blitz Boom I was able to keep it medium sized afterall. Lol. And also "present the present" was hilarious to type xDD
  6. @Blitz Boom Her eyes read the sign and she slightly mumbled it to herself,"Circle Pop's Treats and Delights" She quietly smiled, Seems to be the right place, indeed. She thought to herself as she raised her hoof... planning to knock again but noticed the door was ajar from her initial knock. She instead extends her hoof to open the door wider and was greeted with the delighted ring of the bell. She adjusted the strap from her guitar case as she entered. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lightening and she heard a slight voice. Then, as if by command, the lights flashed. Her eyes searching her surroundings as she saw the little shop was not so little from the inside, and simply had wonderful treats on each side. Simply delicious ones, one might add. Though her candy making mind stumbled upon a few she recognized and thought about how her recipe for them might differ from Circle Pop's recipe. A slight giggle of excitement escapes her as she looked about more. Though she gasped as she saw the register. One of these models was hard to come by, as she recalled. Though could be wrong, as who knows? Perhaps Circle Pop was quite the handy mare. As she admired, a figure rounded the corner and she came face to face with her. It seemed she was recognized, and smiled brightly in response. She set down the box with the ribbon from her mouth so she could speak,"Yes, I'm Butterscotch. Butterscotch Pudding, at your service miss." She said right before Circle continued to explain that her day had been quite long and most likely a bit hectic. Oh, it must have been busy for her. But if she recognized me, surely my letter reached her. Oh, but oh golly I feel as if- no, no... I can't back down now. I'm already here. Oh, but.. oh.. A part of her did a small gulp as her thoughts raced with anxiety a bit, but she gathered herself to properly reply,"It's perfectly fine, it's a pleasure to meet you. Especially in your shop, seeing it yourself is more rewarding than just hearing about it. Thanks for having me, even after such short notice." She moved her suitcase towards the side, then looked over to the box with the ribbon. Okay, good. Now, simply... "I hope it's okay, but I prepared a gift for you. Please accept it." She says handing her the box. The box was a white box with red stripes across it, the bright red ribbon tied in a way that was easy to carry with. Once opened, inside was a small letter that read," To Circle Pop, may these treats help brighten your day and treat you to a wonderful evening. From, Butterscotch Puddin'." Then inside the box, was wrapped pieces of blue and white taffy, and black and pink licorice similar to Butterscotch's cutiemark. Her special recipe where it's dark but sweet, and to help remind Circle where it came from. There was also a chocolate shaped star candy, which was wrapped with a red wrapper as it sat at the center of the box. Butterscotch smiled shyly back towards Circle as she stepped back to fully present the present.
  7. @Blitz Boom Ugh I'm so sorry, life [work, bad sleeping habits, etc] has prevented me in replying. And like, I have no idea how to reply to make it sound as elegant as your posts Blitz. I used to be able to do paragraphs so easily but I'm afraid I'm not as good as I used to be. Is it okay if my reply is small? Has anything happened time wise I should know before replying? Like is it still evening? Or are we now on the next day?
  8. Drew Epona from LOZ into a mlp stylistic representation for LOZ:OOT's 20th Anniversary~ Lil late, yes, but the thought still counts~ I gave her fluffy ears, even though usually my ears are quite plain. The mane was a bit of a challenge but I think I represented well what I was going for. The hooves were fun to do even though they're a tad too detailed, basically she has two layers of fluff instead of one like some do. One of black, and one of white, and the hoof itself is grey. Her belly is black, and her muzzle is black too but I decided it was too strong so I lowered the opacity of it. Her eyes had to be green, to me, I'm not sure why. The lashes are Rainbow Dash inspired where they're not too girly but still girly suggested. Then the cutiemark is two carrots, one with a heart shape leaves and the other just stylized to look like the carrots from the carrot meter when you're riding Epona in the game. The background is just a simple river like background that's just a plain background so it completes the piece. Please know that I accept critiques, but my back hoof ankle bit is lower on purpose. That's my style of how I do the back hooves. The back back hoof is a bit off but I was too lazy to fix it. Otherwise, feedback away~ https://www.deviantart.com/pickfairy/art/Epona-reimagined-into-Mlp-774159596
  9. Oof, I seemed to have caught up with work a bit so I missed the event... that sucks >< But I'll still draw what I wanted to. 

  10. @Blitz Boom Ponies of all types bustled around at the Train Station, the train coming around the corner as it shifted and hustled to a stop. Ponies went in, and a couple ponies went out. Amongst the crowd of incoming ponies, swept up a particular earth pony. Her midnight blue and butter yellow mane shifted as she shook her head. "Okay... Ponyville, this should be the town.." She mutters, looking at her map then stepping off onto the deck of the Train Station. She wondered what may await her, if Circle Pop had received her letter okay, and such. Her guitar case shifted as she tighten the strap around her back with her mouth, then reached over to get her suitcase. The suitcase wasn't too large, nor too small, as it carried a few essentials incase she may be in need of them. Then she reached over and grabbed a little box by the tassel tied to it then held it in her mouth. She smirked, having gathered everything she brought, and left the Train Station. Though, she was greeted by a rather unusual sight of repairs as she entered the town. A stallion passed her as he carried wood, and she gently paused as she let him pass. Behind him was his cart, and as it stuttered with movement it hopped a bit at a stone in its path. A small log hopped into the air and fell, though it doesn't seem to phase the stallion as he pressed on. "Wait!" The mare called out, attempting to grab his attention. She sets down the box she carried, and her suitcase. He pauses, looking back with a sour expression yet she greeted him with a smile. "You dropped this, sir." She said, bucking the little log back into the cart. The stallion huffed, and continued about his way. Meanwhile she waved him off, and picked up her belongings. Her pace quickened as it seems that time was slipping by as she noticed the horizon. And... it should be righttttt... here? She thought, turning a few corners and coming upon Circle Pop's shop. Though it seemed to be.. closed? She approached and knocked lightly.
  11. @Blitz Boom Yes sorry, uhm I was waiting for the day to pass a bit but maybe I waited too long. I'll post in a bit.
  12. @Blitz Boom Okay, I just posted right before bed time, sorry that it wasn't in the morning. Hopefully my post is okay, I should mention that I'm a bit rusty. ^^' I have notifications for the topic turned on, so I should be able to know when you reply.
  13. @Blitz Boom A leaf glided slowly down a gust of wind, another joins it and the two swirl with the flow of the wind. A few more leaves join, and then as soon as the gust hits its gone. Then, hooves skitter against the ground at a rough angle, a slight neigh escapes. Her wings flitter as the pegasus adjusts oneself. "Landing, almost succeeded." She says to herself, stretching out her wings before shaking them off. Her scarf, once wrapped, comes undone amongst the shaking. She moves her hoof to adjust the scarf. Tossing it around rather quickly as she begins to walk. Her wall eyed stare going around her surroundings as she went. "Alright... Miss.... Miss... ah! There it is." She said, looking through her bag pulling out a letter. "Miss Circle Pop, now to deliver.." She went over to the mailbox of the candy shop, and put the letter inside. If Circle Pop were to open the letter it would read, "Dear Circle Pop Stories of your sweet little shop has reached my ears, and I have to visit! As a fellow candy maker, I would like to see your methods first hoof! My name is Butterscotch Puddin', my mane is midnight blue and butter yellow so you'll be able to spot me pretty easily. I'll be bringing by some of my signature sweets for you to try~ Please look forward to it, and hopefully I catch at a good time. I'll be on my way as soon as you receive this letter, as Ponyville is one of my stops this fall break. I've meaning to go for quite awhile. Sincerely, Butterscotch Puddin'."
  14. @Blitz Boom Sorry I had work today, so I haven't been able to get around to posting it and I have to go to sleep... I'll try to post it tomorrow morning. > < My bad!
  15. @Blitz Boom Honestly that seems like it would work. The mailmare delivering it in the morning and then Butterscotch arriving that evening is what you're suggesting, yes? Btw if I roleplay the mailmare, can I make it Derpy? Or would you rather make it just a normal npc mailmare? Would it be okay if I make the post tonight? I'd like to post before I have to livestream, and I'd like to break the ice sooner rather than later. And thanks for approving her, I'm happy you do