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  1. EDIT: nevermind, thing got fixed inmidiately
  2. i'll keep that in mind then thanks ^^
  3. posting stories, hope you enjoy

  4. this is som stories I wrote down last year I believe, so they are old, but new here on this website, Hope you enjoy it Narr Adore: Hello fellow readers, I am myself the Narrator of these Stories, my name is Narr Adore, but many call me Narrow, you may, now, like I said, I shall be telling, the stories of Mr. E.Guess and Company as they face tremendous adventures, listen carefully, for this story shall began at E.Guess home, where the little ones prepare to sleep tightly, let us begin E.Guess: Alright you three foals, is time for bed or the Goblins will complain, come now, off to sleep Goldielucks: aww but aren’t sleepy uncle ^^, we are more awaken than an Owl Parler Chat: Affirmative, my system founds no sign of slumber in System Parler Chat Omi: tell us a story E.Guess, and we promise we will go to sleep Goldielucks: ooo tell us the story of. . .BIG MOUTH MALUSA! E.Guess: oh but that tale is long forgotten by many Omi: isn’t Big Mouth Malusa the one who takes foals to who knows where? Parler Chat: define User Big Mouth Malusa E.Guess: oh Parler, Big Mouth Malusa is hardly a pony; he’s a despicable being who threatens those who stand against him, and you three mischief minds are making me telling you the story aren’t you? *the three Foals nod so E.Guess continues telling the story* E.Guess: oh alright, here goes. Long time ago, a hideous and gruesome Ogre once live in Ponyville, whose magic powers were weak and useless, but he was smarter, for he grew his powers by Humiliating the Ville’s folks, he used cruelty in his words, used the truth that bitters telling to the villagers how lame and pathetic they were, he really was a real jerk as many might say, despicable, heartless and very, very greedy on power and control, you see Malusa knew his powers were weak, but as soon as he discovered he could grow that power, it wasn’t enough for him, but his greed only took him to waste, the princesses Luna and Celestia shorten his powers and made him weaker that he was already and to make sure he never cause trouble once more, both princesses sealed him away in a cage specially for him, only Luna or Celestia could unseal this cage, but somehow, Malusa escaped, and to make his revenge, it is said that he will take away foals who misbehave, and within, rise once again to finish, what he was started Goldielucks: I don’t get something Uncle, what does Malusa has to do with taking foals and his story you told of him? Parler Chat: agreed, my system cannot compute connection between 2 storylines E.Guess: oh no one certainly knows, but I might say we should take Big Mouth Malusa as a joke Goldielucks: oh uncle, you won’t be telling us that Big Mouth Malusa exist E.Guess: as a mere of a fact niece of mine, many ponies believe Malusa did exist, and if he could possibly rise once more, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with him Omi: real or not he sounds Scary, why do ogres always have to be the bad guys from stories?, why cannot be butterflies or-or a harmless worm? Parler Chat: Butterflies are considerate as beauty insects, they show now scare or fear, Worms would not do anything and would not be found as threat, Ogres have both scare and threats, fits in stories of horror Omi: you had to say that. . . E.Guess: well enough of stories, go to sleep now, tomorrow we shall visit ponyville’s library for a book I had forgotten before I left the house, sleep well now, come on, say good night Goldielucks: oh alright, good night Uncle Omi: Good night Goldie, Parler, E.Guesszzzz. . . Parler Chat: system is now shutting down. . . E.Guess: and good night day, I could use some good sleep too *leaves their room and enters his to sleep* Narr Adore: well, didn’t I told you, this would be an interesting story? No? well I just said it then, any who, what E.Guess said about Big Mouth Malusa, that certain ponies do believe his existence, well to tell the truth, Malusa does Exist, but like told in the story, he is not silly Ogre, he is waiting for the opportunity to strike back, and his whereabouts, are unknown, but thanks to the story telling, is possible to find him and see what he is up to *Somewhere deep inside a dark cave, a voice can be heard* Diamond Dog 1: we have news master; we had found some very, very interesting news, did we not? Diamond dog 2: yes sire, news that might be of your interest ????: is that so? Well what are you waiting for crystal canines, off with the news? Diamond Dog 3: its Diamond dogs sire ????: SCILENCE! You incompetent fools! What do I care how you are called, now, the news you said Diamond dog 1: *to the other dogs* do not make the master angry, or we shall face the rolled paper of 100 sheets *to the “Master”* is about someone sire, someone who had taken your place long time ago, the same one who made you look more *an arm grabbed the dog tightly before it could finish the sentence* ????: your blabbery is far too long to have an end! Who is this someone who you speak took my place long time ago? Diamond dog 3: he is known as Discord master, rumors say that he has gone completely mad than he was before, he is now with the ponies, he is with the goods now master Diamond Dog 2: he has reformed now master, he is good now sire! ????: good you say? Discord has gone good? HA! Now that’s funny HA!-AH! *throws the Diamond dog he held to the others* YOU PACK OF USELESS TWITS! You think I shall fall for such tomfoolery?! Save those lies for someone who really will fell from your words! Diamond dog 1: b-but is true sire! Diamond dog 3 saw it himself! When the plunder vines attacked Ponyville, Discord appeared there, but he did absolutely nothing, when he uses to do tricks to get his way nasty! ????: Hrmm why do I have the feeling this is another of you silly lies to make yourselves with the gemstones again, but oh what’s the use, this sounds kind of interesting, especially for you three to say it, come up with a lie like this would never had passed your puny minds, alright, I believe you *the shadow of this huge pig appears with a sinister smile on his face* Big Mouth Malusa: if this turns out to be true, then it should be time for me to make my comeback and reclaim what is rightfully mine, hm! Hm! Hm! This should be such an interesting change of events, I waited this long, I do believe it deserves a see for yourself to believe, and if it does, oh-hohoho! That is only something I and only shall know ha hahahaha-ha!! Narr Adore: brrrr! That hoggers sure is a very spooky lad, but alas! That shall be all for this story, end of part 1, if you are willing to read more, wait until next part is out, until now, good reddens to you!
  5. thank you very much, I apresiate it
  6. why the chiken crossed the road to get to the other side?

    1. MasterCombine


      Because he obviously had someplace to be.

  7. yes I am, I was acctually wanting to RP today but the site tells me I must post 4 things and I dunno do something else to get out ot f the blank flank zone or something like that
  8. what it be it, but i'll not be it be, it be, be it?

  9. well thank you, I had been turisting the page just to get along with it and seems very promissing, me likes
  10. just call me Leo, I'm a new member of this site, I found it by accident acctually and just as you, I'm also a MLP series watcher, I liked it that much that I made Original Characters out of it, the main one of them many OCs name is Mr. E.Guess, you'll get to know him soon if you want to meet him, also. . .well glad I can be here so. . .Hi