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  1. This is the OOC part of the RP. It's closed. Nobody can join anymore. RP: https://mlpforums.com/topic/146062-the-expedition First, hello, friends! My name is Lemon Slices, and welcome to my new RP, The Expedition! Finally, we made this thread private, by changing it to OOC. I was a bit anxious, and nobody was coming, so yeah. Thanks for the ones who had the courage of entering this RP, we are beginning. Continuing, the following text is just scribbles, you know, a draft of what will we do in the RP, also called by me as the MAIN IDEA. Our basics. OCs: Iniblia: h
  2. Damn son, I thought Ursa in DotA 2 was a female character. You know, in Portuguese, "Ursa" is the word for the female of bear.

  3. Wow man, thanks. I thought I would need to create a new char *uffs* So I think OP would need to create the RP now.
  4. Yeah, we quite need a front line and respect the meta. Where is the AD Carry? (LOL joke)
  5. ENZO!!!! Such a long time, friend. I thought we would never meet again. I'm choosing a new char I made, Iniblia. Link below: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/iniblia-r9257 I added her the ability to move objects although she is not an unicorn, however she can't use spells. Is that alright, original poster? Name: Iniblia Race: Earth Pony Class: Assassin Weapons: Two daggers, throwing razors... And some snaptraps. Main Abilities: Telekinesis, Melding Soul (Get a lower chance of being spotted temporarily), a fighting style of tricking, trapping and disabling
  6. Prepare my seat, friend. I'm building a character.
  7. The Brightest Side [Axe]
  8. Fifth Stone - The Calm Bade
  9. "Many years ago, humanity had a choice: Serve the gods, or beally the monsters. They decided to serve the gods, paying a price for protection. However, as humanity progressed, they realized the price of the protection they were getting wasn't worth the sacrifices they made. To avoid losing control of the situation, the gods deluded humanity into a powerful brainwashing system, leaded by the known as the Mighty Empress, Anessa, and her military force, The Absolute Order. However, this method didn't apply to everyone. A group of anonymous warriors from the survivors from this brainwash
  10. Lemon Slices

    Open Forgotten legend

    Renatta had taken a rest. Her hooves stop aching. She woke up with a strange noise, probably a spell. And steps. And some debris falling. "Wait!" She ran as fast as she could, with the book, and to get even faster, she jumped on the book and lifted herself and the book with magic, floating swiftly in the corridors, and finding out the place where the spell noise was coming from. It was a portal. They probably was getting away. "Hey, wait for me! Where are you guys gooin" She entered in.
  11. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    Lemon stared at the door. And then caught the attention of everypony. "Well, we can't be afraid of... A place that we don't know and that might have evil enemies... Ahn... Well, wait," he looked around, looking for Renatta, and found the door more open than before. "Oh no, she went alone! She might get hurt!" As he followed her steps, he could get a vision of the corridor outside. Everything was dark. But suddenly, four rectangles of light formed themselves, each one of a color. Renatta was staring at the first rectangle, what could be assumed it was a portal, dazzled. The rectangle h
  12. I am out. I got no time for writing anymore. Please make something to me, make me being eaten by a zombie. Really, I am not kidding.
  13. I am sorry, but I think this RP is already dead.
  14. The new free week ADCs... Ashe and Twitch. *sigh*

  15. Damn... Now every gameplay I have in LoL, I have both sides with Azir in mid lane. Riot, I pray for you to stop bringing OP champions to free week.

    1. Lemon Slices

      Lemon Slices

      If you bring a long-ranged mid-laner, Azir can be countered. But dat soldiers... Tsc, tsc.

  16. Lemon Slices

    Open Forgotten legend

    Renatta had to rest a bit in the stairs, although the vines still were bothering her. But somehow they weren't busy with her as five minutes ago. She opened the book again with magic again. "Okay, let's try this again." She focused her horn, the usual lilac aura made itself, some lilac dust made itself around her. The spell would work, but she stopped all in a sudden. Something was missing. She finally got in the room. The situation was looking bad. The ponies she didn't even know in a reasonable level was in a fight against super growing vines. She thought: "Will I risk?" Those ponies wer
  17. I didn't realize how awesome is playing as Soraka. I love being a healer.

  18. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    Celestia just said a "Magic is too mysterious, even to me. You two will need to find out by yourselves. Until then, I need you to make a minor mission. I just need to be sure I made the right choice." "Well... We're soldiers. Missions are my beach. Of course, if you are giving us something to drink", Raphael said, laughing. "Really, really, really, I'm thirsty. Oh, I forgot. You ponies probably don't make alcohol. Too bad for me."
  19. "The past is the dust. The present is the rain. And the future is the mud."

  20. A painting sounds like music for my eyes.

  21. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    Renatta looked around. Lemon was not looking at her. He was with his head down, for some reason. She looked at the door. She felt like being watched by the door. But as she tried to look behind the opening of the door, it instantly went pitch black. She, curious, sneaked to it.
  22. *Tap on the shoulder* Relax, mate.
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