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  1. Wait, where would we be, you know, as soldiers? Which State of the US?
  2. Good! Now gimme some time. I'm having afternoon lunch now (Lunch at 5:40 ) and then i'll make the character.
  3. I'll be a Brazilian, then. What can I do? I just know everything from my country. Well, but when did we got to USA? A decade ago, or a couple of months?
  4. K. But where would we live? Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Norway...? ...Japan...
  5. Nah. I don't want to get into detail, and even I don't know too much detail of a military life.
  6. Hmmm... Database. Well, if you have a Google Account, we could make our chars in Google Docs instead. The point here is having a link where anybody could reach.
  7. Something in the middle. We were friends, but we wouldn't be bronies, as the whole shock thing would be amazing in the plot. We would have the experience of the veteran, but some more... young personality and experience.
  8. Well... Soldiers. We would have a lot of topics to talk about.
  9. ME! Well, if you want some prove of my abilities, check out The Breaking Point in my sig.
  10. Incredible backstory, good personality... She's a necromancer! This is cool. Well, doors are open.
  11. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    Cuddle's words lightened up Lemon's heart. He was seeking for hope in every single word of hers. But as she finished the speech, so his hope did. But his mind did not went into vagueness. Why? There was an information that his mind caught. "...But I have a good bet that it relates to summoning or cursing..." Several questions hit his mind, but they were the same. He then several answers were created as well, but they were useless, as they were just there to try to make him stop thinking about it. He needed to stop it. As he decided to stop, her eyes searched for a new thing to get ente
  12. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    Lemon wouldn't hear his voice. Actually, one could say the couple were too deviant from the situation. But what caught their attention was the noise of the sudden flame, and obviously the orange and yellow light. While Lemon asked himself how could such trick be achieved, Renatta just stared at the fire, surprised. "Fire is such a beautiful thing", she said with wide-opened eyes, and her mind deviating from reality again. In other words, a daydream. But Enzo needed their attention again, because something uncommon appeared, and to such a small group there, anypony should have some very distinc
  13. "The humble always have open doors for them. And the ones who are decided to fit themselves into challenge have even more opened doors!" Random stuff I just say sometimes You're cool. That's why I do like people from this site. You all like exposing your problems and chatting about a solution. But like a good BR, I'll just say: Relax, my friend. Well, this isn't the first time someone knocks my door and say: "Oh plz lemme join ur RP, I'll nerf chars plzzz". Well, first of all, it's not everyone that have a weak character (Like me, who always have weak characters), but that's the thing
  14. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    Lemon just stared at them. "Team?" "Team", Renatta answered, smiling at his face. He didn't listen anything from that conversation. "Well, looks like... Oh, the safe place..." Renatta looked at Awilix one more time, paying attention at her cutie mark. She didn't felt good at the moment, and her face just made Lemon ask her if is she doing alright. "I think these friends we've got are already my safe place, but thanks anyway for the help, Mr. Slices", she answered, with a bit of feelings' exploiting. She already found out, but Lemon don't know that calling his surname followed by
  15. ....Are you stalking me??????? Kidding. Yours' new champs is in, no doubt. But you are aware this is, you know, an advanced RP, with 800+ characters per post, don't you? Man, I just read your character, and... *sigh* Incredible...
  16. Random fact: You lost time reading this.

  17. Lemon Slices

    Open The Breaking Point

    We could hear a giggle uttered somewhere, muffled. It was Renatta. When she looked back to her partner, she met serious eyes, and a hoof raising to the muzzle. "Ssshhhhh""Ah, Mr. Slices, stop that. It was a good joke, wasn't it?..." Everypony was face-hoofing. "Better be quiet, young lady.", he said, facehoofing as well. "Actually," Slices said, looking at the new mare, "It's quite good that we have somepony new in the crew, but something really frighten me... Why the actual hay were you stuck in that room? I mean, you could die of starvation! Where is the actual way out, Renatta?" "There are
  18. Link to RP:https://mlpforums.com/topic/138809-the-walls/ 'And between the lot of ancient artifacts and rotting old scrolls, some unusual kind of recording was there, on the jeweled table. Looking carefully, and taking some seconds to realize, Slices took a moment to find out the real function of that object. "The bottle...", he said, raising a hoof to his muzzle, and then looking again to the glass bottle, paying attention to its content. "The white liquid... Oh, oh, I remembered!" "Sssshh!", the other pony replied, with his hoof in front of his mouth, signaling to make silence. Slices lo
  19. Non-quality posts are posts that have no contribution to the thread. They are in this rule: OOC
  20. Peers, another serious warning. No, this is serious now. I got warned about off-topic posts and non-quality posts. The one who was the last drop was my long "PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE" several pages ago. That means we now need to focus on the purpose of the thread: Planning. If you need to say something off-topic (We obviously will), I'll include all the team in a PM.
  21. oh, I didn't sleep my night. I had slept 15 hours yesterday, also. Yeah. Enzo, what you think of Renatta being the villain?
  22. Ok, but we need Enzo now. '-'
  23. Hmmm... YES! Yeah, I'm pretty sure we could make Renatta a villain. I'll just need some posts of mine to set her actual point of view about it (that is against the team)
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