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  1. I just booked a room at the SFO Hyatt Regency (where BABSCon 2019 is taking place), and am looking for roommates to split the cost. The room will be somewhere between the 6th and 8th floors, will have two queen-sized beds, and I've requested that the hotel not give me a room with windows facing the atrium, since according to online reviews, the light and sound flooding in from the atrium makes it difficult to get to sleep. I can only make it between Friday and Sunday, so I've selected a check-in date of Friday 4/19 and a check-out date of Sunday 4/21. I'm 31 and male, and I won't exceed a total of four people for the room; I've found that five or more can be uncomfortable. With two people (including myself), the cost will be about $152 per person, ~$101 per person for three, and about $76 per person for four. My only real stipulations are that this isn't a party room (no alcohol please) and you must be able to keep your hands to yourself (saying this due to a personal experience).
  2. Draxon

    Looking for roommates for BABSCon 2019

    Yes, there are two spots open, so you're in if you want to be. I'll be driving up from LA, myself. Do you have a Discord? I'd like to get everyone together so we can all keep in touch.
  3. Draxon

    Looking for roommates for BABSCon 2019

    Ok, I'll put you in for the room. Do you have a Discord? That would make it a little bit easier to stay in touch.
  4. Draxon

    Looking for roommates for BABSCon 2019

    Great! Then those dates will work for you?
  5. If anyone is looking for a hotel room for BronyCon, I'm looking for one more person for the Days Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor from Thursday 8/1 to Sunday 8/4 at $120.50 per person total.  I'm also looking for one more for a stay at the Sleep Inn Inner Harbor from Sunday 8/4 to Monday 8/5 at $39.96 per person (we wanted to extend our stay at the Days Inn, but it was totally booked).  And, if you're coming in through the airport, we also have room for two more people at the Best Western BWI Airport North Inn & Suites from Wednesday 7/31 to Thursday 8/1.  It's convenient to access from the airport via the light rail line, and convenient to get into the inner harbor via the same route.  That will be $29.60 per person if we get a third person and $22.20 per person if we get a fourth.

  6. I'm confused as to how a movie like this exists, but maybe I'll go out and see it??? Hopefully with a friend who really wants to see it.
  7. Draxon

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    A few weeks ago I saw MFKZ in a movie theater. The plot had some problems, but everyone in the theater was having so much fun that I have to recommend it. It takes place in Los Angeles, and after the movie, they showed a special interview with one of the Japanese creators who admitted they had to do quite a bit of research before beginning to understand the American culture, including gang culture, which shaped the lives of the characters and setting of the film.
  8. Draxon

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    Since I only just spotted this topic, here's one from Friday: "You have successfully deboned the cream cheese."
  9. Draxon

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    I thoroughly enjoyed this finale, but I'm a little bit confused concerning the plot. Cozy was draining all of the magic from Equestria, but she was sending it to another dimension instead of keeping it all to herself for her use (I gathered that she didn't have a choice in the matter thanks to how the draining functioned). So, she was really only interested in becoming incredibly popular and therefore (in her mind, at least) powerful? I guess she never did see the rainbows and lasers that happens with the magic of friendship - she might have preferred that instead if she did. Also, I'd be interested in learning whether the other dimension the magic was being sent to is the Equestria Girls dimension.
  10. I only just figured out that Smolder is female.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Draxon


      I watched episode 22 this morning, and I'm pretty sure it's the only episode in which she's been referred to using a pronoun.

    3. TwilySparky


      I would of thought you would know by her voice.

    4. Draxon


      I think her voice is ambiguous as far as whether she's male or female.  She's a young dragon, so I wouldn't expect her to have a deep voice.

  11. Draxon

    S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Spitfire's pep talk was a spoof of the classic Saturday Night Live "in a van down by the river" sketch featuring Chris Farley. I definitely recommend looking it up on YouTube. I was laughing so hard when Spitfire went off like that.
  12. I'm in Glendale, CA, on business, and I'm probably going to be here for at least a few months.  If anyone in the area is interested, I'd love to have a meetup somewhere.

  13. After attending BronyCon for my third time, and hearing the big news at the end of the closing ceremony, I decided to finally put some effort into creating an OC. I'm hoping to create one who represents myself, and go to the final BronyCon in cosplay (part of what I'm doing to help make it the best one ever), so I'm getting a jump on it right away. I've decided on a reformed changeling for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I have no idea what my cutie mark would be if I made a pony OC; while I have some accomplishments, I don't feel that I've done anything that would cause a cutie mark to appear, and don't identify with any special talent or skill in particular. So, a little bit about my OC's personality. He's introverted, and while he enjoys being social, he's often very quiet unless he's around people he knows, and needs time alone to recharge after socializing (which can be quite challenging in the hive). He often changes into different personas to avoid interaction in public spaces when he feels anxiety, which is one way he finds time to be alone. He only reveals his true form when he's around friends and family in a comfortable situation. Even though he may come off as antisocial at times, he enjoys sharing the things he loves with others, and getting free of Queen Chrysalis' reign was a great relief to him. Since becoming reformed, he has grown interested in pursuing needlework and creating clothes and plush toys to express himself. I'd like him to be more of a slice of life character than one who's involved in a larger, epic story, and I'm looking for some input from the community so that I can really create a compelling character. One of the biggest things I have to decide on right now is a name. It's tempting to call him Draxon, mostly for simplicity's sake, but also because I identify most strongly with that name, but I'm open to other suggestions. Canon changelings are named for insect parts, species of plants, or in the case of Kevin, just have regular names, so I think there's a lot of room for creativity. I'll also have to come up with a color combination for his appearance, but I think that'll mostly come down to experimentation. If you have suggestions for a name or on ways I can improve upon my character, please jump in! Thanx!
  14. Draxon

    When did you graduate high school?

    2005. We were going to have a ten year reunion, but not enough tickets were sold. To be honest, that was a relief. Most stories I hear about reunions are awful.
  15. Draxon

    S08:E08 - The Parent Map

    This episode is so relatable. And the secondary characters were very enjoyable, too, especially the baker.
  16. Draxon

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I identify as panromantic demisexual. It took 30 years for me to figure it out.
  17. Draxon

    Food Biggest cooking fail?

    These were supposed to be molasses cookies.
  18. Hmm, Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) vs. JC Denton (Deus Ex). Now THAT would be an interesting fight. I think it depends on who sees whom first. If they start talking to each other, they'd probably just have a deep, philosophical conversation and call some sort of truce.
  19. I just got a phone that's capable of running the full version of this game, so if you want to add me as a friend, my code is 09d898.
  20. Draxon

    Twixie Fan Club

    I think this thread needs to be revived. Source: http://tjpones.tumblr.com/post/143462536412
  21. Draxon

    Video Game Posters: Do you have any?

    I have a 24" x 40" poster of one of the covers of Game Informer from a few years ago featuring art for the reboot of Tomb Raider. I have the actual issue of the magazine, and fell in love with the cover. Then I saw that for a limited time, you could get a poster of it if you had enough points in GameStop's Powerup Rewards program. It was the only thing I ever got from that program, and I actually haven't bought anything from Gamestop in years. Here it is: And if you look closely, you can see a reflection of Trixie and Twilight Sparkle.
  22. Draxon

    What do you think of Hasbro?

    Overall, I'm quite fond of Hasbro. Over the years, they've become more accepting of the fandom which has sprung up around MLP, have been making some effort to produce higher quality toys and other products, and have even started marketing those products to everyone regardless of gender. Spoken another way, they know about the diversity of their customer base and are marketing accordingly. But in a benign way. Of course, there is the whole C&D issue, but to the best of my knowledge, that hasn't happened very many times, so Hasbro is fine by me.
  23. Draxon

    Would Anyone like a pony pattern?

    If it's a sewing pattern, I'm interested. I've just started to learn how to make pony plushies (and sewing/embroidery in general).
  24. I posted this on my Facebook page, and then I decided that more people should have access to this madness. This seems way too long for my profile feed, so I decided to give the blog system a try. Not sure if this is an appropriate application, but here's how my status update went: I had the strangest dream last night. I woke to find myself staring up at the stars, and two people, apparently in another dimension, were arguing about the time period I was in based on the location of the stars. There was some mention made of Rome, but eventually they realized that I was in Japan about a thousand years ago. Apparently there was a zombie war which nobody knew about in modern times because almost every Japanese person was wiped out and they decided to be quiet about it. I got up and saw a knight in armor with a sword looking into the distance with horror, and I heard the screams of someone getting their head sawn off by a chainsaw sword about a foot wide and eight feet long. The knight ran off, and the monster with the chainsaw sword called in to his boss using some sort of communication device, and then ran in pursuit of the knight. But then his boss showed up, another monster riding a spindly, four legged creature, wielding some sort of lance, and the first monster dropped to the ground in fear and let him pass. The first monster then got up and used his communication device again. My vision went bright, and suddenly I was in a helicopter somewhere in modern day America, sitting next to two people who I knew were members of SHIELD. One was the knight who fled from the monster with the chainsaw sword. He wore his old garments, minus the armor, and there was a long blood stain passing down his back from his left shoulder and towards his center. He dismissed it with a passing remark. The other person was missing the left half of his face. What was there was a concave depression, as though his face had been pressed inward, and it was dark purple in color, with several silver, circular protrusions in the side near the middle of his face. I knew that other people who looked at him didn't see half a face, but a full, normal one, and never had reason to suspect anything. I also knew that his special talent was charisma - he could get anything out of anyone, and get them to do anything, just by having a conversation with them. I then found myself walking towards a small house in a suburban neighborhood, my two companions walking ahead of me, and then I woke up. There was more to the dream before all that, actually. First I was in a pizza restaurant with my parents. I had my laptop and headphones with me, and I was watching the livestream of the first episodes of the new season of a certain show (so now I don't need to watch them, apparently). After they were done, I boarded the bus which took me to the train station in Camden. I was drinking and fell asleep in my seat, but groggily woke up just as the bus was pulling into the station. Then I boarded the train. As the train traveled across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from Philly into Camden (I'm aware of the discontinuity, but it's a dream), I saw a man riding his bike on the tracks like an idiot. He steered out of the way as we approached. Then I was in a dark house with five friends, and we suddenly found ourselves having to defeat a monster with the magic of friendship. That's all I'll say about that. Suddenly I was in the same house, but my friends were gone, a lot of strangers were milling noisily about, and I had a cooler with some beer and soda. I proceeded to drink all of the beer, and then I felt bad about it. I walked through the door where the monster had been and found myself in a small grocery store. All of the items on the left side of the store were geared towards Easter celebrations, and people were crowding around that section. I continued through the door opposite the one I had entered, and found myself in a narrow corridor with strange food vending machines. Most of them were open so that one could reach in and take what they wanted, but that would be stealing. Two of the machines stuck out for me. One had empanadas for $6.34. I thought that price was insane. I continued down the corridor, only to spin myself suddenly around because I realized I had passed a walnut vending machine. I exclaimed, "Oo, walnuts!" and nearly felled a girl who had been walking just behind me. I apologized and moved to the walnut vending machine. It was ridiculously overpriced, too. I continued through the rest of the corridor. I emerged in a sort of massive flea market. Not wishing to miss out on anything, I willed myself to obtain super speed and skated around the market incredibly fast. I then decided it would be quicker if I could jump super high as well, so I did. It got kind of out of hand. After browsing and not buying anything (finally, something true in real life, too), I lay down on the steps of some sort of ancient, ruined temple, and fell asleep. It was on those steps that I woke up to find myself staring upwards at the stars.