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    Southern NC. Wish I was a little farther South so I can finally find those Southern belles.
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    Anything sexy, CoD, Amnesia, roller coasters, drawing, video games, Applejack, country music, Southern blonde girls who are very nice and beautiful, ponies, etc. ;)
  1. Vanellope Von Schweetz!!!!!! :)

  2. 4 out of the 5 recent viewers on mah profile are mods......I'm scared :c.

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    2. Betez


      What did "23p" mean?

    3. Not Robin

      Not Robin

      23 = the day of my birthday (September 23rd)

      p - first letter of my last name

    4. Riclo


      Is he banned?

  3.  spas-ticShotty

    General Chat Thread

    The way she's presenting it is giving me the urge to poke it. Must. Resist! Anyways, some good 'ol music, 'cause after sex/porn, the internet, movies, games, Applejack, God and Vanellope, music is one of the greatest things in the Universe .
  4. Lamp (Trust me, I thought it was a bikini at first, though. At least for a second or so ). I win. Now, let's get back on topic :3.
  5.  spas-ticShotty

    General Chat Thread

    Still, I'm not the best socially IRL. With girls, it's worse. Besides, I don't think she would want to be mah friend, which is a shame, because while I may not love her, she is that type of girl I would like considering being best friends with (And I'm not gonna lie, maybe she can be a friend with benefits :3).
  6. Dude, I don't find her awesome in that sense <_<. I think she's cute, but I certainly hate having "those" types of thoughts about Vanny .
  7. You know what? Because perviness can be amusing, as proven by Quagmire, I'm gonna self-suggest me to this little list .
  8.  spas-ticShotty

    General Chat Thread

    I can't say for sure. I think she ain't, but then again, I could be wrong. All I know is, she is a fucking Playboy model in the making .
  9.  spas-ticShotty

    General Chat Thread

    And now to sneak behind them to get a closer look at their goodie goodies dayum :3. Needs more Applejack, though :c.
  10. This avvie = Mah heart needs help!

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    2.  spas-ticShotty


      @Bruno - Nope, it's time to recover-from-diabeetus-because-of-Vanellope time.


      @RD92 - Hey! I still love AJ like a wife and lover ;-;!

    3. Nohbdy


      Hey, Champ!

    4. Champion RD92
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