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  1. It's been forever...

  2. Melody: should we be worried?
  3. I thought Melody was there......
  4. Melody: Talk to him! It'd be cool! Plot: Is that really a good idea?
  5. Plot: okay. *They drink the water* Sweetie: only once. Sweetie: No,that would be bad!
  6. Plot: okay. Rainbow: They don't break easy!
  7. Plot: Yup. *TARDIS takes off* Derpy: Because muffins are good
  8. Melody: Hey! Been a while, huh? Plot: Yeah, anyways we gotta go see this guy Dil an- Melody: DIL?! *fangirls* Plot: 0.0 (cool, my real name is Madi.)
  9. Melody stood in between Rave and Sparkle, glaring at him and Snowflake. "Have you forgotten this isn't Rave? Rave would never say any of these things! It's the dark magic that's doing this, it's not Rave's fault. Hitting him gets us nowhere anyways! And slitting his throat would be to murder an innocent pony. That's not being a hero if you could have saved him, but chose to murder somepony who did nothing to deserve this. Rave is our friend, remember? I'm not letting of you kill him. Would you really murder an innocent pony? That's almost as bad as what that dark magic made him do already."[They can't kill Rave, he didn't do anything! I can't let them kill him, not when there is another way.] "If I'm the only pony here who remembers he's a friend, then I should be the sacrifice."
  10. The day I become a YouTuber. What do you want more than anything in the universe?
  11. Plot: O.o we're gonna kill him?! Sweetie: Sure! Hush now, quite now......