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  1. hope you ponies like her! have a guess what her cutie mark is!
  2. i call my "big mac" trixe because it is great and powerful... you may shoot me and smash my grave up in three... two... one....
  3. cool thanks everypony its good to know that there are other bat ponies haha thanks starshine! my oc was going to be a pegasus but then i found out about bat ponies
  4. Oh thank you child of the night! I'll try to fix it!
  5. Thanks pick fairy! I found it hard to do the magic and I completely forgot the sparkles! Haha I'll work on the outline thing!
  6. Awww thanks guys she was quite a trouble to do!
  7. Although it could be possible to get a tattoo on fur. Hell, rainbow used pencil on her fur! How the heck does that work?
  8. The reason her name is Caramelcream is because she was originally a Pegasus. When I found out about bat ponies I changed her species to bat pony. I had to darken her coat and change her design a little
  9. i had a dream that i was with my crush.i was holding his hand and blushing. we were in a place kinda like purgatory. i looked at him then he walked away from me. i tried to go after him but silver chains bound me to one spot. my crush walked up to one of my friends. who had been an unnoticeable silhouette. i saw her put her hand on his chest and stare deeply at him and she then kissed him. a tear fell from my face and the chains broke free. i ran up to them and as soon as i got to them, the friend tried to push me away but i glared at her. i then saw a closed eye and when it opened it was rather like a cats. she just stood there after that. i broke her neck and then looked at my crush. i woke up after that. seriously strangest dream i have ever had!
  10. nononononononononononononononononononononononono pleeeeaaaaassseee dont make me play it! i 4 minutes or markiplier playing it and i couldent sleep for weeks
  11. puppets, slenderman,those things from five nights at freddys, rejection and finaly humiliation/failure silliest fear? death that is not silly. that thing scares the horse cr** out of me
  12. thank you! it took me quite a while to do
  13. my new signature! it has my oc in a cave full of crystals