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  6. So during my time off this site while I was working or moving the house around I kept thinking about how Equestria Girls and what happened to Sunset Shimmer with the Element of Magic or what it meant for the Mane6 and the Villains of the show. I ended up spending a few hours past midnight writing it down and trying to organize my thoughts on the subject. I give all credit to the various threads I stole ideas from and I'm to tired to go look for all of them. lol [SPOILERS BELOW] [Also this could be considered Head-canon so if it turns out incorrect then oh well. It was a nice thought ex
  7. @Skullbuster (Sorry, I assumed you had anchored the ship a bit closer to shore. lol) The lead pony, shaking his head out of a random daydream as he gets tapped on the shoulder by another patrol-guard who points at the Pegasi further down the shore. Bloody Pegasus, always causing problems. He thinks to himself as they begin trotting over to the unknown ponies.
  8. @@Skullbuster Nearing the boat the lead pony, dressed in a simple and undecorated armor, motions for his patrol to stop at the bottom of the ship before clearing his throat and calling out to anyone on board. "Hello up there! Anypony home?" After he finishes he motions for two of the soldiers to quickly sneak to the other side of the boat and await for his call or the sounds of battle before boarding/returning.
  9. A small patrol of 5 Guards turn a corner past some trees to begin patrolling the coastline and immediately notice the ship. Cautious as always, the lead pony motions for his comrades to keep quiet as they begin walking toward the USS(Unidentified Sailing Ship) hoping they didn't just stumble upon some pirate ponies. "Don't mind him, he's just upset that the Dominion has decided to seek out it's neighbors instead of hiding away back home." She gives a smile back at the Captain who gives a huff and turns his head away in annoyance. "I knew gryphon once, he was a kind fellow and liked t
  10. Nicely done, it was a good presentation and the fun facts about technology through the years was nice. Anyway it's possible that the lack of (non-magical) war in Equestria has lead to the advancement of peaceful or scientific technology. Technology never pursued things like muskets, rockets, or radars as there was no real need for them. ( jk, the royal guard totally needs new weapons. Those spears are useless.) Without a real threat that could endanger all of Equestria and could be defeated without some sort of magic, the ponies grew up in a paradise of sorts. Their Alicorn leaders,
  11. @@SharpWit At your peaceful response and River Tongue's translation to them the majority of the guards visibly relax; although the soldier(who you get the impression of being the commanding officer of the guards) remains annoyed. "While I am authorized to establish first contact and various minor details it would be best for one of the Councilor's to meet with your leader. How long would it take for the request to be processed and accepted?"
  12. @@SharpWit The caravan guards look at each other before two of them step forward. The mare opens her mouth to speak before the stallion appears agitated and tense, she waves him off and speaks in a calm and confident manner. "Hello there friend, I am River Tongue. We are not here to make trouble and have come from the Dominion of Kartrin to establish trade with foreign nations. I am to act as the initial contact representative for my ponies. Might I ask your name?" @@SilentFlight The captain chuckles for a moment. "Pegasi are not particularly liked in the Dominion but I'm su
  13. @@SharpWit The approaching caravan halts at the voice, cautious but unresponsive. Two of the guards walk back to get a third pony and brings her to the front who waves for someone to come forward. Beyond that they simply wait in hopes of a non-violent response. @@SilentFlight The pony named 'Captain' chuckles for a moment before responding. "Sorry, it means product or trade items. Like selling a dress or food, they call it 'wares' in the Dominion. You'll have to discuss any trade with the Diplomat when he gets up here." At the question about the Pegasi the Captain raises an eye
  14. The Captain turns to one of his men and tell them to get the Diplomat before turning back to the Officer. "We come from lands west of here and are looking for a place to trade our wares. I was unaware we were crossing into your borders." The Caravan continues on toward the Airship in hopes of establishing contact with a new trading partner for the Dominion, unaware of the snipers or the danger ahead of them. @@SharpWit @@SilentFlight
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