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  1. So, I deleted Internet Explorer off my computer because of the spam, but some how Internet explorer still finds a way to spam my computer without being installed.......O.O I want to kick IE in it's hard drive.

    1. Spreelly


      That sounds annoying

    2. Ya boi Stormy 🌩️
    3. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      It's really annoying, and If I try to close out, it'll keep sending the same message for what seems like eternally.

  2. I don't remember being a cupcake...I thought I was a muffin..hmm...

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    2. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Last week I was pigging out so hard, I watched netflix the whole week, eating junk food, cake, pizza, generic Cheetos, etc. Now I think I am facing the consequences now, my stomach is ick.

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Aww I hope you will get better soon my friend *hugs* :)

    4. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Thanks, and it seems like no matter how many times I take a shower, I still smell weird. Then it makes my tummy feels even worse , bleh and I recreated a monster(bad habit) and having trouble fighting the temptation, it's so addictive.

  3. I added my own twist to Rainbow Dash, (purposely and accidentally)
  4. I feel like Netflix is limiting their content

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    2. Demonic Soulz
    3. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      I'm like what the heck.... I get stuff I don't want to watch. The content in my account goes from very rated G to rated X, not by choice.

    4. Megas


      I felt that way once they got rid of King of the Hill

  5. Have you ever hanged out with Rainbow Dash?
  6. My mom got them at her job, they are also at Cvs, and walgreens. lol, after I finished braiding it, I thought it looked like candy.
  7. I want to have one of each of the mane 6, so 1 down and 5 left to go. I also want to get a hard plastic version of the mane 6,
  8. I was going through this thread I noticed that a lot of ponies ask the same question. My question would be what is something about you that nobody knows about?
  9. I installed the Pony Hoof for Facebook, I am loving it.

  10. One of my favorite songs today is Fix it Up from the MLP Equestria Girls movie.

    1. GammaDove


      The Second movie has better music in my opinion.

    2. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      I haven't seen the second movie yet, so I can't comment on that. I want to see it so bad but I will wait til it is on Netflix. Do you know when it'll be available for streaming on Netflix?

    3. GammaDove
  11. Woah it's lunch time already! YAY! What are you having for lunch today or what is your most 5 favorite foods?

  12. If you don't already know, I am a zealous MLP fan-ouch I stabbed my chin accidentally- *dannnngggeeerrrrrous*

  13. I watched Equestria Girls for the 3rd time yesterday, I still like it.

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    2. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      :) I vants to suck the vuice vrom zee fwuit
    3. Spreelly


      Then do it suck all em up X3

    4. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      *stabs all the apples*-wait where did all these apples come from?-*puts them in a tiny catapult*

  14. Bahhhhhhhhhhh Ack.......

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    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      I wish I could crochet

    3. Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Kreborn Sparkleheart

      Crochet is really easy once you learn it, you just need to get yarn and a crocheting needle with a hook. size 5.50mm needle. You can then either go on google or youtube and search how to crochet for beginners.

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      When I we were taught crochet at school I was only one who failed,but my mom does some crochet. she made some socks and scarfs