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  1. Mmm... I can't be sure it's the number 1 "weird" thing I like, but I like how pensive he is, I find it cute. He is extremely so, to a point we are cuddling for a total of 5 seconds and he will be thinking about chickens. His focus is usually somewhere else, so I guess it would be a turn-off for most people, but I don't mind at all Same question~
  2. I love your avatar!

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    2. Kamii


      I hope you enjoy it~ It's the first anime you've watched though? Be prepared to get hit by the feels train~

    3. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Oh yeah it already has been. I think I am starting episode 8 next.

      The only other anime thing I have seen is Arashi No Yoru Ni (One Stormy Night). And that was very emotional.

    4. Kamii


      I have watched that one a few times, it's more of a movie though~ But hey, I hope you end up enjoying Wolf's Rain a lot!

  3. I think online dating sites can work, as I've heard of people who met their special someone on them. Do they always work? Definitely not. And I refused to use them because I don't like the idea of joining a site with the intent of dating in the first place. I like to know a person first, without that intent in mind. MLP Forums almost counts as a dating site at this point anyway, so maybe I do like them~
  4. His smile, that was the first thing I could think of~ Same question.
  5. No, someone can cheat once in a relationship and never cheat again in other relationship/s, but I don't condone it. Are you going to watch the Sonic movie on Valentine's day next year?
  6. Depends on the couple, really. If both people are comfortable talking about these things with each other, then they may as well. Although, I'd say you should wait a few months (6 months to year) at least before even thinking about these things, since a lot of relationships don't last that long. But if you think your SO really is the one and you both want to talk about the future, go ahead~ What is a great movie to watch on a date?
  7. Neither of our countries celebrate Thanksgiving But I'll pass the question to other Americans/Canadians who might~ Same question.
  8. Not that I know of just yet~ How do you know your relationship is healthy?
  9. Kamii has been my online nickname for a long time now. I believe I came up with it when I was creating a Youtube account and I was obsessed with Okami at the moment. I decided to keep the "kami" part of it and added the extra 'i' because it was cute (?)
  10. He speaks Icelandic and I speak Portuguese~ As for the current question, it's kind of strange but.. after I told him my feelings for him, he told me his and we just came to the mutual agreement to date each other without actually asking... @Alastor correct me if I'm wrong~ ^w^'' Do you know what you'll be giving your SO for Christmas (if anything) this year?
  11. This song has such a wonderful tune <3 9/10 from me~
  12. Nope, he speaks a Germanic language and I a Romance one. Same question~
  13. Emotionally? Extremely so. Physically? Not at all. Soon enough we will be though :3 Same question~
  14. 482'711, we're still not halfway~
  15. Yes, but not much. I have few friends and no friend group except for my online friends. Honestly, I like it better this way. I don't like hanging out with too many people at the same time, so hanging out with 1-3 friends at one time is best for me~