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  1. Hai! I made a DnB song recently but I don't know what to think about it because it's quite unusual to me. Thoughts? Thanks ;w;
  2. Happy birthday! ^o^ Hope you have a great time~ ^.~

  3. "Nose bag" My sides launched into orbit after reading that XD. Thanks for the laugh I really needed it.
  4. Nope, you got this one as well.
  5. I should be studying for physics, maths, English and computing. But the internet needs me.
  6. I've went from being lazy asshole to being an even lazier asshole.
  7. Any sort of death metal kills my brain cells. My IQ also drops by like 50 points while I listen to it.
  8. It isn't very likely but it does happen considering the amount of stars there are in the universe. It's almost a mathematical certainty that alien life exists on other planets somewhere else in the universe (There's been evidence of advanced life forms being 200 lightyears from us from the WOW signal). Lets say you have a trillion bowls and in each bowl there are coins for each factor needed for life, if you shake every bowl at once I guarantee there will be at least one bowl with every coin turned positively. You need to factor in the sheer size of the universe and the amount of bodies within it. Coded systems are not equal to the brain at all, they deal in 1's and 0's (binary), we don't. It isn't a good analogy to start with. Also the part you said about the random chance is actually billions of years worth of evolution and adaptation. The eye used to be a cup shape only able to identify if it was night or day, ever since that time it has curved over to form the pinhole camera type eye that we have today. There are many different stages of this seen in nature today such as the detail seen with the eye of a hawk or the simple light detectors worms have. The human brain is not actually faster than a CPU however it is extremely dense with neurons allowing us to store a lot of information. "The God Delusion" by Professor Richard Dawkins explains a lot more of these things in detail. I recommend it. Omnipotent beings can easily be contradicted, for example: If god is omnipotent and can do anything at any time, he should be able to create a boulder so heavy he can't lift it. If he can't lift it then that is something he can't do therefore he is not omnipotent. If he is not omnipotent then that means he can't really do any godlike stuff. This would also means he would be able to delete himself out of existence but that wouldn't make any realistic sense. *Mind blown*
  9. I have a really thick Scottish accent (Not the fakeass accent from braveheart) and people can't understand a thing I say unless I talk in a less harsh manner Quite entertaining.
  10. Now that you mention it I have a HUGE crush on Fluttershy.
  11. I never got taught about any sort of religion when I was younger, and I didn't know it even existed. Then when I started going to school sometimes in assembly we had a church minister come in and teach us about the bible and all that jazz. I remember coming home and really thinking about it but none of the story made any sense to me (mainly because I watched hours and hours and hours of documentaries on the sciences). And from that time on I've had 100% atheistic beliefs. I don't have a problem if anyone is religious though, just to make that clear. Also *Tips fedora*.
  12. Babs' cutie mark has a lot of room for jokes if you know what I mean. Also what the hell was up with SB's voice?
  13. In the mane 6 my vote goes to Rarity. In the options of recurring characters I would say Granny Smith.