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    I'm totally random in all aspects. from interests, to personality. obviously, i'm a total brony, or as i prefer, "pega-sister", i'm a fashionista/designer, i love to sing at random moments, i adore reading, and so much more about me is what i would call interesting :)

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  1. I haven't been on in forever!! what did I miss?

    1. SkullcandyPegasus


      100th episode controversy, general activity, me joining (and i'm most awesome)

  2. So very tired. Wish my sister wasn't an unreasonable slavedriver. but what can i do?

    1. PROJECT: Simon

      PROJECT: Simon

      So.. she's using you as her slave you mean?

  3. They REALLY need to invent a sewing machine that tells you when the bobbin is empty rather than make you sew a whole long line only to find out the darn thing ran out of thread back when YOU FIRST STARTED THE LAST PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. PROJECT: Simon

      PROJECT: Simon

      You sound like Pinkie Pie xD

      I agree too.

    2. BijouGem


      Aww!! that's so sweet! thank you

  4. You know how they say that you should enjoy the little things in life? Well in my case they're what help kee me sane in day to day life LOL. My little things are: Movies Books Music Sewing Knitting Cosmo (my cat) MLP Forums Fashion Design And the list goes on. I suppose the little things in life are what keep you going. Something to look forward to every day when you wake up. They might seem silly to other people but they're important to us. What are your little things?
  5. why is it impossible to get help from a good samaritan anymore?

    1. Dewdlz


      It's my theory that people have become too satisfied or occupied with their lives to help. I try to help when I can but I often don't feel welcomed when doing so. Like now, I'm afraid to post this but I'm going to.

    2. BijouGem


      oh please do. no one ever replies to my statuses. here or facebook. i welcome it.

  6. i am famous for 2 things. riding an orange 1978 moped and getting regular headaches

  7. Sooooooooo Tired!!!! would rather be anywhere but where I am right now :(

  8. I don't think it's that Luna (my favorite princess) doesn't like twilight. I think it's just because out of all the princesses she's the most serious and stoic. I think her behavior in the crystal empire episode was yes out of concern for twilight abilites, but not because she didn't have faith in her, more because this mission was 100 time bigger and more imperative than anything she's encountered before then and was worried about how well she could bare it. as for their other encounters, again i think it's just due to how serious she is. that's all. not because she doesn't like twilight. after all how could she? without her, princess luna would never have learned how to adjust to being back home or that her subjects do indeed like her as much as her sister.
  9. that's a good way of looking at it we got to see a new side of sunset shimmer so we gotta see where she leads us
  10. and we're all entitled to an opinion. nice to meet someone opposed to the idea. was wondering just how many of you are around
  11. if 2 worlds collide like that then things would really get nuts I suppose time will tell. and it's up to the media people now
  12. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I'm supposed to get pics on my page?!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BijouGem
    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      You're welcome X) and if you have more questions you can always message me ! X) I try my best to help!

    4. BijouGem


      aww! you're sweet

  13. According to Equestria Daily, there's going to be an official Equ. Girls tv show in the near future in part of Europe before long. It's possible that it'll reach the US as well. While I am personally still very much committed to the ponies we all know and love, I think that it's only natural that the MLP world should evolve into something totally new and never been done before. After all, my little pony itself has been around for how long and no one has thought of humanizing them? Never thought it would happen in my generation. I personally am curious about what a whole show around the human ponies will be like. If it does make the US, I'd love to see what they've got. Especially after seeing that little skit at the end of Rainbow Rocks. That's a hint if I ever saw one! Thank you for reading.
  14. Who knew that the inner workings of a forum website would be complicated lol

    1. hariyaMakusu2
    2. BijouGem


      I'm just still new. i'll figure it out eventually :D

  15. Who else loses it when they watch that Snowdrop film? I know I'm not the only one who's seen it ;)

    1. GammaDove


      I still can't watch that without crying, I had a mini meltdown the first time I watched it.

    2. BijouGem


      i know right! i watched it just 5 min ago, and i'm still crying like a fool