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  1. MLPF Reacters Needed

    Yeah guys, you can even invite people who aren't even on the forums, so if you have people who may be interested in this, be sure to tell them.
  2. Would you boop the avatar above you?

    Boopy boopy boop. (Image from derpibooru)
  3. I will be happy to make an intro/outro for your channel. PM me if you're interested.
  4. Would you boop the avatar above you?

    Might as well!
  5. i really need to get my sleeping pattern back in order

  6. Animation Do you like The Simpsons?

    I haven't really watched the new season that much, but I do like Simpsons. I do prefer the older seasons, though.
  7. youtube editors

    I am willing to help you out with editing, for free, I have no problem with that. PM me if you want me to help you.
  8. A Good Video Editor Program?

    I use Premiere Pro. I have been using it for years, and I am pretty familiar with it. If you do need someone to edit, just PM me and I will be happy to help you.
  9. yay! school is out for me till february!

    1. leonbrony17


      Wtf you lucky lucky man. Let's switch our lifes?

  10. Movies/TV What is your favorite TV show (excluding MLP)

    SImpsons, Family Guy, South Park, but my absolute favorite at the moment would have to be The Goldbergs (a show about childhood in the 80s ftw!).
  11. No, pony, you are NOT welcome in my house!

    Well if it was a figure on its own, then I would not buy it. If it was in a playset with another pony I like, I'd buy it, but f someone gifted me a pony figure I did not like, I'd keep it because I don't want to seem ungrateful.
  12. Hello everyone! I want to start a YouTube channel dedicated to MLP and I need help for one of the videos I want to do! I want to do fanfiction readings and I am not a great voice actor for any characters (except Big Mac and Maud, but that's about it ). For my first fanfiction reading, I want to do a fanfiction, which is simply called Mommy by fluttercord4ever, you can read it here: Here is what voices I need for the reading: Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Applejack Rarity Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Apple Bloom Lighten Flame For this pony, sound like a strong and tough man as he is depicted in this fanfiction as an abusive husband to Fluttershy. So if you want to show off your voice acting skills, try out for a role here! For auditioning, go to this link to read a few lines from the fanfic: are done, record it and PM me it (if you can't i will give you my email address in the PM). Good luck!
  13. S06:E24 - Top Bolt

    Good episode, I liked the characters, the plotline and the message at the end. An easy 6/10.
  14. Yeah, I'm interested in this as well. Count me in!