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    I was cyber bullied a few mins ago it was on Spinchat and yes I reported him and two others...
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  14. The Story of James The Unicorn, Equestria's Visitor (hopefully to be made into a fan-made series named 'Welcome to Equestria" Also, please do not criticize my fanfiction for any grammar or spelling. I am making this story on the fly in the middle of my busy schedule. just read this with an open mind and open heart!) James' note: I was never one to fit in, I’ve always been different from the other guys. Most guys try to find a girlfriend, and usually try to show off their muscles, be the centre of attention. That’s not me, though. I spend time with the girls and I enjoy fashion and things like that; no, I am not gay, like you might be thinking, I just enjoy different things in life. Everyone should, in my opinion. Well, anyways, I guess I can try to start fresh this school year. The Crystal Academy was great, but Canterlot High should still be nice. Prologue: It's a new day at my new school, and I felt a little anxious about starting now. Not that I was excited, but just the opposite, I was extremely nervous! It was my first day at Canterlot High, just after transferring from Crystal Academy, which really was an awesome school. Few bullies, lots of great girls, cool guys, and fun teachers. I fit in so well, and I was popular around the school, excluding the few jocks that loved to try and break me, but I always had friends to support me. This school is different, though. I have no friends at Canterlot High, so I’m an easy target... I shouldn't give up so easily, though. I just need to take a leap of faith and hope I can find someone to befriend quickly. I breathed in, my chest aching lightly, as if I completely forgot to breathe on the way there, and I nod to myself "Let's do this." I fixed my black over shirt and fix my red and white hat, then step in through the entrance. The cold air of the building blasted into my face, and my over shirt flared out behind my back from the gust of air that escaped the doorway. Right away, the school was beautiful to me. The walls and ceiling were bright and colorful, the trophy cases lining the halls were all giving a radiant glow, and the hallway was already filling with some kids. I smile and step through the halls, looking for my first classroom. "102... 103... 104, math." one of my favorite subjects, that’s great! I walked in and saw that some kids were already seated, some were in the back listening to music, and gathering around one girl with a pair of blue headphones and glasses, I think they are fuchsia. She was obviously sharing her music with the crowd and from the distance I could hear the bass of her music. "Wow, that’s awesome music," I decide not to join, however, because the crowd was big and I didn’t think it was wise to start in a big crowd. I looked around more and saw one seat was open beside a girl with rainbow hair, and another girl with purple hair... I took a deep breath and sat in the seat. "Hey, you’re the new kid, huh?" I realize the rainbow haired girl was talking to me and I nodded "yeah, I just transferred from Crystal Academy." great, what have I just done?! "Crystal academy? Isn’t that place a little high-end?" I shrugged "I was lucky enough to get a scholarship, but I couldn’t keep up this year, so I had to go somewhere else for now." "DID YOU SAY CRYSTAL ACCADEMY?!" the girl with purple hair was sitting on my other side, and seeing how wide her blue eyes were, she was obviously interested in the topic. "yeah, I was there my first two years"; "I’ve heard so many stories about that school and I hear it’s one of the finer places to go!" I guess my luck hasn't failed me after all. Someone actually likes my old school! "haha, it is really nice, I’ll tell you about it later if you want." she smiled with a gasp, "please do!", I laugh a little and saw her dress "wow, I’ve never seen this kind of dress before, I like it." she looked down, "this old thing? it was just something I threw together myself"; "you made that?!"; "of course! it's not too hard, really. Just a silk skirt with-"; "French-style edges and violet stitches that blend but give it an eye-catching detail" the rainbow haired girl face planted her face into the desk mumbling something about 'dress talk'. "My, my, don’t you know your way around a dress?" I blushed a little "I’ve spent some time with girls and I picked up some stuff overtime." the purple haired one smiled, "finally, a boy who understands a thing or two about fashion. My name's Rarity, and that’s Rainbow Dash over there." "Sup" Rainbow Dash said while still face down on the desk; "nice to meet you both. My name's James." I couldn't believe how smoothly that went, but then four more girls came in. Another purple haired girl with pink highlights, a girl with a long blonde ponytail, a girl with pink, wild hair and a huge grin on her face and a girl with pink hair who immediately saw me and looked away so her hair would block me. “Hey, Rainbow, hey Rarity, who's the new kid?" "Hey, Twilight. This is James, he seems cool, but apparently likes the stuff Rarity likes; what guy does that?!" Twilight nodded and shook my hand "its nice to meet you, James!"; "Nice to meet you too, Twilight." The first pink haired girl saw me and jumped up screaming "NEW CLASSMATE!!!"; "Pinkie Pie, settle down, this here kid needs a proper greeting!"; "Sorry, Applejack! HI! I’m pinkie pie! I’m so glad to meet you! Where are you from?! What’s your favorite food?! FAVORITE MUSIC?! FAVORITE ANIMAL?! FAVORITE PARTY?! FAVORITE-", she was pulled away by Applejack and I couldn’t help but laugh," it's really nice to meet you all," twilight looked over to the other pink haired girl "Fluttershy? Don’t you want to say hi?" she looked over and stared for a second before walking over and slowly extending her hand "u-um, hello... my name's... Fluttershy" I smiled and took her hand, "James, its nice to meet you," as I look into her soft blue-green eyes, my heart almost leapt out of nowhere... I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes... I shook my head and finished shaking, realizing I was about to seem creepy. Fluttershy saw how I acted and giggled a little, and then took a seat with the rest of the girls. It looks like I’ve already made 6 new friends in one class, maybe I’ll have a shot in this school after all! The bell rang and I started walking to my next class, while putting on my headphones to listen to my music, when i bumped into the girl with blue hair and fuchsia glasses. The impact caused me to drop my headphones, which were still playing. The girl was kind enough to pick them up, but first she tried them on and listened... then she handed me the headphones with a grin "awesome wubs, dude!" Wubs...? "Thanks, dubstep is one of my favorite genres, but its hard to find good dubstep songs nowadays." her glasses flashed and she smirked "c'mon down to room 200 after school, and I’ll show you my own work!"; "Thanks! I will!" We proceeded to the next class, talking about music; even her friend with black hair and a cello in tow joined the conversation. I was actually making friends left and right! This was amazing! Chapter 1: There's Always A Catch. Its the end of the day, and I’ve made a lot of friends, mostly girls though, I probably should get a guy to hang out with... but these girls are more relatable to me for some reason... I don’t know. It’s time I head toward room 200 to meet up with Vinyl. I walk half way, but find myself at a dead end. "Ugh, I got lost?!" "hey." I turn around and find three big guys in my path. One wearing a black over shirt like mine, but with a pair of blue glasses, one wearing a red flannel shirt and blue jeans. And the middle is a kid with a blue jacket and fiery red hair. The fire haired kid stepped forward and the other two followed. "You the new kid?" "Yeah, James, I’m a transfer student." the blue haired guy pouts "and ya think just because you’re a transfer student you have the right to come in and start hitting on my girl?!" the big one in jeans pouts as well "eeyup, and my sister too?" "The name's Flash Sentry, that’s Big Macintosh and Neon Lights, and you were just hitting on my crush, Twilight!" "h-hey, wait a minute! I was just trying to make some friends here! I didn’t know they were your girls!" "Hey, I saw the way you looked at Vinyl, you obviously had a thing for her!" "eeyup, and nobody hits on my sister without my approval!" I see the guys step forward and I grip my backpack's handle, "I didn’t want to do this... but I guess I have to." I swiftly swing myself full circle, and fling my heavy bag into Flash Sentry, who gets pushed into Big Macintosh, meanwhile, I swiftly run past Neon Lights and make a run through the school. "Don’t just stand there, Neon, GET HIM! you too Big Mac!" I ran even faster, my legs feeling like they were barely catching up with the rest of my body because I was running so fast. "Get back here!" Great, looks like I already lost popularity with the guys- "OGH!" I bumped into someone and fell back "ah!" "oh, I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to-"; "That's alright, child, you just weren’t looking where you were going." I looked up to see that I had bumped into a tall woman with deep blue hair and a business style dress on. I think she was the vice principal. "Get back here!" The three boys ran by and suddenly stopped "v-vice principal Luna!" I was correct! "Were you three boys chasing after this kid? You should know better than to pick on the transfer student!" "s-s-sorry, vice principal, b-but-"; "now go before I start calling up your parents!" Without hesitation the three guys ran down the hall in fear. "Thank you, vice Principal Luna; I really needed the help back there." "She smiled and pat my shoulder, "if anyone's giving you anymore trouble, just come tell me, okay?"; "I’ll keep that in mind, thank you very much!" I walked off, taking a deep breath of relief. I might not have to worry about them after all. I stepped out the door to the afternoon sun and the cool breeze of the late autumn. It was a refreshing experience after all that running. I stepped down the steps and walk up to check out the equine statue in the front of the school, the front of the statue was bright and reflective, I could see my cafe, crystal clear in it. my black hair hidden under my red and white, beanie-like cap, my black over shirt waving in the breeze, my red eyes staring back at me, and my hand which was placed on the smooth, cold surface. I enjoyed seeing myself in this mirror... which was more than I can say for seeing Flash Sentry, Neon Lights, and Big Macintosh, walking up to me from behind! "There you are!" I swung around, only to find Flash Sentry grabbing me by my soft black over shirt. "I’m not done with you, yet, newbie!" I struggled, and got myself out of my over shirt, backing up into the statue. "Hey! I thought you got over it!" I wanted to call for Luna, but I knew she wasn’t able to hear me. All I could do now, was look up into the sky... wait... stars...? There are three stars in the sky around the moon, but it's in the middle of the day! What’s going on?! "No way, newbie, my friends and I are going to teach you what happens when you mess with our girls! ... and his sister." "eeyup!"’ "Let’s do this, already!" They stepped forward and I pressed my back against the statue, but it slowly felt warmer and warmer. "What the-..." The surface behind my back suddenly turned into thin air and I felt my body fall backwards through the statue! I screamed in surprise and spun around a little, my eyes clamped shut and my body curled up like an armadillo. But soon I opened my eyes and saw something truly amazing... I looked around at where I was, and saw myself floating through some sort of space, which was filled with colors and shapes. It was an entrancing sight, and I found myself somewhat hypnotized, but soon I passed out from the shock. That was my last memory of the world I came from. Chapter 2: Where Am I? I woke up slowly and looked around. I was in a dark castle ruin of some sort. It was empty, and the structure was rather aged, but it was somehow kept in good condition. Someone obviously took care of it lately. I went to rub my face, but I felt something in my face. It was not a hand, or any fingers... It was hard, and flat, and it banged my eye a little hard. "ow!" I opened my eye and saw a red hoof of some form in my face. "what?" I looked at it and followed it slowly down to find that the top of the leg was right where my shoulder should be. "what the?!" I rolled onto my feet, and stood up, but suddenly fell forward on all fours. "th-this isn’t right...!" I looked around and found a bucket full of water. I stumbled up to it and looked down into it to see a red unicorn with deep ruby red eyes and a long black mane, wearing my hat somehow, staring right back at me! I stared at my reflection for what felt like hours, my heart stopped as my jaw hung open. I was completely in shock to find myself like this. I’m not a human anymore! I’m a horse! Not even a horse, I’m something smaller. I’m just a pony! I finally took a breath, my lungs aching exactly like they had hours ago when I was just attending school. It was a complete shock that everything has suddenly turned upside down on me. I didn’t know where I was, what I was doing here, or how I could possibly get back. either way, when I finally got my thoughts together, I knew one thing was certain. I lost the bullies. that was one strike of luck. And hopefully, I would be able to find some method of returning home, but for now, I had to find someone. I had to figure things out. "Let’s do this, James." I shakily got to my hooves and started walking to an exit, looking around the castle and capturing any details I could. It was an interesting castle; the statues in it were beautifully made, the tapestries were also really well made, but seemed to have been repaired and they seemed to have a strange theme of horses. It was so strange to me, but I didn’t think over it too much. I finally found the exit and walked through, only to find forest in all directions. "I guess I AM in the middle of nowhere; great." I sighed and proceeded into the forest, unsure of what I was getting myself into. Time passed slowly as I felt the soft earth give way a little with each hoof fall I made. the trees were full and so many strange noises surrounded me that I began questioning what was real and what was just my mind playing tricks on me. saw a silhouette in front of me in the distance, moving up and down quickly, approaching me a little quickly. I stopped and let it get closer. it was another pony! one with wild pink hair, and light blue eyes, and a pink coat. She had a big grin on her face, but it disappeared and she stopped right in front of me, we were face to face and I was a little confused of what was happening. "... uh... hello...?" I couldn’t come up with anything else before she leapt up and gave a loud gasp, then stormed away in the other direction. "what was that about?" I proceeded forward and looked around. more green, more noises... but something caught my eye. What was that shiny thing? I walked over to a spot below a tree and saw an orange egg with a sun pattern on it. The egg had a bright luster and it was not cracked or damaged at all! It looked round and there were no birds to find it... I managed to get my hat off, and rolled the egg into the plush material. I then carefully stuck my hat back on, my red horn sticking through the forehead of it, keeping the egg safe and sound. When I turned around I found the pink pony in my face, with a big smile and wide eyes. Behind her I saw some kind of pink wagon with hearts and other decorations. "HI! I'M PINKIE PIE!" Pinkie Pie? but wasn’t she a human last I checked? "and this is my welcome wagon, JUST FOR YOU!" she lifted her hind hoof and kicked the wagon, opening it up to reveal some complex instruments, pipes, and some sort of oven. "Welcome, welcome, welcome! because I know you're new! Welcome wagon welcome! a welcome just for you!" the pipes shot some brown stuff into the sky and that brown substance landed all over me, then the oven dinged and an explosion of confetti blast right into my face, leaving me coated in it like a piñata. Pinkie Pie giggled "OOPS! I must have put the cake batter in the confetti cannons, and the confetti in the oven... AGAIN!" I stared at her for a moment, taking in what happened, but after a good minute of staring, I cracked a smile and started laughing. I was still a mess, but that was so fun that I didn't really care! I just laughed and couldn’t stop laughing! "haha, I haven’t had a good laugh like that in such a long time! Thank you, pinkie pie!" "Teehee, you’re welcome!" I finally took a deep breath and looked back up "how did you know I was new here?" "well, I haven’t seen you before in Ponyville, and I know everypony in Ponyville! So if I haven’t seen you, then you must be new!" I watched her in surprise as she kept talking. I know she's not the pinkie pie I recognized, but she was somehow eerily familiar. it was like a pony giving me a case of déjà vu! "WELL?! Are we just going to stand here or are we going to go to Ponyville!?" "Ponyville...? Where is that?" "This way! C'mon!!!" She bounced off down a path and I stood there for a moment in confusion, then I followed her down the same path. That path lead to the exit of the forest! That was a relief, because the forest was starting to freak me out. We walked over a small bridge and I began to see a village appear ahead of us. It was big, colorful, and rather beautiful, but there were no people, only ponies. Ponyville... it was an amazing sight to see! Chapter 3: lessons from a princess. It took me a while to realize that Pinkie Pie was poking me in the face to get my attention. I snapped out of the trance that I was in from looking at the little village and turn to face Pinkie. "It’s amazing!" "I know right! Hey! Wanna see Twilight's castle next?!" Twilight? as in Twilight Sparkle? "Uh... okay, that sounds-" before I could finish my words, Pinkie somehow grabbed me with her hoof and dragged me down the road, leading me to a tall, tree house-shaped castle, which appeared to me made out of crystal. Pinkie lead me through the front entrance and brought me down a hallway. "TWILIGHT!!! ANYPONY HOME!?" a little after pinkie called for her, a purple unicorn with wings poked her head out of a room and looked over with a smile. I believe it was called an alicorn. "Oh, hello, Pinkie! I was just reorganizing the library. Please come in!" Pinkie walked in with a spring in her step and I followed behind her, out of curiosity. "Oh, hello! My name is Twilight Sparkle-" Pinkie interrupted with an excited whisper. "SHE'S AN ALICORN PRINCESS!!!" "Twilight laughed a little. “It’s not that big a deal, Pinkie. So what's your name?" I smiled a little and noded my head out of respect for her being a princess. "My name's James." "James? That’s an interesting name." Pinkie and Twilight exchanged looks of confusion. "Yeah, I don’t think I’ve heard of a name like that before..." was my name really that odd? I didn't think it was strange until now. "o-oh... I see..." Twilight looked over to see my head lower a little in sadness.”... Hey, James, don't feel bad about it. Your name is just part of what makes you unique, you should feel proud of it!" pinkie nodded her head with incredible speed and smiled wide. "Yeah! It’s what makes you, YOU!" I looked up and smiled a little, feeling better about the girls' support for me. I was basically a stranger to them, but they still cared that much about me, it was an amazing experience! "Thank you, both... that really helped...!" Twilight nodded and looked at pinkie. "Well, on another note, I have a lot more to do with these books, and I could really use an extra set of hooves. Can you both take the time to help me out?"; "sure, twilight!" Pinkie immediately hopped up high and landed in a pile of books and scrolls, as if it were a pool of water. I laughed and nodded in agreement. "Alright, I can help!" I smiled and walked over to a pile. I started messing with the pile with my hooves, trying to pick up any books I could, but with no success, only succeeding in making me fall over a lot. Pinkie and Twilight look at each other and Pinkie started whispering. "If he's a unicorn, why isn't he using his magic?"; "I don’t know. It's as if he doesn’t know anything about his magic at all!" I suddenly stopped messing with the pile and found a light blue book with a horseshoe design on it. I starred at it, remembering that I saw it before, somewhere. I suddenly gasped as I realized it was identical to the book Vinyl Scratch was holding when I was at school! I immediately reached forward and bit the book, since that was the best way I could grab it. When Twilight realized what book I grabbed she gasped and ran toward me. "NO! Not that book!" Pinkie shrugged and laid back, doing the backstroke in the pile of books. "This is a Canterlot high yearbook?!" I set it down and clumsily opened it up, but Twilight used her magic to lift it up and get it away from me. But then she suddenly processed what I just said and widened her eyes. "Y-you know about Canterlot high?!" I nodded "I went to that school... at least, that is, until I wound up here."; "What?! That means you were-"; “Yeah. Two arms, two legs, all ten fingers and everything."; "b-but how did you wind up in Equestria?!"; "Equestria? That’s what this place is called?"; "Yes, this is the magical land of Equestria, where unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies live in peace and harmony."; "Wow, this world it a lot different from back home. I was bullied a lot, and last I remember, I was backed into the statue out in the court yard by some bullies. I fell through the statue suddenly and woke up here in Equestria. I guess I got extremely lucky at that moment."; "So you don't know anything about magic?" I looked down at the yearbook and started flipping through the pages. "No, nothing at all."; "Well, my special talent is magic, so I can teach you everything you would need to know!" she used her magic to bring a few books about magic over to us." I used these books to learn magic when I was just a filly, so-"; "is this you?" she looks down to see that the yearbook is open to a picture of her, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. She smiled and nodded. "Yes, and those are my friends."; "Yeah, they're my friends, too. Equestria is nothing like my home, but..."; "It’s almost the same as the other world, isn't it?" I nodded "yeah... well, let's get started with my lessons, right away!" I smiled and Twilight opened the first book. "Here’s the most important step in performing magic. You need to focus on your horn and whatever your desired action is. So, let's start with a little practice! Try picking up a book!" I nodded and took a deep breath. Then looked at the yearbook and stared at it. I took a deep breath and started to focus my thoughts. Nothing happened at first, but then I saw the book begin to lift off of the floor! It was amazing to know I was causing this to happen, but when I started to think about the excitement, the book fell onto the floor. “I-I did that!?" Twilight smiled and giggled a little. "Yes you did, but you have a lot more to learn!" chapter 4: what a lady likes! It felt like hours of learning, and while it was all confusing at first, I finally learned everything I needed, not just about magic, but also about where I was, how I got there, and the basic understanding of Equestria. I thanked Twilight for the lessons and went to explore the rest of Ponyville. Wandering around, I saw so many ponies with a smile upon their faces and none of them were arguing or fighting with each other. I decided that I either was here on an extremely good day, or this place was as good as Twilight said it was! I walked up to a building that looked like a carousel. It had dresses in the windows and they were all really well made. I also saw a white unicorn with purple hair. Was it Rarity? I walked in out of curiosity. Immediately I saw many dresses made for mares. It was obviously not a store many stallions would wander into. "A stallion?" I looked over to see the white unicorn approaching. "Welcome to Rarity's carousel boutique! Where everything is neat, chique, and magnifique!", "Well, looking around at these dresses, you’re right about that. Did you design all these dresses?" Rarity smiled and flipped her mane a little. "Why, yes! I am the best designer in all of Ponyville! Are you here to buy a dress for a special somepony?" I looked around taking a second to figure out what she meant. Did she mean a girlfriend? That was an easy question, I don’t have one at all. I looked back to her and shook my head. "Uh, no. I don't have a 'special somepony', I just came in to take a look around." Rarity tilted her head. "Oh? It’s rather unusual to see a stallion come in here just waltz into a boutique just to window shop."; "Well, consider me unusual I guess. I just saw the dresses outside and wanted to see what else was in here... I see you have a lot of great work with gemstones! They really catch the eye and add radiance to the dresses!"; "Why, yes! Thank you! It’s nice to know some stallions around here know a thing or two about what a lady likes!" I laughed and walked down her line, then stopped to find a simple white dress on a mare mannequin. Next to it sat a box of sapphires. Sapphires were always my favorite gem because of their deep, rich color and soothing glow. I looked back at Rarity immediately. "Is this your work in progress?"; "Yes, dear. This was supposed to be a dress for my friend Sapphire Shores, the pony diva, but I can't seem to get any inspiration today! I’ll have to figure out something and fast before-!" Almost as if on queue, the door opened and Rarity swung around and trotted away nervously. "I’ll be right back, sweetie. Please don't touch anything." she went back to the entrance and composed herself. "Welcome to rarity's carousel boutique, where everything is neat, chique, and-" "MAGNIFIQUE! How's it going' Rarity dear!" "SAPPHIRE SHORES!? B-But, I thought you were going to be here at the end of the week!" I wasn't watching the events unfolding in the front of the shop, instead I was staring at the dress as something was striking me, but I needed to put it together...! "I know, but I wanted to see how my new dress was coming along!" I looked at the box of gems and then looked outside. I saw the wind suddenly carry off a leaf past a window. The leaf twisted and flipped in a little pattern... that was it! "o-oh, yes! Your new dress! How could I forget, haha, silly me!" I saw some adhesive for the gems and used my new magic skills to lift it up. I gently brushed a smooth and curly pattern onto the white dress and then lifted two sapphires from the box gently..., this won't sound good at all. "You are working on it, aren't you?" rarity stepped back and looked around nervously to find some distraction they could focus on. I pressed the sapphires together and started to rub them against each other. The noise they gave off filled the room, and made the mares cringe in surprise and fear. I found myself in a little pain from the noise, but I knew I had to do this. as the gems ground against each other I collected the blue dust that came from the both of them. "AH! Rarity, what is that AWEFUL noise!?" "I-I'm not sure! But it's really painful!" once the gems were nothing more than dust, I aimed the dust at the dress and blew gently against the pile. My wind sent the blue, reflective dust flying, and it all landed on the dress. Rarity started approaching where I was, as this was going on. "YOU! What did you?!" I look back after shaking the dress off a little and gasped. "I-I’m sorry, Rarity! I-I just-!" I went quiet as I realized I just destroyed two of her gems, and messed with her project without permission! I set the dress back on the mannequin and ran past her, looking away in shame. However, if I had not left the boutique, I would have been around long enough to hear Sapphire Shores gasp at the dress, saying "DARLING, I LOVE IT! This dress will be perfect for my new song 'light in the wind!' you did a fine job, Rarity!" only Rarity was not so much angry as surprised! "I... but-he... you... love it?!" I had done Rarity a favor and hadn’t even realized it! My own inspiration got the better of me and that action saved Rarity's career! I guess I was in the right place at the right time. chapter 5: just an interloper? It was getting late and he sun was setting over Ponyville. It was an interesting day, and I knew all the ponies were going home and getting to bed by now. I found myself yawning a little and I knew I was going to have to rest up somewhere. I went to find an inn, but everywhere I went they were asking for bits. I didn’t have any bits to my name, so I knew I had to find somewhere else. a lot of time went by and nowhere in the village would let me stay a night for nothing, so I had to make due. I walked out of the village and went toward the entrance to the forest. There was a large tree near the entrance that had plenty of leaves, so it provided a good cover. I knew I didn’t have any other options, so I decided to take what I could get. I walked up to the tree and gently laid down. The grass was soft, thankfully, so it was not a complete problem for me. I looked up at the stars and stared for a while. The stars brighter than I have ever seen them before. It was an awe-inspiring sight and it made my heart slow. The moon was nearly full and filled the sky with light. It brought to mind a song my mother sang when I was a toddler. It’s been years since I last heard it, but this sight brought feint memories to mind. "Sleep tight my darling, don't fear the dark of night. The moon and stars are out to bring you light. Though they're so far, I swear with all my might. They might be worlds apart, but they'll protect you from fear and fright." I sighed a little, feeling both comforted but also a little embarrassed that I could remember that corny little tune. I don't know how long I stared up at the stars that night, but eventually, I passed out and fell dead asleep. My sleep was alright, but the dream made it a little restless. I was dreaming about the moment I fell through to Equestria, scene by scene. But it was not the event that was restless, but rather the fact that I felt a presence observing me in the dream. It made me uneasy and I didn't know what it was that made me feel this way, but something was out of the ordinary. In the end that did not matter, though. I woke up the nest morning with a full night's sleep and just in time to see the sun rising to start a new day. "Hmm, who do we have here?" I looked around to see who just said that, then looked up. I saw some strange creature staring at me with a devious grin. He had a goat's head, snake body, lion's paw, and all sorts of other animal parts that composed his body. The sight of him caused me to jump in surprise and back up in a little fear. "WH-what are you?!"; "Well what a coincidence, I was going to ask you the same thing!" he laughed and snaked back behind all the leaves. "You are obviously a unicorn, but you are certainly no equestrian" he suddenly appeared as a miniature of himself and stepped out from under my hat. "Your mane does not hold the fragrance of Equestria, and..." he flew up above me, lifted my hat off my head and grew back to his normal size, holding my hat with both of his hands. "... You don’t have a very equestrian taste of fashion." after saying that he flattened the white top of my hat and blew into it like a tissue, then threw it to the ground. Hearing the thud of the egg I kept inside my hat, I immediately lunged to the hat and looked inside to make sure it didn't crack. Luckily the hat provided enough padding to prevent anything that unfortunate. "I know I might not be an equestrian, but that doesn’t mean I can't be one." he laughed a rather eerie laugh and I backed up in a bit of intimidation. "You think you can be an equestrian, but once they know you are not, no pony will really accept you as one. And to that, I wish you good luck... interloper." he laughed again before flying back into the forest. "I-interloper...? Am I really an interloper? How will all these ponies react if they heard about this...?" I sat down and looked at the ground, thinking over this whole encounter. He was a particularly weird creature, and could have been a simple figment of my imagination. But even if he was, the point was still the same. I didn't belong in Equestria, and the others would agree. "HEY! KID! Ya new here?" I looked around, then looked up to see a blue Pegasus with rainbow hair, standing on a cloud, staring at me. She must have been this world's Rainbow Dash. chapter 6: suspicion. "Well? Aren’t ya going to answer?" the Pegasus hopped off of the cloud and landed on the ground in front of me. "U-uh, yeah. I’m new here." "Sup? I’m Rainbow Dash. The best flyer to graduate from Cloudsdale!" Cloudsdale? Oh, never mind that. "Nice to meet you, Rainbow Dash. My name's James, and I just got here, you see-" "James? Huh. That’s an odd name... where are ya from?" on no! What do I say? I don't know any places in Equestria, and if I say Ponyville she would know better. What should I say?! "U-uh... I’m just... not from around here." "Well, duh! But where? Why are you not telling me?!" I backed up in a little panic as she stepped closer to me. "Well?!" I was not sure what to do or say. It was all too much for me to deal with! I eventually turned and ran away from her. "Hey! I'm not finished with you!" I ran toward an apple orchard and hid under the trees. The Pegasus followed me, but soon lost me. She eventually flew away, leaving me in the clear. I let out a relieved sigh and started to wander the orchard. Unfortunately, after wandering the orchard for several hours, I found myself lost in the field! "Great start to a day. What next??" Almost on queue, my stomach growled and I realized I didn't have any food since I got to Equestria. I looked up and saw the trees were full of ripe apples. There was just one problem, however. "How do I get them down?" I stared at the apple tree for a moment, suddenly remembering my magic. However before I was able to concentrate, three ponies ran up to the tree. a large red stallion and orange mare took places on opposite sides of the tree, while a small gold filly ran up to the tree with a basket on her back. "Ready apples?!"; "Ready Apple Jack!"; "Eeyup!" the stallion and mare then both lifted their hind legs and alternately bucked at the tree, causing it to shake, the ripe apples soon started falling out of the tree, while the filly began circling the tree, catching all of the apples that fell off of the tree. It was an amazing sight to see, the three ponies were working together to accomplish such a task! "Woo, way to go, Big Mac!"; "Eeyup!" wait, Big Macintosh? As in the Big Macintosh that chased me down with the other guys back in Canterlot high? "Hey there, stranger! Haven’t seen you around these parts before!" the orange one smiled and tipped her hat toward me. "Yeah! What’s your name?" the little filly smiled wide and walked over to me. "Uh, James." "James, huh?" the mare titled her head "interesting name." the red stallion nodded in agreement. "Eeyup." I chuckled a little and shrug. "I-I get that a lot, really." my stomach then growled even louder and the filly stepped forward, lifting the basket on her back. "Here, James! You sound hungry!"; "Well, that's mighty kind of you, Applebloom! I’m sure he'll love an apple from our orchard!"; "Eeyup!" I smiled and took the apple with my magic. "Thank you, Applebloom. That’s very sweet of you." I took a bite of the apple, noticing how juicy, fresh, crisp, and cold it was. It was the best apple I’ve ever tasted and I was thoroughly surprised by it. "The name's Applejack, that there's my lil' sister Applebloom, and this here's our big brother, Big Macintosh!" "It’s nice to meet you all." I smiled and looked down to Applebloom. "Thanks again for the apple, Applebloom. I’ll have to return the favor sometime."; "Aw, shucks, it was nothing! It’s all part of my plan for the cutie mark crusaders good deed cutie mark!" she checked her flank but frowned to find it was still blank. "Cutie mark?" apple bloom looked back up to me. "It’s the mark that appears on a foal's flank when they discover their special talent! Me and my friends are the only ones in our class that haven’t gotten our cutie marks yet!" I looked back at my flank to see a blue ribbon with a gold medallion in the center of the ribbon. What special talent was that supposed to represent? "Wait, what the hay is going on? You were obviously confused about cutie marks, even though you have one of your own!" "Eeyup, and you haven't said where you were from either!" The mare and stallion started to approach me, while Applebloom turned around and looked up to the two. "Hey, wait! He’s obviously new to Ponyville, and y'all haven't even given him a chance!" I smiled a little when I saw Applebloom didn't care about any of that. But before the kind-hearted filly could back me up any more, Rainbow Dash flew down, almost from out of nowhere and joined applejack's side. "Found you! I still have more questions for you to answer!"; "You too, Rainbow Dash?!" Applebloom was surprised at how she was outnumbered so easily. I stepped back. "I-I'd better go... it was nice to meet you all, but I guess I’m not wanted around here, so I’ll just go..." I turned and began or run away. "b-but wait, James!"; "Applebloom, it's probably for the best that you don't get involved, lil' filly." maybe that creature's words were right all along. Those ponies were getting suspicious and that was getting me into trouble. Perhaps I should just return to the forest and find a way back to Canterlot high. That’s the place I really belonged after all." To be continued.....
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