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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. apparently i still have followers here, so another notice: if any of yall wanna talk to me or see what im up to or whatever i used to do here, go to my twitter (@alphys_hedge) or discord (Alphys Hedge#1031) since i only visit here roughly once every two months

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      it also seems that all of my account activity has been wiped, which is interesting?

      EDIT: looks like it's back now, guess it was a glitch on my mind

    2. Meemfestivefox



  3. ah yes, my yearly revisit to this site

  4. one final update to my about me

  5. and again it's been a while since i've visited here

    couple life updates i suppose if anyone still follows me for some reason:

    - i'm on level 3 of learning 60 levels of radicals, kanji, and vocabulary now, been doing it almost every day

    - i'm trying to do music again, i bought a good drum VST for FL so i'm experimenting with that

    - i think i might be genderfluid

    and i'm off once again

  6. Merry BIrthiversary! 

  7. probably last song until further notice

  8. i think ill go ahead and give up on the whole music thing

    1. Meemfestivefox
    2. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      i've run out of ideas for original music, and i just don't really feel motivation to do it anymore

  9. oshit i forgot

    happy pride month my dudes

  10. never once in my life seen ducktales, or the reboot i've heard that it's good but don't know personally
  11. oh also as of late i've been learning japanese i forgot to put that in my blog thing