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    Transgender - MTF
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    USA; Midwest
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    invest in corn
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    too many to put here jesus christ

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  1. Happy Birthday, Alphy! 🎁 

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbSmE5ZwqvE

  3. Happy birthday! :balloon: :mlp_yeehaa:

  4. also - this is my first revisit to mlpforums after G4 has ended. fuck. that's really it, huh.

    it's been years since i started watching mlp and a lot of shit has happened throughout those years, it feels so bizarre that it's actually coming to a close

    truly fun.png

  5. good screencap from my golden wind rewatch


  6. apparently i still have followers here, so another notice: if any of yall wanna talk to me or see what im up to or whatever i used to do here, go to my twitter (@alphys_hedge) or discord (Alphys Hedge#1031) since i only visit here roughly once every two months

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      it also seems that all of my account activity has been wiped, which is interesting?

      EDIT: looks like it's back now, guess it was a glitch on my mind

    2. CheeryFox
  7. ah yes, my yearly revisit to this site

  8. one final update to my about me

  9. and again it's been a while since i've visited here

    couple life updates i suppose if anyone still follows me for some reason:

    - i'm on level 3 of learning 60 levels of radicals, kanji, and vocabulary now, been doing it almost every day

    - i'm trying to do music again, i bought a good drum VST for FL so i'm experimenting with that

    - i think i might be genderfluid

    and i'm off once again

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