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  1. apparently i still have followers here, so another notice: if any of yall wanna talk to me or see what im up to or whatever i used to do here, go to my twitter (@alphys_hedge) or discord (Alphys Hedge#1031) since i only visit here roughly once every two months

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      it also seems that all of my account activity has been wiped, which is interesting?

      EDIT: looks like it's back now, guess it was a glitch on my mind

    2. Meemfestivefox



  2. ah yes, my yearly revisit to this site

  3. one final update to my about me

  4. and again it's been a while since i've visited here

    couple life updates i suppose if anyone still follows me for some reason:

    - i'm on level 3 of learning 60 levels of radicals, kanji, and vocabulary now, been doing it almost every day

    - i'm trying to do music again, i bought a good drum VST for FL so i'm experimenting with that

    - i think i might be genderfluid

    and i'm off once again

  5. probably last song until further notice

  6. i think ill go ahead and give up on the whole music thing

    1. Meemfestivefox
    2. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      i've run out of ideas for original music, and i just don't really feel motivation to do it anymore

  7. oshit i forgot

    happy pride month my dudes

  8. never once in my life seen ducktales, or the reboot i've heard that it's good but don't know personally
  9. oh also as of late i've been learning japanese i forgot to put that in my blog thing



  11. i do not operate forklifts
  12. If there's a dub available (and it's decent 👀) I'm absolutely watching it. It just feels better watching it in my native language most of the time; plus emotional scenes are often way more emotional to me if I'm directly hearing what they're saying. The only anime I've watched subbed I believe is New Game!, Dragon Maid, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (mostly because i wanted to experience all of the memes and engrish that came out of it)
  13. Would I like to? Absolutely. Will I? That's for time to decide, honestly. I'm currently in a relationship with who I consider to be the best person I've ever met, so while of course not anytime soon as we've only been together for around 3 months (we'd known eachother and been best friends since around September 2017 however), I'd like to be married to them eventually, yes.
  14. hi i haven't made a blog post in a while i doubt anyone actually cares but just in case anyone who follows me is wondering what i've been up to within the last many months: a. I solidified the fact that I'm bisexual b. I've been working on a project that's getting surprisingly big so that's neat, I've also started a couple small other projects here and there c. Briefly went through another depression but that's going away d. Completely gave up on trying out game development e. Learned PHP and currently learning SQL, have been constantly practicing python more f. Started to give up on making original music, I'm now focusing more on remixes or covers g. I now have an SO so that's nice h. also i'm doing more memes because life is pointless : so that's a quick update as to where i am now
  15. i used to use correct grammar and stuff when talking but as time went on i just started using this as my usual / casual way of speaking (also i'm lazy) if i want to be serious about something i use correct grammar and capitalization and etc. to distinguish between the two tones
  16. If you're getting redirected to malware sites without clicking anything, only thing I can think of is maybe check for malware? Malwarebytes is what I personally use, I'd suggest that.
  17. honestly i'm just bored rn so ask stuff about me and i may or may not reply who knows
  18. a lot in my life has changed and it's almost surreal to look at my earlier posts here

    also i have an SO now so that's cool

  19. but real talk i do wish i could engage here more

    this site was such a big part of my life for so long that it feels odd how i never really come here anymore, though i still watch mlp

  20. ive made a trend of checking back here every time the date's number ends in 8 and i dont know why

    am i becoming vriska

    also i started reading homestuck

  21. oh yeah also fuck ddlc 

    1. Alphys Hedge

      Alphys Hedge

      i mean it's not a bad game just, fuck, man