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  1. I dont think its a good idea Scopes, it failed so bad last time i dont think i could bare to almost lose Twilight Sparkle again,......not that i have anything for her....i just dont wanna see my friends die......plus my sister was almost caught up in it, if you start i'll go straight to Princess Celestia, furthermore have you ejected from Ponyville
  2. RP Thread Just imagine if you lived in Ponyville and make it like its your real life people so yeah have fun here is where you can sign up for my roleplay, give me feed back, and if you have questions or something to discuss with me, heres where to do it.
  3. thx everyone so much i,ve been on every day for months now
  4. Duskhooves looks over his shoulder as he concludes his conversation with Gardenias, to hear the word "Experiment", and wanders toward the conversation, he then says "Yes please enlighten us of this experiment you are working on i wish to know, now before i go to work on the farm
  5. Duskhooves, flies by Gardenias house, stoping only for a moment to say hello to her (or at least he thought), when suddenly they entered a full-on conversation with one another about the garden she is growing (Gardenia can post things she would say or the next poster, we just cut to his scene)
  6. i wave of Silver Breeze (---------^) as he tries to disturb me for organizing my instruments to create a new song for me to practice for the next few days. I look at the clock and realize that i was to meet Twlight Sparkle and Apple Jack at Big Macintosh's house to get todays work done. I rushed over Silver Breezes head and out the door, forgeting to close it, and down to the farm where.....(next poster comes in here)
  7. OCC It was a normal day in Ponyville and everypony was awake and hard at work that is except for Duskhooves who was asleep in his sisters house (his own room) when he heard the door slam shut and footsteps in the hall way. He got up and stretched his wings out and flew around his room for a moment admiring his new room and all of his instruments but he doesnt expect another pony to enters his room (thats where the next poster comes in)
  8. Duskhooves
  9. how about our pony bothers and our pony sisters and others my fellow man for this can be a fanfiction it shall be grand
  10. Being as it is Rainbowdash is my sister and even though im not fast mister i shall continue to do as i must i hope in that you trust this is not a war easily won but i'll tell ya it'll be hecka fun but unfortunatley i will be the man to become your biggest fan for even though we are at war i will still give you what for for i shall never run out of rhymes and that this shall be the best of times so is there anything i can get you dear chap maybe a compass and a map for i shall point you in the direction and shall i never fix a spelling correction this is a task i'll never fail so bring me a shove and a pail for i shall bury you in the sand then one day ill give you my hand (in friendship and bronyness)
  11. She looks like she has never seen this other personality before
  12. I agree with swordfishtrombone this could be a woderful way to spread huge amounts of publicity
  13. I see you're very good sir but you've created quite a stir for i am good at rhyming especially when the key is timing this is one thing im good at but my rhymes are dark like a bat (at times) sometimes i believe this is my key to express how i feel and all about me so please if you inteand to win this ill bite right back at you with a hiss Fluttershy and Twilight are my friends Tomorrow is a tour to show me the new trends around Celestia and all So try not lag behind or else you'll fall