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  1. The Enchanted Forest! It's where Snow and Charming reside, plus, access to other realms is more easily obtained here.
  2. The once upon a time universe, or maybe be a snail in the Turbo universe...
  3. natemonster321

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    The "That Snail is Fast" song from Turbo(2013), the movie about the fast snail.
  4. I feel so so much younger and childish than I am... I think I did it because I'm excluded more now...
  5. Try to stay up till midnight on Christmas Eve to open presents, read books I may have gotten, play with toys I may have gotten (don't judge me toys are amazing) play video games I may have gotten, ya know, the usual.
  6. I just watched EQG and wondered how Pinkie Pie had those hunches. I came up with two very plausible theories, because magic. THEORY NO. 1: Pinkie Pie has a means of communication with alternate Pinkies. This could be telepathic communication, which would mean she could commune with other alternate pinkies. THEORY NO. 2: The pinkies are the same.
  7. natemonster321

    Movies/TV Robin Hood BBC

    there's a fanpop club for this? Coolio!
  8. There is an uncompleted one, called Legends of Equestria. There is also another one called the Horse Game
  9. I would be all like "TAKE ME WITH YOU TO EQUESTRIA!!!!!!!!!!! I must see mah Pinkie Pie."
  10. i would die happy having been kissed by pinkie pie(I'm a pony in this).
  11. It's because pinkie can break the fourth wall, thus giving her the ability to teleport anywhere.
  12. natemonster321

    Movies/TV Robin Hood BBC

    Yeah, I think there was, however it's very obscure now.
  13. natemonster321

    Movies/TV Robin Hood BBC

    Is there anypony who even knows about this show? It's on Netflix. It ended in 2009, and is my most recent fandom (at time of this post)
  14. Sexiest: British. Cutest: idk I don't hear other accents very often.
  15. Fall in love with her. That's what I would do. That would be awesome because it would mean someone would know what I feel like.
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