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  1. General Media

    lessee here....clopfics. yep, clopfics, definitely. there's always a strange attraction to some cases they're really messed up, but i kinda like them. and in those cases i'm certain if my non-brony friends learned of them i'd be like booted out of their social circle
  2. topic on lighters topic is hot I SEE WHAT U DID THERE anyways, i was surprised to see zippos as a common sighting in china! they worked perfectly. i know it's hard to believe with it being stereotypically from china and automatically presumed crappy, but they weren't. guess the smokers there take it seriously.
  3. Be pinkie pie. ignore all laws of the universe, because you're pinkie pie. oh and don't smoke.
  4. aight, i'm gonna step out of the box here.
  6. WELCOME! this is an amazing website, i'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  7. Mega Thread

    Can't go wrong with Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Why is the rum always gone?
  8. sooo i took the liberty of choosing for you....
  9. Mega Thread

    AND THEN THERE WAS MUSIC you're welcome. feel like a sir.
  10. Music

    a combination of "me gusta" and "like a sir"... i like having rainymood on, and sitting next to a fireplace. maybe with my female friend.
  11. So it's summer. i just got a new sound system, really happy about it. Jazz sounds amazing, but i just sort of zone out with nothing to do after i click play. What else can i do to feel like EVEN MOAR of a sir?
  12. Do you wish to "feel like a sir", as I am now?
  13. CANTERDA LOL. i'm so lazy at typing canada day i just type Canaday. lol. BROHOOF. CANADA FTW
  14. MLP, the best medicine. Those adorable lil ponies can take me out of any kind of bad mood. i ALWAYS watch at least 3 episdoes of MLP after a horror movie, fixes me right up. I'm glad you didn't commit suicide!!