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  1. I thought this out a while ago: Dawn Drops's wings would completely disappear, and/or she becomes very simple-minded. High Tide... Honestly, I'm not sure about her. She takes pride in her mane though, so maybe it turns a firey red, floating and rippling as if it were made of fire.
  2. Reading a fantasy novel. Because I had nothing better to do. Plus, it was a pretty good book.
  3. Sorry if that came off as rude, I didn't mean for it to be so. I do naturally speak like that unless knowing someone'd be offended by it. Though I had no idea I could delete others' posts, nor bother mods to do it for me. I apologise~
  4. Could we ignore this post? I have no idea who Melody is (the person never signed up), she godmodded, and the Crystal Epmire would be far too cold to sustain a full forest (it's been shown to be to the far northen regions of Equestria, and yeah...) I'm not posting this on the RP thread because of reasons obvious - I want to get the reactions and thoughts of all RP participants before roleplaying - so, yeah, tell me if y'all want to keep a plot smiilar to this, and we can probably do that.
  5. Daring flicked an ear absentmindedly, thinking of the ten minutes she had spent researching that part. "Vampire bats, most likely," she replied. "Maybe some cockatrices." Monsters were things she was used to, and she had gone on plenty adventures in the Crystal Empire and at least one in its caves. She was mainly calling upon that knowledge here. "Speaking of cockatrice..." She jerked her head towards one, though it took somepony with good eyesight to notice it, seeing as it was many centimetres out of the illumination of Ruby's lantern.
  6. Depends on the fairy. Right now I'm just thinking about Fairly OddParents though, so I'll go with the fairy. Chances are, the type of things I'd wish for wouldn't be against the rules anyway. Unless a cheese omelette is breaking them, of course. ;P
  7. Daring Do couldn't stop herself from chuckling. "No, no. Let me rephrase that: Anything that fillies are going to want to read will be in the book." She was fully ware of her younger fanbase (if a pony who seemed to be almost illiterate from her vocabulary liked them, then so would a kid, plus the book signings were far from ambiguous), and in fact most of her adventures involved much more violence than the books held. "I'll be giving each of you previews anyway, so if you think something's too violent, send me a letter and I'll edit it out." She didn't want to get sued for slander (seriously, once she mistook a completely legal hunter for a serial killer) because she misunderstood something somepony said, which had been the main reason she had decided to do so.
  8. Daring flicked her eyes to the filly... magical rag doll? Whatever she preferred to be called. Probably just Rena. "Yep, every part that ponies are going to want to read'll be in a book." She shrugged casually, the idea of starring in a novel normal to her. "I haven't thought of a title yet, but I'll probably think of something." Her first thought had been simply "Daring Do and the Crystal Cave", as it sounded good and captured the plot well enough, but upon further thought she decided it should have some involvement of the others. "Daring Do and the Completely Different Ponies Who Joined Her Either Because They Wanted The Treasure Or Because They Liked Her Books" was too long.
  9. Daring frowned at this. She didn't have much if a sense of humor... Or any at all, in fact. "Well, at least running away means you won't burden us worrying about you," she said, trying to be optimistic. She didn't want to drive everypony away before they even got to the important parts. Yeah, that would mean she kept the whole treasure, but she was in it mainly to have a book series, not for the riches. They would come with the sales of books anyway.
  10. "We're going into a mysterious, unexplored cave. I doubt Ahuizotl's going to come along, but yeah, I'd say battle tactics and weapons are important." She glanced into her saddlebag as she walked deeper into the cave. For this mission, she had actually brought materials rather than just her own brawn. Of course, most of it had nothing to do with actual battle, more the healing, but she expected her intelligence would be enough. As the mare said this, Daring looked at her own clothing - the usual vest and her hat, which she straightened for the sake of it. "Yeah, I'd say you're fine as long as they don't restrain your movement." Surprise attacks were common in such places, and they wouldn't have time to take off their accessories to battle.
  11. Daring grinned, stepping inside the cave. "That's good enough for me. If any of you chicken out, though I doubt that'll happen, say so and I'll fly you to a safer spot you can go from." She had made sure to choose only those who she thought would do well... Okay, and maybe one or two she doubted would. A story wouldn't be complete if all the characters in it were flawless adventurers. "I managed to make a rough sketch of the map from information I got through a few books, so we should be going in... this direction!" she declared.
  12. Wow, I've only made 9 posts here? o.o

  13. OOC: http://mlpforums.com/topic/114363-the-adventurers/ Outside the cave Daring Do stood, looking inside for any immediate dangers. The Crystal Empire may be a peaceful place since Sombra's death, but that didn't mean all dangers magically disappeared with him. She had read enough books to know that. "Are all of you ready?" she asked her small team. "I'm not going back outside when we're deep inside just so you can go potty, so you'd better do whatever you need to."
  14. I guess, though since I don't want too many characters here I'll delete Dawn Drops and RP Daring Do instead. I've made the actual RP thread now, by the way. Yay. It's on the first post.