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  1. so just after season 1 had ended, my brother and i had gotten really fed up with seeing mlp everywhere and not knowing why it was so popular. i was like "ok what the HELL is up with this show. we HAVE to see it." the first episode we ever saw was the one where they're forced to have a sleepover with Twilight. as soon as the episode was over the first thing my brother and i said was "ok, applejack and rarity is a viable ship." and we both agreed, but didn't particularly ship it ourselves, and moved on to other eps we could get our hands on. it actually wasn't until catching up late on season 4 a couple months ago that we both caved in and we were like "OK WE SHIP IT." and we gush about it every now and then since. it's just so cute. i can't bare it. LOOK AT'EM. last month's Friends Forever issue made my LIFE. i happened to find the variant cover i was looking for at the one comic book store near me. celestia bless.
  2. I've heard it theorized that Celestia is losing her powers and so chose a student to raise and train to become responsible and skilled enough to rule her kingdom if the time comes that she is no longer strong enough to do so. And that when Twilight and her friends became connected to the Elements of Harmony, Celestia and Luna lost their connection to it. Since alicorns all seem to be "immortal", or at least having such extended lifespans as to live for a couple thousand years, Twilight would then achieve this. But because the rest of the mane six have also been connected with the Elements through her, they are given extended life as well. So if this theory were to be true, those fics of her visiting their graves would still be bullshit lmao.
  3. I've been wanting for a little bit to start taking EQG dolls and repainting their faces to look show accurate, rehairing them and styling it, giving them better/different outfits, or altogether using the doll body and rehairing and repainting the face to be a different character completely (e.g. buying an Octavia doll and using her grey body as a base for repainting/rehairing her to be Bubbles or Maud Pie. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions/tutorials that would be helpful for me to know in starting out? I want to do a couple for my own collection, but I also would like to sell them on Etsy for cash (as I am finding it hard to get a job at the moment). Any input would honestly be welcome. I'm entirely new to this artform/hobby. ;u;
  4. your mane and tail are awesome!! i say the first one looks really good.
  5. i'd love to see it! i'm sure it's great.
  6. While it's true they have trains but no automobiles, I think it's just that they haven't found much of a need for them. Most ponies seem to stay within their own town, as it has most things they need day to day, unless a special occasion is happening elsewhere. Then they take a train. Plus, what would they really need cars for? Ponies (horses) are much stronger than humans and have ridiculous stamina compared to us. So foot (/hoof lmao) travel is basically nothing to them. Most of the time, it's sort of a Harry Potter sort of deal. The whole 'we have magic to do most of the stuff humans/muggles need technology for so we haven't had a need to invent it at all' sort of deal. But every once in a while they'll throw a technology into the show that is basically on par with what we have nowadays. Arcade machines were shown in one ep, Twilight made a funky brain examiner thing to strap Pinkie in the ep that she couldn't understand how "Pinkie Sense" worked, and the machine Twilight built in Rainbow Rocks was kind of ridiculous. Not to mention Vinyl's DJing equipment. I feel like they're capable of advanced technology, they just usually don't need it.
  7. Sonata was my favourite by far (before i even saw the movie. i misread the box of Aria and Sonata, and thought Sonata was Aria and vice versa hahaha.) FOR A WHILE. then the more i listened to the music and watched the sneak peek videos over and over (after seeing the movie in theatres), i think Adagio officially took over as top. i'm not 100% sure they didn't use actual sirens to sing the songs for the movie, because i have become utterly enchanted with the Dazzlings and i ADORE them. i'm pretty much in love with Adagio. i'm going to be cosplaying her to BabsCon in april. (i'm modifying my HUGE CURLY BUSH wig that i used when cosplaying Merida, lmao.)
  8. i'm thinking that i just remembered i skipped out on going to algebra today and i forgot to email my teacher i wasn't coming....
  9. there actually was a sneak peek video for season 5! idk where this was shown but watch it here: it's basically just the storyboard with voice acting already done, but it really really awesome! i was like "woooaaahh." i'm pumped!
  10. Yo, yo. Calm down the butthurt a little. I fucking LOVE Bubbles (still calling her that). Almost everyone loves Bubbles. I'm not saying she should receive hate or not be there at all. I'm just saying she could have been handled a lot more respectfully the one time they actually gave her significant screen time. Geez.
  11. they meant pedophile-ish because Twilight--assumed to be anywhere from 21 to 26 years old (also technically a different species, just as a side note)--is romantically inclined to a kid who's 15-16. Maybe 17. (((NOT TO MENTION SPIKE AND RARITY. LORD ALMIGHTY.)))
  12. yes, i very much do. it's extremely ironic though, because i also have chronic fatigue from both my amenia and possibly also my mental illness. :/
  13. i'm not a fan of hot drinks. but i LOVE ME SOME COLD CANNED KONA COFFEE. mmmmm..... *Q*
  14. Sigh... Listen, man. All I want is for disabled people to be able to be represented in cartoons and TV shows that show them doing things and being fun and cute and loveable, and not just the butt of a joke 90% of the time because they're "not normal". Especially of them just being utterly incompetent specifically because of their disability, u feel me? If you had a disability, how would you feel if the only time you ever saw someone like you represented on TV the character was only ever "weird", a "freak", or just really "dumb" or useless or incompetent. That's most of what I see. When I do see it. Which is rare. And I don't mean rare as in a disabled person being portrayed that way, I mean it's rare I see a disabled person on TV at all and when I do they're usually a joke rather than a character. Especially in cartoons. Does that make sense? Disabled people are people, not an inconvenience. Also, we're far off from the original topic of the thread lol.
  15. Yeah, but I don't particularly like when it goes around there either. Yeah, she may drop things. I was fine when they had her drop a package from the air as a side gag in one episode, that was perfectly fine and funny/cute. Of course she will miscalculate where things are sometimes because of her eyes. Hell, I drop things all the time and I just have slight focusing problems (and moderate double vision if I don't take my iron pill....) But when she busts through top of city hall, and breaks through the floor and sends Dash through it, and Dash is really pissed at her because she can't do anything right all because of her eyes, it just seems really mean? I know they didn't MEAN to BE mean, but honestly. Why was that even funny? People with eyes that shift/stray from a matched position can still see and manage life ok. Yes. I do spend a lot of time on Tumblr. But don't start that "WHAT IS THIS,,,!!, SOME KINDS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE BULLSHIT???? !?!/! !!!! ??" stuff with me. I've dealt with people ridiculing my mentally disabled friends for things they can't help since second grade. Long before Tumblr existed, thank you very much.