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About Me

hey there! you can call me Crest.

i am non-binary, and my preferred pronouns are they/them.

i am a panromantic asexual.


i'm a huge dork, and i love all kinds of cartoons.


my pony ships are:








flutterdiscord ( not sure if brOTP or OTP o//n//o )

flutterceps ( not sure if brOTP or OTP o//n//o )


besides MLP, my favourites are Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Transformers (G1, TFA, Rescue Bots), LPS, MLaaTR, Danny Phantom, El Tigre, DTMG, EEnE, A:tLA, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Metalocalypse,


and two animes: Free!, Kyoukai no Kanata.


i'm also really into OITNB.


and for video games, i love Portal, Kirby, Ib, Pokemon, and many others.


additionally, i doodle ponies in math class, and i cosplay too!

in the past i've cosplayed John Egbert and Karkat (though i'm not really a homestuck anymore), Fionna the Human, and Merida.

i'm currently planning cosplays for: Amethyst, Adagio Dazzle, party!Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, and Bon Bon.


i'm currently a theatre major in community college, and i aspire to be a voice actor and/or storyboard artist.


i play the keytar.

yes. you read that correctly.


i really love talking to people, so please feel free to send me a message about any of these things! :D


((background tile made my me. ouo))