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  1. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    @,that's cool! It's lovely to meet you
  2. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    @, hey, nice to meet you! I don't normally join online forums but, as the toy company I work with recently started stocking MLP products, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to meet some likeminded people to talk with and to find out what sort of MLP merch people are currently collecting!
  3. Bambleberry

    Movies/TV Has anyone seen Gotham yet?

    I really like how they made the City of Gotham look in 'Gotham'. I feel like it's more true to the comics. Nolan's Batman trilogy was excellent but his Gotham wasn't Gothamy enough for me. I liked Tim Burton's version of the City of Gotham as well. @,that's good news! I'm glad it's been given the go ahead for a second season.
  4. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    @@Ember Scales,@@Jeric, thank you for the welcome, guys! x
  5. Bambleberry

    Movies/TV Has anyone seen Gotham yet?

    @, I also really like the Penguin!
  6. I just started watching Gotham and I really like it so far! I'm a Batman fan anyway and I love being able to see all the characters when they were younger. I think it's a really cool concept.
  7. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    hey @@Dovashy! Fluttershy is definitely my favourite. When I was little, my favourite was Lickety Split! I still have my Lickety Split pony, somewhere in my Mum's attic, I think
  8. Bambleberry

    Tea or Coffee

    @@Lelek, it's worse than that really (there's a step-by-step process) but I didn't want to come across as completely crackers haha
  9. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    @@Royce, I use Photoshop too. I used to use Illustrator but I don't like it as much any more.
  10. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    @@Royce, that's awesome! I use the Wacom Bamboo pad. My boyfriend has the Wacom Cintiq, I'm so jealous of him. What software do you use?
  11. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    haha what do you study?? And how do you tag other users in your posts? I cant work it out!
  12. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    Awesome! I don't leave for work until 4pm as I'm teaching after-school kids so I'm doing uni work (*cough* procrastinating *cough*) until then. (I just tried to @ mention someone on here but I have no idea how to do that. How do you tag someone?!)
  13. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    Hey, thanks for the welcome, everyone! I'm great thanks, on my second coffee and ready for the day haha. How are you?
  14. Bambleberry

    Do you ever struggle with sleeping?

    I do! I've suffered with insomnia for years. Sometimes I can go over 48 hours with no sleep I find the best thing to do, if I really can not get to sleep, is to get up and do something. This is especially important for me if I'm worrying over something I need to do... might as well get up and do it haha
  15. Bambleberry

    Hey everyone!

    Hello, pleased to meet you! I'm Bambi I've been a My Little Pony fan since I was teeny weeny. I'm from the UK but I currently live in France. I've recently started to help out with an online toy store and we just started stocking My Little Pony toys (plushes, collectables, all sorts). I've never joined a MLP forum before but thought it would be a great opportunity for us to engage with more MLP fans! I'm also a student, studying a degree in business, and in France I work as an English language tutor for young children. One little boy I currently work for is a big MLP fan (and horses/ponies in general). He's always showing off his collection to me. Looking forward to chatting with you all on the forum feel free to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages! xx Bambs