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  1. Does anyone still remember me?

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    2. Lisa


      RP died at one stage? Never thought I'd ever hear that considering it seems pretty popular at the moment. The 'Recently Discussed Forum Topics' is always full of RP threads. :P

    3. Azura


      Well, the one I was in died off. It was nice while it lasted.

    4. Wardaddy


      Yeah I remember you. Signature maker.

  2. Happy Birthday!! :DD

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. happy birthday (:

  5. happy birthday=)=)=)=)<3

  6. Happy birthday, Azura! :)

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    Happy birthday! C:

  8. Auria stayed silent during the entire briefing session, and when Felicia was done, she took a closer look at the documents. It wasn't long until she set it aside and got up to get a cup of water from the bar. '22 hours is a long time..' She thought to herself before she took a sip and got back to her seat.
  9. Day after day of training, the team finally gets sent out onto an actual mission, Auria hoped that everything she has done up to this point will aid her teammates and herself. She followed the group into a lift, which after a little waiting, opened up to be a flight strip with a plane. Auria followed Masun onto the plane with the others, and when she got on, she sat down near the back. She looked over at Masun but quickly averted her attention to the interior of the dazzling aircraft. "Where exactly are we going again?" She asked Masun.
  10. 4/10 It's pretty dull.
  11. Auria got out of the car when it came to a halt and headed towards the elevator. She went down and went back to her room. The trip to and back from the casino used up most of her energy she had, especially when she didn't get enough sleep to begin with. Auria took a deep breath before laying down on her bed, curling up and closing her eyes to take a quick nap.
  12. Auria giggled when he heard Charles' joke about building trains as a hobby. She always found his humor quite entertaining and she's glad to have someone who brightens up the atmosphere. "Is it normal if I don't have any hobbies?" She asked no one in particular.
  13. Auria followed Charles to his car from a safe distance to avoid attracting too much attention. When she got to the carpark, he was no where to be found. "Dark blue Range Rover..." She thought to herself. Auria looked around and spotted Charles sitting in his car, so she headed over and got in the back seat. "Hey."
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