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  1. That was one damn longass ride to Washington DC and back, Exhausted as hell and glad to be outta there.

  2. And yet, another new bike, VFR750F 1997, old is gold folks, old is gold.

  3. Just start getting into it, and MLP's already done.

    Bruh, wow. that's a lot of watching to catch up on man.

    1. Misscellanio


      Yea that's how I felt about Steven Universe. I mean I guess there's still more coming but yea. 

      The fandom is always gunna be here so don't worry too much! Hope you don't get deterred along the way and continue to be a part of the herd :D

  4. 5 years and still a Loser of the inter-webs.
    Loser with a Capital L. Muffin, fitting title.

    More like Ragamuffin.

    1. J.T.


      Did you get your motorcycle license yet?

    2. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      Yeah, got it earlier in late july, mid august.

      Traded my Ninja 250 for a Kawasaki Concours ZG1000, stupid idea I've ever had, and now traded the concours for a Honda CBR600RR, of which now I gotta put back together and order parts for cause some nincompoop decided to tear everything off of it, the bike is anything but in a ride able state.

    3. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      That Ninja 250 was my first bike, my training pal.

      The Concours was good, just a little on the heavy side.

  5. Riverside Muthachucka!

    1. Joe Rocket
    2. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      I post random status's and shit, and always feels like I'm talking to a wall.
      Yeah, I'm a loser. Thanks.

  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      Didn't see this till now, thanks man.

  7. Somehow, I'm fine with candy colored ponies, but it's out.

    I'm absolutely terrified of horses.


    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      I'm serious, I cannot go near one without losing my mind.
      "Please don't kill me, Please don't kill me, Please don't kill me"

      I'd really rather not find out how much getting kicked hurts.

  8. Why is it SO damn hard to find friends these days?

    Nobody want's to talk, converse, hang out, ride, play freakin games.

    Am I really that ugly? Perhaps do I have something on my face? :stressed:


    Go up to this dude, I say Hi, he asks if I went to the same school he did, (I didn't)

    I say no, he ends it there. Walks over to people he knows, talks to them.

    I iz left FRIENDZONED! What in the name of sweet relished hotdogs went wrong?


    (Don't get me wrong, I have a very friendly demeanor, talk to me nice, I'll do the same)


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    2. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      Not to mention also risking everything to get to the DMV on my ninja 250 with just a permit.

      My state doesn't allow me to ride alone, taking that risk, about 3 times now.


    3. J.T.


      Yeah I had to teach myself to ride. B)Drove the first year on the back roads just to get my feet wet, the next year I took a 12 hour course and got my license. Had to take the bike in on the back of my truck though, do you know anyone that can drive it to the DMV for you? I would hate for you to get caught.:mlp_lie:

    4. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      I think it would be okay if the officer knew that I was taking it straight to the DMV to get my licence, they might

      give me an escort, probably.

      My dad can, but he's got a broken ankle that is still healing, it's alot for him to be going around driving without resting his ankle.

      I'd take it in a truck if I had one and was licenced, I just have a permit. Starting Life's hard.. 

      I pretty much started getting into motorcycles riding a Moped scooter, some say it isn't motorcycle, but I say it is

      cause if it's got two wheels and an engine, it's a motorcycle regardless.

  9. It took a hell of a long time, but I have now FINALLY acquired a frickin PERMIT to drive and ride a motorcycle.

    Kudos to me, that wasn't such a big deal now passing the written test now was it!? Now I gotta deal with a road skills

    test, which will suck all the more, this stuff just gets worse and worse.

    If I fail it, fine, I'm giving up. 

    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      I swear, I'm going absolutely nuts right now. :lostit:

      These bullshit law restrictions, who the fudge comes up with that crap anyways?

  10. Odd how I feel completely unwelcome wherever I go on the internet.

    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      To be ignored and unanswered is annoying as hell.

    2. AveryGamerDude


      I feel you bro

  11. Fortnite is bullshit and that's no lie.

    Don't know why I would spend all night playing a game I hate, I should have took my sleep.


    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      More than annoying, it's absolutely a waste of time and energy.

    2. Usager


      Its fun :3!

      and free... to each their own i guess

    3. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      Just not my cup of tea, I don't like Multiplayer games like that.

  12. Merry Birthiversary!

  13. Happy birthday! (again) ^_^

    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      Thanks bro, I really appreciate it!


  14. Guess who's gonna attempt to ride a Horse tomorrow for the first time?

    Moi, yes me. So hopefully I don't confuse it for a bike, fall off and break my neck handling it wrong.

    "Where's the brakes on this thing!?" Maybe I should just forget it and stick to motorcycles huh?

    1. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      NOPE, F*ck it, I'm sticking to bikes!

    2. Joe Rocket

      Joe Rocket

      In case you were wondering, I never showed up to the place where I would have tried to ride one of those rather large creatures.

  15. Bikes aren't dangerous, They just take ones with special skills to handle one properly.