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    I love music, writing poetry and short stories, and gaming.

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  1. Trying to write a poem a week is going slower than I thought.

  2. Panromantic...only because I dunno my sexuality for sure. Never had experiences outside of hetero.
  3. Stacks

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    Swampy greeny colour. If they were actually the nice green that EVERYONE ELSE seems to have, I'd be so happy.
  4. Most likely. Christmas means going to my grandparents house with the family, then after food and presents watching chaos descend. My younger siblings will learn, as I have learned, that Christmas means mental women (grandmother, mother and aunt) screaming and yelling at each other. I'll take my siblings to the park until it's over, and all three of the psychos will leave in tears.
  5. On the border of ISFP/INFP, so either Fluttershy or Luna (I think more towards Luna, personally )
  6. Mostly. Sometimes every second fucking word ends up being fuck. Shit if I make a bad or drop something. Bitch is a pet term reserved for only the best of friends.
  7. Severly disappointing. Stay on the couch for an hour with Corpse Bride on mute, waiting for trick or treaters. Got two... But my siblings shared their loot with me so not all bad.
  8. Not so much in Aus. well, certainly nowhere near as much as in US. Got a couple families who yell at kids who trick or treat, cuz it's "pagan." Whoopdeedoo.
  9. Used to be down to my waist in light waves, always gets slightly greasy within a few hours no matter what I do. Now its cut to my neck, ash blonde (need to dye it soon)
  10. Ahhh, umm, probably Howls Moving Castle, though I loved Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns.
  11. Less strange than painful; my puppy took a chunk out of my hip trying to 'save' me from drowning in the pool when I attempted to jump in.
  12. No more uni for the year :D (until exam, but there's only one)

  13. Yeah, that's the other reason that put me off... But we'll see.
  14. But in other new, I received a distinction for my first folio in my Creative Writing course :D

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