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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Hello Everypony, I was wondering If I could have an OC done by someone as I would love a Unicorn with a long elegant horn. I would like to have my theme like Celestia's body and Luna's and Twilight's colored body; with the hair of Luna of course. Concepts for a cutie-mark with this sort of deal but instead of a lightening bolt a moon instead and have the color com bination of Princess Twilight and Luna's. I will want to know how much It costs though as I will Paypal it too you.
  4. I loved this episode. I loved how it uses a Step Dad arch and tried to make content that people understand and perhaps give fathers who are watching with ttheir step daughters a message too. I love it when this show has irl Issues and shows the problems and solutions.
  5. I have to agree with you. She certainly lacks talent in the writing department....
  6. Sound's like a great episode, cannot wait to see further freak outs from Twilight and unnecessary things she pulls xD
  7. I have to watch on dailymotion because I am a UK plebian and no UK channels air MLP episodes live till the next day :/
  8. I have had a new ritual recently of making sure I have my chocolate, my cereal, a blanket, slippers and also a cup of tea before an episode. Sometimes if it is a cold day in Britain, I have a shower before hand so I am warm and relaxed.
  9. I think she will be forced. Because Celestia and Luna does not seem as powerful as they were in the legends. We don't see a lot of their power they were 'Blessed' with. Celestia and Luna must have come from somewhere else, they gave peace and now have found someone to replace them. Twilight. Twilight has found a possible successor that could be Sunset Shimmer as she is being taught the values of friendship like Twilight was. Not only that, she seems to have the magical potential also.
  10. I was looking on Wikipedia and it said 9. But, I suppose they are only saying 9 to not spoil the whole season with titles that may be obvious to some.
  11. Lets both hope <3 Because my heartstrings will break otherwise.
  12. Sunset Shimmer doesn't deserve any hate either!
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