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  1. oops... I left my netbook on all night whilst I slept...

  2. Sparkle hopped along the lily pads to get across the poison death water she stopped at an Island to catch her breath where some monkeys told her about a kidnapped princess in the nearby temple of woodfall, Sparkle nodded that they would save the princess and followed Mist until she reached a small jetty
  3. Sparkle laughed as well but then reached the side of the swamp. "oh my..." she said looking at the water it was purple and hurt when she touched it, Sparkle reached for the mask he deku face had become and put it on, she stepped into the water and found it didn't hurt her, she called for Mist asking him to check it out
  4. soon... soon @@crispy fries, five seconds in and White has almost died, brilliant!
  5. https://mlpforums.com/topic/153184-murder-on-the-moonlight-express-reboot-now-with-1x1-rp/?p=4559396RP A bright blue electric engine cut it's way across the great continent, hauling it's long snake like rake of coaches along behind it, as it thundered underneath the talhagie river, (more of a channel) there was a loud bang coming from the upper floor of the fifth coach, It was there the train crews found the partner of Mrs White wing in both business and love, dead, a bullet had passed through her brain and hit the wall mounted light fixture behind her, the train kept going not one pony will
  6. Because a bannana was born Why was the bannana born?
  7. Get off the bus. It's a simple but effective solution
  8. "No I owe it to you... I'll come I guess besides we should really stop that giant moon heading towards the clock tower from killing everypony that lives here..." Sparkle entered the Swamp and spent a good few minutes sniffing the air "AGH! What is that smell!?" She covered her nose
  9. "Mist I almost died... twice!" Sparkle raised an eyebrow "and this place has not significance to me! Heck Hyrule didn't... I only joined you because you saved me from that pea hat thing that attacked me... " Sparkle looked back at Mist before walking out of the southern gate
  10. And all was quite all through the forums not a creature was stirring not even a (insert small animal here)

  11. "But we just finished saving our own world!" Sparkle grumbled stepping out of the clock tower "fiiiiiinnnnnneeeeee... Let's head towards the Swamp first I heard about a kidnapping over there... maybe they can lead us to the first pony..."Sparkle headed towards the southern gate still grumbling and moaning about saving this world
  12. If you could be any mythical creature combined with a Human or just a Mythical Creature what would you be?

    1. Blaire D. Lycan

      Blaire D. Lycan

      squid man! or a mermaid

    2. The Pixelated Pony

      The Pixelated Pony

      Interesting... Why?

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