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    Leeds, UK
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    I'm British, British Filipino/I'm Filipino, British Filipino/One
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    Derpy Hooves, Ponies I like, Superheroes I like, Hatsune Miku, Other fictional characters I like, My Wafius, British Landmarks I like, Some British things, my teddies, my cats, Babymetal, Lordi, Sabaton, Dr Pepper, tea, Manchester United, England (Football/Soccer, Cricket, Rugby Union and League) Team, Pegacorns, Unicorns, Doctor Who, Star Wars, BB8, Porgs, Some comedies, Sir Winston Churchill, Admiral Horatio Nelson, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, King Alfred, King Arthur, Captain Cook.

    I write and read alot, spend alot of time on internet and like taking pictures. Like going to museum, gift shop & Visitor Info Centre and sight seeing.

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    Everfree Forest
  1. What is in your pockets right now?

    In my jeans- handkerchiefs (one on the right-for my nose and other one- for like sweaty/wiping)
  2. I don't dislike/hate my famliy never but not fond on get together we had it every Sunday Night. My dad always gets in mood, like food, and other things like my brother. (And my brother argue back sometimes). My dad not horrible person he just get moody and grumpy. Also he's old.
  3. Flying, it everyone's most wanted superpowers. Also you go anywhere and see anythings.
  4. General Do you plan on getting married?

    Not sure I should answer this cos I'm still single. If I had anyone, would think of marrying, why not just love her so much and not marry. I had waifu and it be weird to marry it, marry to not real person, like some does.
  5. General Media Biggest Guilty Pleasures?

    Hatsune Miku and Rin Kagamine and some of my other waifus I guess. I enjoyed rude comedies Lordi and Babymetal are my favorite bands and enojyed their music. I'm big fan of BB8 and Porgs, buy and own things that related to them.
  6. If you could live anywhere in the world and why

    I could live any where in my home country England, but if other country, it be America I believe it's my kind of country.
  7. which country are you from?

    I'm from England, Britain. I do speak English.
  8. Everybody say bronies are gay what do you think?

    Well, simple cos they find it weird for older men and boys enjoying show meant for little girls and loving colourful ponies. It some people are arogant judgementle.
  9. Wanted to do something bad to them when I was at school had many bad experince. and had many bad times at that time.
  10. Living with them, specially Derpy and Minuette.
  11. What 5 things could you not live without?

    Internet, music, my teddies, things I like and Poisitive (without thinkingfeeling about it I probley die or so much depression)
  12. Who is your favorite villain?

    Apocalypse (X-Men), Galactus, Thanos and Darkseid and Mortal Kombat's Scorpion
  13. What is your favorite hero?

    Had many heroes but here's my favorite, Superman, Batman, Captain Britain, Union Jack, The Flash, Spyro & Sparx, Saitama,
  14. What is your favorite animal?

    Cats (Mainly my cats) and Whales
  15. My first and all-time video game heroes Spyro & Sparx return in remastered but in September, was hoping it be on my 2 weeks off in end of this month. Seen trailer look great and look forward to buy and play it again. Hope he win in Death Battle (Youtube)