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    Leeds, UK
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    I'm British, British Filipino/I'm Filipino, British Filipino/One
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    Derpy Hooves, Ponies I like, Superheroes I like, Hatsune Miku, Other fictional characters I like, My Wafius, British Landmarks I like, Some British things, my teddies, my cats, Babymetal, Lordi, Sabaton, Dr Pepper, tea, Manchester United, England (Football/Soccer, Cricket, Rugby Union and League) Team, Pegacorns, Unicorns, Doctor Who, Star Wars, BB8, Porgs, Some comedies, Sir Winston Churchill, Admiral Horatio Nelson, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, King Alfred, King Arthur, Captain Cook.

    I write and read alot, spend alot of time on internet and like taking pictures. Like going to museum, gift shop & Visitor Info Centre and sight seeing.

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  1. Opinions on high school

    School is needed to learn that to me, is important. As for rest, fellow student well most can be judgementle and arogant and diffcult, unhelpful & useless teachers. I can't think of my high school expericnce without thinking bad memories. A fellow student cos mad at me for just walking in front in her, I was confuse and annoyed by that, these students are crazy. I think I like to learn at home cos learning with people who judgement and unhelpful teachers would go anywhere. I not bright (and making fun of for that) and not good with work but I do learn and do my work. Sometime high school is good for learning.
  2. Thoughts on 2017

    It's okay, intersting blog.
  3. 2017, My Year Review (Yeah it's late)

    Forgot to post it here. Postive: My Holiday in Sussex, I stayed in hotel in Hastings, unlike in 2016 didn’t see much Hastings, but for 4 days staying there see much of the town include Hatsings Castle, some museum and Hastings park, even check the area me and my famliy use to stay. Also on that holiday get to see Bodiam Castle (which I was unable to see in 2016), Battle of Hastings battlefield & Abbey (which also unable to see in 2016), Chichester cathedral & market cross and Seven Sister cliffs (As well as Eastbourne, last famliy holiday we had there). After holiday in Sussex & back home, went on day out, (on May) Monday-Blackpool, went on Tower trip, Tuesday went to Ilikey, visited Cow & Calf Rocks & Ilikey Moor, On Wednesday, Penshaw Mounment, also check out Sunderland, tell you about Thursday last and get to see Thirsk. Visited Hull, City of Culture 2017, four times. First, visited Humber Bridge, The Deep, Hull & East Riding Museum, & City centre, Second, Humber Bridge, third, went inside Spurn Lightship & Arctic Corsair and fouth, visited Maritime Museum, Hull City Hall (Didn’t went inside there did seen it few times) & Hull Minster. On February, on frist week off of the year, visited Byland Abbey, Yorkshire Air Museum and Brimham Rock. On October, My last week off, visited Holgate Windmill (in York), in Halifax- The Piece’s Hall & Halifax Minster and In Salture, a cat and Salture Mill. Second time to Blackpool, to Star Trek Exhibion Of course, having one week in February, two weeks in may and one week in October. Manchester United won Uefa Cup and League Cup in season 2016/17 Seeing movies at cinema, Justice League, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Churchill, Lego Batman, Spiderman Homecoming, The Guarden of the galaxy & few others. 10th Anniversary of Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary of Kagamine Rin Loving Wendys Seeing BB8 again on screen & Seeing Porgs Discoving Tempest & Princess Skystar. Negetive Someone/thing took money from my bank account, but bank stop it and renew my card. Worst bank sent messgae on my mobile about it I’m at work and phone at work. It fear me, fear it may happen again. Parents agrue, hear my mum went mentle and dad moaning. Can’t stand it. Football, Manchester City think they’re Barcelona. Even, won two trophies, European Super Cup was dissappointing and after good start of 2017/18 season, things turn not good, lost to Hudderfield, Chelsea and worse, Manchester Sh**y (And over celebrating) and failed to defend League Cup, lost to Bristol City. Arsenal keep winning FA Cup. Also lost a match at Champions League. Thought Manchester United doing well, but not yet. Also annoying to hear negative toward Manchester United both Haters, non-fans & fans. And people saying England not winning the World Cup and saying Germany be winning the cup and knowing how to win. Leeds (& other UK Cities) disqualified from Europe’s Captial of Culture. Made me mad and even tweet about it and some f***ing remoaners start make excuses for EU. Craziness of Brexit haters, stop Brexit blur blur blur, EU flag everywhere. Craziness of Tramp Haters, what can I say, bunch of arogants what happen if Trump gone? Think they can get rid if him, they are the ones ruining America. P** off with some Bus Services . Also one time driver went pass our stop, not sure I press the bus stop button. Bus drivers and service been p*** me off as always. Have swelling gum. Terror Attack in Manchester & London. Big Ben be slient for 4 years. Got new sofa, I don’t like. It’s two person sofa and can’t lay on it. Seeing some statues taken down in America and protesters wanted them down. Also on 2017 Got a shed New Sofa & chair New Dentist New Doctor (Haven’t book yet) In Doctor Who, The Doctor become a Woman. 2018 At moment, not sure. There movies to look forward and planing a holiday and planning which places to go. Also World Cup, Don’t care England win the World Cup f*** anyone who disagree.
  4. Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    What to do in my week off.
  5. General Media Your favourite Star Wars character(s)?

    Got into BB8 so much that I get all stuffs that BB8. Also liking Porgs even before seeing The Last Jedi. Also like Boba Frett and Stormtroopers. Also find StarKiller from Star Wars games, awesome.
  6. Gaming Characters You Dislike Playing As

    Ratchet (Ratchet & Clark), Emilie De Ranefort (Tekken), Anna Williams (Tekken), Rose (Street Fighter) Freddy (Mortal Kombat) and anyone that bad guys
  7. Animation What are your favorite cartoons?

    Gurren Lagan, One Punch man, Steins' Gate, TNMT 2012, Gravity Fall and Hetaila Axis Powers
  8. General How many MLP plushy do you have?

    5-2 big (Derpy & Snowdrop) and 3 small/hangers (Twilight, Pinkie & Raindow Dash)
  9. Crazy fact about me and mlp

    I share birthday with Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, also we both have passion of being British.
  10. Ask Adam Burt

    As I'm having a week off, feel I wanted to get this Q&A As me anything Ask me things on TV, Movies, Music, Book, History, MLP, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Politics, British Things, World, Anime/Manga, life, sport, people, anything There maybe question I ingore or unable to answer
  11. Why do people hate bronies so much?

    I can't stand these people, believe they don't understand older men & male teenage liking Colourful cartoon ponies. Guess it's Rule 34, when searching ponies there be rule 34. Guess it some members of fandom that give fandom bad name. Guess it's ponies is all over the internet, I believe i those things that why they hate us, cos I research and learn about them.
  12. I'm having my week off, first of this year. Really need it. Christmas & New year not enough (We had Christmas day & Boxing day after weekend, then return to work on Wednesday (27 Dec) then until another long weekend but back to work on Tuesday (2nd Jan).

  13. Princess Luna or Princess Celestia?

    Can't choose loved them both.
  14. Pinkie Pie VS Pinkamena

    Pinkie Pie is Pinkie I love. When I think of Pinkamena, I think of fan-made videos/animated/fan-fiction which to me worst thing about the fandom.
  15. Who Is Your Favorite Princess

    Twilight, then Luna and Celestria.