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  1. Don called it favorite, I think best part: Learning and knowing new things Least Favorite/Worst part: Most fellow Schoolmates and some teachers and PE
  2. Adam Burt

    General What life do you want?

    To have agood life with money and freedom
  3. Sadly just finished my holiday in London, I enjoyed myself. But be back to work on Monday.

  4. Adam Burt

    General Media Favorite PS4 game?

    Spyro Trilogy Reignited.
  5. I seem to have long profile and do like reading profiles, like knowing about people.
  6. Adam Burt

    General What life do you want?

    More postive and less negetive
  7. Adam Burt

    Things that really annoy you?

    Remoaners (who wants to remain in EU) Anti-Trump people SJW/Leftist/Antifa Hearing Black/blown people can't be racists Hearing Female can't be sexists Custdy of kids, seem to go on women's side (Even if woman are being abusive) Anti-Bronies Nazi/National Front Anti-British/English/American Animal abuse and people think it's okay Waiting for the bus Miss the bus Mishaving kids/youths/adults Dogs who barks or hate you for no reason Anti-Manchester United In Anime, girls hit guys cos he was naked/get changed/in the bath as she enter the room. When Computer/internet/Tablet/Youtube/WIFI have problem Celebrities People who had a problem on people who dislike something they dislike as they dislike something and show it too much.
  8. Adam Burt

    How open are you about ponies?

    Not sure how I'm open about it but do wear Brony/pony t-shirt and had pony keyrings on my backpack & Manbag and stickers on my tablet & laptop. And had pony posters on my wall. Even had picture of me next to my oc pony of myself on picture profile on tumblr.
  9. Adam Burt

    Anyone have a crush on Pinkie Pie?

    I'm kind of do, seem she can do anything, believe she can do some gymnastic moves.
  10. Adam Burt

    Hottest Mane Six Pony?

    To me, Twilight Sparkle
  11. Having my week off this week, also going to London for 4 days, set off on Tuesday Got dentist tomorrow. Glad to have my week off.

  12. Lucky my Spyro game back, it seem to take ages to load into Starting Screen and fear the worse as I turn game off and back on about 6 times but suddenley it went to Start Screen. haven't lost my game but went to bed at 6am as it Sunday it doesn't matter.

  13. I booked a week off on week (Started 14th), 2 weeks off on between April & May and one day off in August. Wanted for holiday after New Year day. Really need it. also going to London again on that week off. Wanted to see more of the city.

  14. Trouble with my Spyro game, it still on loading screen before the Starting screen. It like nearly two hours. If it not going anywhere, going to look in walkthrough Youtube, not starting again. I'm done with video games. Something on what happen to my game ruin video game for me, until next Spyro game come. Don't want to play Sly Crooper game anymore.
  15. Adam Burt

    Favourite Supporting/Background MLP Character

    Does Derpy and Minuette count? Autumn Blaze or Cheese Snadwhich