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  1. Kind of think myself a fan. Big fan of BB8, Porg and D0, also like Boba Fret & Stormtroopers. Wanted to watch Mandalorian show.
  2. Yes I do, I like Daleks, Cybermen and Tardis. The show abit different and it has alot of negetives views lately. But latest season is going good so far.
  3. Doctor Who, Horrible Histories and Death in Paradise.
  4. To me, Twilight Sparkle or Starlight Gilmour
  5. Unicorn cos of Magic, I like unicorns, they are awesome. I like ones with wings, they called Pegacorns. In MLP they be alicorns.
  6. Well, ,my oc is me, saying where is from. Planet Earth as Human and end up in Ponyville into pony.
  7. Great, I believe it a great fandom, not perfect. There some bad points like any other fandom.
  8. Doctor Who, Horrible Histories & Death In Pardise I enjoy the most. (Research these shows, cos I know most of you never know them)
  9. Not sure about the song, need to listen more. My favorite Vocaiold are Hatsune Miku,, also like Kagamine Rin, IA and Kaai Yuki
  10. Weird of not knowing what will happen in the future. Abit fear of the dark.
  11. 'England' and 'British'
  12. Back to work tomorrow *sigh*, don't want my holiday end but need to earn some money. Booked all my holiday for my future holiday, one day off next, one in April, two weeks in between June and July and two days off in October.

  13. Back home from London, great time there, Saturday went to Miku Expo 2020, great to see Miku & Rin. On Sunday, went to Greenwich. There still so much to see in London.

  14. I'm at London for fifth time and ready for Miku Expo. Yesterday I visit British Museum.