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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'm 36 today. 

  3. How long we be back to normal, hope not next September ot worst more than a year. Government in UK is a joke.

    1. Denim&Venöm


      *laughs in 'Murican*

  4. My birthday will be next Tuesday. This coronavirus not going to ruin it same with Halloween and Christmas.

  5. Single and not looking. Being in relationship can be more stressful.
  6. I'm British and love my culture. But dislike Royal Famliy (not fond of The Queen), Harry Potter, Sunday Roast Dinner, queuing (British seem to love queuing but being in line with other people & sometime queue seem to not going anywhere) & some tv shows. And dislike most people.And dislike bad experince living in the country It annoying to hear some people think of it as negetive way.
  7. Personality I see people say they don't want to date unattractive, which to me pathetic and it also pathetic that people say people with good personailty is unattractive. Some people can judgementle moron.
  8. Two debit cards, National Insurance Card, and few things.
  9. Be decoted my room and my area in tv room upstars with halloween stuffs.
  10. Would be USA or Japan but be diffcult cos be legally arrived in country. I be sight seeing but going inside building or museum or place you need money and things. But if I ever fly will be sight seeing and mostly fly around my country.
  11. Not fond of her. Don't enjoyed fouth Equestria Girls movie where they camp (Even that even a movie?) I pefer Twilight Sparkle.
  12. Love Sunset Shimmer and Sonata Dusk and Starlight Glimour but dislike Twi-Sci and Adagio Dazzle