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  1. Someone reply to my post on a topic, well mention my post comment and put a laughing Rainbow Dash on it. That person say first time a Brit say ponies, as he Brit himself, as does he know every Brits?


    Would of repond but what the point. He maybe mess and if last I had problem with someone putting a laughing Rainbow Dash on my comment in a topic he make fun of me. He may do the same.

  2. Just a casual gamer, not big on video game much, play mostly football/soccer games, wrestling games and Spyro, little bit on others. But since 2018 started playing Sly Croopers series then Spyro remade games arrived but then stop then somewhere last year started playing Watch Dogs legion, Life is strange games and Batman TellTale. Now I'm playing Cyberpunk. Glad back on video game do miss it but was playing football manager 2020 since late 2019.
  3. Tie Fighter and X-wing are most Iconic and so are Millennium Falcon, I go for them.
  4. Derpy Man

    Movies/TV Favorite TV shows?

    Doctor Who, Horrible Histories, Death in Paradise, Sherlock, The Young Ones, Bottom, The Mandalorian, New Tricks, Red Dwarf
  5. Bacon/sausage sandwich, fried eggs and cheese on toast.
  6. All Characters I like are my comfort characters.
  7. Derpy Man

    General What do you wear to bed?

    Just my pajamas bottom and socks.
  8. Not at all, one of my wafius is Hatsune Miku and she has many admires
  9. My waifus, anime girls, female cosplayers, any ladies who can do headstand & somersaults, landmarks I like and stuffs I collect and toys I have.
  10. Does have to be a subject? most subject I'm okay cos I'm there to learn but my problem is socialzing, follow students, few teachers and dinner ladies. Kids or called students can be judgmentle, had people give me hard time for being me, and even got push once by a guy who hang out with his friends and even got kick when I try to run to class. Don't understand somw people there two guys remeber talk with them and get on well, I did this bump into their shoulder like messing around but they don't like it thought how friends does that thought we friends. Some girls give hard time also and one say
  11. Derpy Man

    General What's your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm Libra but these things does not fit me, much.
  12. Not I be excting for 2021, got drianed after lose my job, not sure I be ready for new job.
  13. Dean Cain, He's awesome. There are other actors I like but they got too political, it made lost interest and respect for them, also other for non-political reason, like David Tennant when he was Doctor Who, and he is a great actor but after few time when he left Doctor Who . also wasn't much into actors and actresses to have favourite.
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