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  1. Wanted to add, Started playing this game last November and finished it in January. Miss playing it cos enjoy playing it and looking at characters and back grounds. Like new look of Checkpoint/saving point fairy on Spyro game 1 and fauns from Fracture Hills have their voice change, voices in old games were horrible but these characters I always remember. Manage to get past some mini games that I unable in old games. Try to play again like used to do with old games, but games sometimes stress me out.
  2. Had a good Halloween, crarf myself Pumpkin still had it and put candle in it.

  3. Seen Tara Strong miss her speech catch her up on when get qyestion time in MCM ComicCon London. Had mix feeling being in Comic con and meeting some good cosplayers. But was knackered walking about with my bag getting heavy and unable to find cosplayers I like to met. But do had a good time.

  4. Be going to Comic Con in London on Sunday be missing out with photo session or Autograph with Tara Strong but can't afford it and haven't got much in my bank account. I know it to pay them for going to cons but gee some people haven't got much for themselves. There more in cons to make me happy.

  5. Been to Comic Con in my Hometown it was great, met some cosplayers and bought few things even had some money trouble but wouldn't get to me, my wages coming in next month. Got three days off so more sleep, need to tidy my room and also got dentists. Going buy storage box in next month or buy one this month. Having money problem. Shame I didn't met cosplayer I met before, believe she come to Leeds as she went to York few months ago. She will go to Brimingham I be unable to go.

  6. Going to London for Comic Con. Prefer going to London than in Brimingham which will be next month. But love to go there.

  7. Happy birthday! I hopw you have a wonderful day!

  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Today's my Birthday 🎂  I'm 35. And MLP coming to the end. What a cartoon, it one of the best cartoons, if not only the best. Wonder how will it end. Love my favorite ponies and EG Characters. Wasn't hype when as before and watch the episode when it come out but seen to catch up with season. Do miss that time, don't why I end up catching up. Need to do a blog about this.

    1. TheRockARooster


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM DERPY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Happy birthday!! :yay:

  10. Did enjoy myself at my 4th con yesterday, but happy of what I bought and staffs there good but didn't enjoyed one shop keep sold out on things, and other shop ask me to try on T-Shirt I try to buy meaning take my two coats and jumper as there many people about. No photos I took and no one I able to take photos and selfies with, I was seem unconfident. I seen many cosplayers and would take photos of but was little shy as most of them hang out in groups. As this con, is Anime and Gaming, there only anime characters. Also so many people and room too small for posing for photo. I felt I didn't want to anymore cons cos of bad experience in yesterday con. Hope Comic Con Unleahed in my hometown, Leeds is okay, try for London of Brimingham. Last three cons give confidents even there few little problems. Hope one in Leeds give me confident and hope I get to London or brimingham. Also at entrance been ask for ID, don't why as it's morning but staffs were talking about my badges and they're nice but wonder if no one has iD?

  11. I go for Melissa Benoist, I enjoyed Supergirl TV show.
  12. Guess Internet, spend time on Youtube and social media, it most of the time. And also writing. i do read alot.
  13. Happy 12th Birthday to Hatsune Miku