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  1. I spend alot on internet and listening and watch stuff on Youtube. Also like to write and read things. Do like going to town, take photos and going places like to other cities/places.
  2. I do like to write, I write blogs and stuffs, like to write things like 'Why I like this and that' or 'Why I'm this and that' or 'Why I dislike this' or do like top 10 and why I like it. I do like to write like I'm doing a book, like write about things I like from Britain. But do need patient, time and stuffs when doing these.
  3. My City, Leeds, England - It's had city largest park in England -Had Largest Indoor market in Europe - One of world's famous board game, Cluedo - It believe first flim set in the city - New York Gang Member born here - Famous for making wools - Came out of WW2 better than other cities - Give the world, Marks and Spencers, it was set from Leeds market (Large indooe market in Europe) - Biggest city behind London, Brimingham and maybe Manchester