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  1. Guess Internet, spend time on Youtube and social media, it most of the time. And also writing. i do read alot.
  2. Happy 12th Birthday to Hatsune Miku

  3. Seen new Star Wars trailer. Looking forward for movie. Rey join the Dark Side?  Hope they don't kill off BB8 (& Porg), even it the last of this trilogy.

  4. Three convention experiences, I really enjoyed it and made me like meeting cosplayers well have picture and selfie with them. Would been great to talk to some of them, if they cosplay as characters I like. Unable to stop regreting leaving Anime Yorkshire early, also had some awakward moments. Met few Miku coplayers, would say I love Miku and have little chat if they not busy. I can be shy if there in group or few people and do worry making mistaking asking for taking photo and selfie and worry I'm scaring and make them feel uncomfortable. But were happy to let them photo of them and some with selfies. My next con be in October and planing next cons next year.


    Would been to UK Bronycon BUCK but regret as I would gone to last BUCk, never think there be no more. Hoping met some MLP cosplayers, like Derpy at con.

  5. I spend alot on internet and listening and watch stuff on Youtube. Also like to write and read things. Do like going to town, take photos and going places like to other cities/places.
  6. I do like to write, I write blogs and stuffs, like to write things like 'Why I like this and that' or 'Why I'm this and that' or 'Why I dislike this' or do like top 10 and why I like it. I do like to write like I'm doing a book, like write about things I like from Britain. But do need patient, time and stuffs when doing these.
  7. My City, Leeds, England - It's had city largest park in England -Had Largest Indoor market in Europe - One of world's famous board game, Cluedo - It believe first flim set in the city - New York Gang Member born here - Famous for making wools - Came out of WW2 better than other cities - Give the world, Marks and Spencers, it was set from Leeds market (Large indooe market in Europe) - Biggest city behind London, Brimingham and maybe Manchester
  8. Been to my thrid con, Flim and Comic Con on Saturday, at entrance was abit bothered cos when got my bags check, security question on why my bag heavy and even question on things I had in my man bag. And then I'm not allowed to bring my half litre Dr Pepper, I was little shock but so much. As for Con, it was great, met some great cosplayers and had photos and selfie with them. Even met 7th Doctor (Doctor Who) Sylvester McCoy and had a photo shoot on Back to the Future Car. and Also bought interest stuffs. Would of stayed abit longer and met some cosplayers, annyed stuggle with my tablet phone when trying to take photo and would come out. Better be careful what I bring to cons. My next con will be in October.

  9. *sigh* Regret not going to BUCK (UK Bronycon) as it no longer around and Bronycon is at it last. It in America far away. Love to go to America but No chance Bronycon but sure there be other cons.

  10. Going to my thrid convention, it's called Flim and Comic Con in city called Sheffield. Looking forward meeting some cosplayers and hope some things to buy.

  11. England, love my country and it's landmarks.
  12. On Saturday 27th, went to MCM Comic Con in Manchester. It's bigger than my first con and alot of people. Queue took time but not long. Seeing cosplayers going to con whlle waiting. Bought stuffs than my first con and met many cosplayers. Had good time even have little bad points. Would I go again and to another con? Will do. Also love meeting cosplayers.

  13. On Saturday, I went to my first cons, called Anime Yorkshire. Met some great Cosplayers and have photos with few of them. Only bought 5 badges. Only been there for an hour, regret leaving would stay little longer, miss alot going on there. Did enjoyed myself there & photos with cosplayers are highlight.