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  1. Dr Pepper always, never heard of Mr. Pibb Extra would like try some
  2. Internet, Dr Pepper, Tea, My waifus, women who does an gymnastic/yoga move, politics. Plus Always had headphones on my ear listen to something on Youtube on my tablet and playing a game on my Motorola.
  3. Even had enough time to do things and more sleep. Still this lockdown bothers me abit. There no chance having holiday, one con got cancelled and that in August and still two cons on August and another one in October (that meant to be in June). Not sure when it stop and when I be back to work.

     Also it gone crazy this year, also. It bad what happen but I angry with all these riots, vandlisum and looting that not right, it that about Black Live? All I see is thugs, yeah there peaceful protests I fine with that but not riots and vandlisum. Got annoyed with pull down statue and push to the river in UK and more angry Winston Churchill statue was unprotectedand  got graffit, yeah they just statues, but they also history and landmarks. I'm not good with ranting and debuting but I'm angry what going on and it not right. Know most of you support BLM but these looting, roiting, vandlisum and beat up police, it not right.

  4. Spyro the dragon series and FIFA series, also WWE games and Star Wars the Phantom Menace
  5. Superman, Batman, Captian Britain, Union Jack, The Flash, The Punisher, Sherlock Homles, Dr Watson, and Spyro the dragon.
  6. Super Speed, always need to speed up on things. Always been ask to speed up.
  7. Me, it be something with some of things I'm into and politics.
  8. More a city guy, even not into most people but in there alot in the city. As the country, nice landscape and peace but depend on weather and living. Do like to live in the country when I'm an old man.
  9. Happy Birthday to Pinkie Pie

  10. May have started but my con next month be at October. Feel it may happen. Not enjoying life latey. Have enjoyed abit at home with more to do, but so many postpone it too much. My other cons be in August. But feel it postpone again or worse, cancelled. Maybe go to work for next few weeks but things wouldn't go back to normal. This coronavirus ruin anything.

  11. BB8, Porgs and D0. Glowing interest with Baby Yoda.
  12. I have three cats. I like my cats, never forget about cats we used to have.