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  1. Angry, I was playing the SIm 4, and one of my kids (me as a sim character) gpt taken away and can't get it back. Pissed 😡🤬

  2. Sunny Man and Izzy Man

    Gaming Favorite Playstation 2 game

    Being a Spyro fan, Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning is my favourite. It been long ago, can't remeber other games I like. Oh yes, Metal Gear Soild 2 and 3. Never get to play Final Fantsay 10 as I haven't got a PS2 yet, but was obessive with it mostly Rikku. And was love her more when see her FFX-2 verison.
  3. 17 days since my interview, I didn't been given a job I was all over the place, upset (yeah it happen) cos I felt I wanted that job yeah it cleaning job but it now role I can do but now not sure there be any jobs that good as or better. I now show hate on that area and if I see that building (It has one Iconic building in my hometown) or go past it, it remind me of it and give negetive. It sad I hope I get it, my mum used to work there and she recommed me this job.I know there other cleaning job but hoping it be good.

  4. I join another forum called The Sims Forum cos I was addicuted to The SIms 4, I join two months ago. Then start search for topic. I wanted to answer the 'What's your favourite Sims 4 character?' cos want to post on that. Then got warning, cos they feel I posting necroposting I don't understand, I was annoyed. Bet it happen here and other forum. There forum I went alot, sure someone post on topic that two years ago. No problem. People need something to answer.   Are you allowed to post an topic/thread that three yearsn ago here?

  5. Change my username from Derpy Man to Sunny Man and Izzy Man, cos of A New Genernations G5, I love Sunny and Izzy still love Pipp and glow into Zipp. Derpy is my first pony and still her and other ponies from G4 and never forget them.

    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Sunny and Izzy are also my fav G5 ponies :> Flutters is my first and best pony and G4 will always very special to me :3

  6. Sunny Man and Izzy Man

    Movies/TV What Is Your Favorite Cartoon

    My Little Pony FIM of course. And Gravity Falls come 2nd. Do enjoyed Teenage Mantant Ninja Turtles from 2012 and Batman Animated when young.
  7. I go with Jedi, Sith are awesome but Jedi for me.

    Feel abit work-shy thank to covid. Being in different area with different people is alot to get used to. And interview can be diffcult. Took a year and 4 months to land a job (my last job) had many interviews and visit to jobcentre, it depressing. Even, you be earning money, having job or not can be too much.
  9. Having my first interview since lost my job last year. Nerves, can't help but will be brave & put up. I should been saving amount of money, used to be over £5,000 now about £300 something, expect to have like 2,000 or 1,000 but can't can't believe low it went, can't help but spend on things I like and saving most, guess one item, comic con and playstation/the sims 4 got something to do with it. 

  10. All I can say is when had our first PC back in 1990s/2000s, then 2016, when got my first laptop, internet is my hobby, my life.
  11. Today my birthday.  I'm 37, why would I change cos of my age.

  12. Have superpowers or magic powers
  13. Sunny Man and Izzy Man

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Believe My Teen Romance Comedy, mixed feeling about it. There a girl who make fun of male main character and say he funny. She a b****
  14. United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore and The Philippines
  15. I think Doctor Who, really enjoy these shows. Watch on dvd alot. Used to.
  16. Sunny Man and Izzy Man

    events MLP Forum 10th Anniversary!

    Congrate on 10th anniversary and thank you for this great forum. I feel this is one of best forums and it still alive and kicking, some forum seem off and dies down. I become a brony since near end of 2012 and join this forum at 18th October 2014, change my username with my name to Proud British Brony to Derpy Man. I used Derpy Man as she reason (of it's reasons) I become a brony and she was like my first pony. Yeah Derpy drama made me Brony. Everfree Forest is my favourite selection cos I spend alot there and do talk more than pony things.
  17. It been weird little shocking and sad moment, my dad pass away in 25th August. Moment that happen, what worry me is mum will going cry alot. But it didn’t happen. My half brother, nethpew, nicece, older half sister and her husband come over to help out on things like money. We are really fine, everybody will pass away and you do move on. There will be struggle. We got famliy and without them we will stuggle. I like to move on and do things I like and still remeber my dad. He start had dementia since end of 2019, my mum look after him, and it was stuggle, worry about my mum, she been screaming
  18. In Watchdogs Legion, a character had to ask someone one a date for a mission but she turn that character down and when character ask her to f you, she check not in a mission year, horrfull woman. You need a different character to ask her out. Not sure that count as a level. In Spyro, Speed ways can be stressing,
  19. Well, my favourite have change abit. Sunny and Izzy still my favourites, as for Pipp, nearly put off with her from clip where she use the guards to roll the guards the carpet for her and has a big ego but go back to like her. But she took over Hitch as least favourite. Hope the series will change that. Zipp is an interesting character.
  20. Sunny Man and Izzy Man

    events The start of Fall 2021

    My Birthday, Halloween and looking for work.
  21. Watched My Little Pony A New Generation and really enjoyed it, loved it. Sunny and Izzy are my Special ponies, still like Pipp and glow to like Zipp. Looking forward to series.

  22. I want to see another Spyro game after Spyro Reignited Trilogy, why not Spyro if Crash renewed trilogy has his.
  23. I go for Adventure or Sci-fi
  24. I'm male non-trangender
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