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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. TwilightDerpy

    Romance Love at first cry Chapter 3

    Sorry I took so long to continue.. ----------------------------------------- "Don't scare me like that!" he sat down and rubbed his eyes. "I-I'm sorry..I must thank you for saving me. What's your name?" She sat down next to him. "I'm Kai, and you are..?" "Dawn, and I'm very thankful" She gently grabbed his hand. "Wait, you're badly wounded, you should rest" He said, blushing. "Don't worry, I'm alright" She looked at his eyes, blushing. "Ok..well you don't happen to know what kind of creatures were those that attacked?" He asked, eager to change the topic. "Oh yes, those creatures are known as changelings" She smiled as she kept staring into his eyes. "What?! As in the shape-shifting creatures led by Queen Chrysalys?!?" "Yes" She said softly, and gently started to hug him. "Dawn! Please! You're badly wounded!" He was blushing like crazy. "But you're so...warm..." She hugged him gently. "Well do you have any idea how they got here?" He tried to pull her away. "I'm not sure-" *CRASH* "Did you hear that?!?" Kai got up and started to leave towards the door. Dawn followed him. When they got outside, they couldn't believe their eyes....
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    Fanfic idea choices

    Lion king, I love it!!!!! So cool! LUV UR IDEA!!
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    Nightmare Moon Night

    Sorry if I didn't post this near Halloween. This is one of my OC's adventure. Loveblade is a young alicorn. She has grayish-blue fur and a purple mane and yellow eyes. She is Luna's daughter. Origins fanfic and who is her father coming soon! If I misspell something, let me know. Open to constructive criticism! ;-) In Canterlot, a young alicorn was desperately trying to fly away. The royal guards were after her. “Don’t let her get away!” Celestia yelled at the guards, which were getting tired of chasing her. The young alicorn smiled. She was starting to lose them. The guards were starting to slow down, until they were panting and exhausted. She smiled again. She had lost them. Just to make sure, she kept running. She hid in an abandoned coffee shop. That would be her home for the night. ************************************ Back at the castle, Celestia sighed as a guard walked towards her. “Status report?” She asked the guard. The guard sighed. “I’m sorry, your majesty, but my fellow guards couldn’t catch her. Should we tell Luna?” the guard asked nervously. Celestia shook her head. “No. Let her rest. Nightmare Night is just two days from now. She is expected to come to the Ponyville festivities in her honor. Let’s not worry her.” the guard nodded at her and went to gather his fellow guards. Celestia went to her room. She sat on her bed and sighed. How could Luna’s own daughter run off, just two days away from Nightmare Night? She was worried for her sister. That night, she barely slept. ************************************ It was just a normal day in October. Everyone in Ponyville was getting ready to celebrate Nightmare Night tomorrow. The mayor was shouting orders to the construction ponies. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity were walking around, talking about what costumes they wanted to use tomorrow. Rarity was gloating, saying that her costume was fabulous and would come first place in the costume competition. Suddenly, Spike appeared, scroll in hand. “Twilight, the princess needs you to go to Canterlot right away!” Twilight nodded at Spike. “Tell Celestia I’m on my way.” Spike nodded, wrote a letter as fast as he could, and sent it to Celestia as Twilight used her magic to teleport herself to the castle and took Spike with her. ************************************ When she arrived, Celestia was tapping her hoof on the floor nervously, Cadance was trying to console Luna, who was crying inconsolably. Celestia looked up and saw Twilight, who was looking at Luna and Cadance nervously. “Ah, yes, Twilight, we called you here because we have an emergency.” Twilight glanced at Luna again. “Yeah, it can be noticed” Twilight said, worried. “What happened?” Spike worriedly looked at Luna. The atmosphere there was like a funeral. There was crying and failed attempts of consolation. But let’s get back to the point. Cadance, who did not notice Twilight before, said weakly “Hey Twilight.” She barely looked up from where she was consoling Luna. “Princess Celestia, what happened here? It looks like a funeral in here.” Twilight sighed and stretched her wings. “Okay Twilight, yesterday night, something bad happened. Luna’s daughter, Loveblade…” Celestia stopped when Luna interrupted her with sobs. Cadance tried to comfort her. Celestia sighed and resumed. “As I was saying, Luna’s daughter, Loveblade ran off and has disappeared last night. Luna has been deeply affected, and she refuses to go over to Ponyville until her daughter is found.” Twilight and Spike looked at each other, worried. “But if she doesn’t come to Ponyville tomorrow, we won’t be able to do the celebration in her honor properly!” Twilight and Spike were really worried. First, Luna’s daughter had gone AWOL, and second, Luna could not attend to the Ponyville Nightmare Moon Night festivities. Things could not get worse. ************************************ Back at Ponyville, Twilight talked to the mayor. Later, the mayor and Twilight called a meeting. “Citizens of Ponyville,” the mayor began “Princess Luna will not be able to attend the Nightmare Moon Night festivity tomorrow, due to an unfortunate event that Princess Twilight will explain.” Twilight rolled her eyes and started with “Princess Luna discovered today that her daughter, Loveblade, had gone AWOL last night, and was deeply affected by it. She is too affected to come. Sorry for the inconvenience of the time.” Some ponies went “Aw man”. Others were sad and sighed. But they were all disappointed that Luna couldn’t come. ************************************ Meanwhile, Loveblade woke up in the corner of the abandoned coffee shop. She stretched her wings. Many cuts pierced her body as the result of accidentally lying down in broken glass. She wrapped herself with a bandage and put on a hood. Maybe she would come up with something to do now. She had no idea what she could do, what to say or where to go so that guards didn’t follow her around. Maybe walking around the Everfree forest would clear her mind. ************************************ Later that day, Twilight walked around the Everfree Forest, trying to clear her mind. She did not notice a hooded pony watched her closely. Twilight sat down in a big stump. Clearly, this was a disaster. She covered her face with her hooves and wrapped her body with her wings. The hooded pony carefully got closer. Until… The hooded pony tripped, revealing her face and her existence to Twilight, but nothing more. Her body remained a mystery. Twilight fell off the stump, surprised. Twilight shook her head and stared at the mare she just found. She gazed at the mare’s light purple mane and her grayish blue face. They stared at each other awkwardly for a while. So much for stealth. Sweat rolled down the mysterious pony’s neck, as she hoped that the other pony did not ask her about the hood. Twilight brushed off her mane from her face. “Who are you?” Twilight asked, standing up. The hooded pony hesitated and replied “I’m… Sparklefire.” Is that the best I can come with? She was not in the most creative mood, considering that the last night she was fleeing from the royal guards. Yes, it was her, Loveblade. The alicorn that ran away. Since young alicorns are more or less as big as normal adult ponies, Twilight did not know she was facing the lost daughter of Princess Luna. So, she did what anyone would do upon meeting a stranger pony. Twilight nodded and said “What are you doing out here in the middle of the Everfree forest, anyways?” Sparklefire (aka Loveblade) tried to act casual. “Just taking a walk to clear my mind, in the way to Ponyville. I’m planning to move there.” Great, just great. Now I have to move to Ponyville. She sighed and pulled up her hood. Twilight smiled at her. “That’s okay. I was also nervous when I first moved to Ponyville, but it’s great there. You are going to like it.” Loveblade smiled. Maybe it wasn’t going to be hard at all. ************************************ After a long time of walking, they finally reached Ponyville. Loveblade’s hooves were aching, mostly because the broken glass incident. They trotted towards Twilight’s tree house. Twilight smiled. “Until you get your house, you can stay with me, Sparklefire” she offered warmly. Loveblade nodded. “Thanks” she sighed. maybe this won’t be so bad… Loveblade smiled in relief. But the relief didn’t last long. To her horror, royal guards were putting up signs all over Ponyville. They all had a description and an image of her cutie mark. A bunch of other guards were also double-checking some of the look-alike ponies’ cutie marks. Twilight didn’t seem to notice, so Loveblade hurried after her and entered her house. Twilight showed her around and finally showed her bedroom. “This is where you sleep. It’s not the best, since I was not expecting visits…” “It’s perfect” Loveblade insisted, thankful she didn’t have to lie down in broken glass again. Twilight left the room. Loveblade sat on her bed, considering if Twilight should know the truth. She decided that she could not know. But she had to face her fears. She would reveal herself to the guards, maybe let them chase her around for a while, and give in. Then she would be taken to the evil queen’s lair. ************************************ The problem with Loveblade was that she was under a spell. The spell made her see Luna as her worst fear: a dark mare with a knife for horn and a bunch of katanas for wings. She did not know she was under a spell, of course. So she was trying to defeat her own mother. Extremely awkward. :-/ ************************************ Loveblade grabbed her sword-like blade with a handle in the shape of a heart (which was her cutie mark) and got out through the window. She faced the nearest guard and took off her cape and hood. The guard gasped. “Seize her!” the guard yelled at the other guards. They chased her. She laughed. She spread her wings and took flight, blade in mouth. She could outfly anyone in Equestria, but she started to get tired. The unicorn guard had casted a tiredness spell on her. She was in trouble if she didn’t reach the Everfree forest. But eventually she gave out and collapsed and fell just at the border of the Everfree forest. ************************************ Back in Ponyville, Twilight knocked the guest room door. “Hello, Sparklefire? I just wanted to-” she stopped. The only things left on the bed were Loveblade’s cape and hood. ************************************ The next thing Loveblade knew was that she was lying on a bed. This seems familiar, but how? Loveblade got off the bed. Then, one of the guards entered, with Luna and Celestia following him. Loveblade growled, grabbed her blade and said “Give up evil twins! I am mightier than you! I shall conquer you both!” Luna and Celestia stared at each other in confusion. The guard was extremely confused, and said “What the…” Then, with a flash, Twilight appeared. “Let me undo the spell, your majesties!” She used her magic and undid the spell. A blast of magic hit Loveblade. After the magic did its effect, Loveblade looked around, confused. The guard, more confused than ever, left the room. “Ok, let me explain. After I saw the guards following her, I knew she was the lost princess. Then, I noticed a strange glint in her eye and knew she was under a spell. I figured out the way to undo it. So I teleported here.” Twilight smiled. Luna ran towards Loveblade and they hugged. Celestia smiled. “I guess that solves two things, but who did this to her?” Their response appeared at the door in the form of a striped unicorn and a flash of magic. “Yes, it was me, Hex! I only did that so she could love me!” Loveblade sighed. “Gross.“ The guard, who was behind him, easily grabbed him as he kept babbling about he could come back. The girls giggled. ************************************ The next day, Luna got prepared to go to Ponyville. It was starting to get dark out, and almost everypony was out, looking for candy. But this time, Luna would not be alone on Nightmare Moon Night. She would have her beloved daughter, Loveblade, by her side. THE END…? LOL not now Meanwhile, in a dungeon, Hex looked up to the roof. “One day, my love…one day…” LOL now it’s… THE END!
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    Apologies Aren't Always Enough (Prologue)

    Cool but how did she get those wounds?
  6. TwilightDerpy

    What were you doing when 2015 began?

    Celebrating, hug all my family and a few family friends, then randomly falling asleep XD
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    Making Christmas Merrier Plushie Auction!

    Oh its awesome, but I don't think I can bid on it.
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    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    I think it would be something related to writing books since I really like to write books, stories, etc.
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    Drama My little pony: A normal 3 days

    WHAAAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!! Oh come on. Oh well. Looking forward to the story, though. :comeatus:
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    Alicorn Amulet Pendant (Custom 3D Print)

    It looks awesome! So cool! But now I have to trick you into taking it off...
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    Crossover Divergent, Gone series, MLP FiM crossover Fanfiction!

    Wow, this is cool! In fact, I liked it so much, I won't post publicity of my story. Keep on bringing da awesomeness!!!!!!
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    Romance Love at first cry Chapter 2

    She arrived at the living room. She was certain she would find it there. Suddenly, a good smell caught her nose. That's when she realized she was starved. Looking for that thing could wait. She followed the scent into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and grabbed almost everything she could find. Then, she took it all back to her room and ate. Half of the things she grabbed were foreign foods, but she was too hungry to care. When she was done, she realized she had devoured almost all the food. "Note to self, don't starve," she muttered as she resumed her mission. She went to the living room, where the man that had found her was asleep on the couch. He looked like he had been crying. Maybe she would check on him later. She focused on the mission. She looked around. "I just happen to stumble in the only house that doesn't have a television!!" He woke up.
  13. TwilightDerpy

    Romance Love at first cry Chapter 1

    Did u read the prologue? Btw, I'm finishing chapter two. patience
  14. TwilightDerpy

    Romance Love at first cry Chapter 1

    They arrived at a small stone house. It was pretty, compared to the rest of the village, which laid in ruins. He opened the door, and they both went inside. Suddenly, exhaustion and pain caught up with her, and she collapsed once she entered. He crouched and gently lifted her up. He took her to the spare bedroom so he could treat her wounds. Later that day, she woke up and rubbed her eyes. She was covered in bandages. "Just great," She muttered. Ignoring the pain from her body, she tried to remember what happened. Oh, yes. Changelings arrived to the village, attacked everyone they got their bloody, muddy hoof-like thingies and left anyone willing to stand up against them in a pathetic heap of flesh, blood, bones, and the occasional internal organ, which was gross. There was no possible way to defeat them, unless... "Thats it!" She stood up and searched the room. But she didn't find what she needed. "Maybe it's in the living room..."